How do you connect HDMI computer to VGA monitor?

Thanks for A2A.,This eBay link, while it lasts, will show that you can get a basic converter cable very easily and cheaply.,I have used such cables myself. I donu2019t usually go for something quite this cheap. Iu2019ve just picked it to show that youu2019re not going to be out by hundreds of dollars.,HDTV set-top HDMI Male to VGA D-SUB 15 pins Fem

Why is Emma Watson more popular than Daniel Radcliffe?

Me: Her boobs.,Emma Watson: u201cI really don't know what my tits have to do with it.u201d,Me: ummm ok her beauty.,What, only ten points Professor Snape???,That's more like it, Severus. Albus approves.,Ok now in all seriousness, yes Emma Watson is a bonafide beauty. Though to be honest, Daniel Radcliffe isn't looking to bad himself.,What separates

In Disneys The Little Mermaid, is Ursula really the bad guy? She didnt lie to Arial, she made a fair deal with her, its the brainless protagonist who willingly signed the dotted line.

Please tell me where in the deal, exactly, Ursula warned Ariel that she would use her voice to entrance Prince Eric and take human form to make 1000% sure that Ariel would fail to get Eric to kiss her before the Sun set on the 3rd day? Oh. Right. She didn't. Ursula lied by omission and tricked Ariel into taking a bet she was never going to win.,Ari

How do you check battery health on a laptop?

I will note down my technique for determining a susceptible faulty battery.The simplest way to determine whether your battery is fine or not is;,Charge your battery to 100%.,Remove the external power and note the time taken for complete discharge of the battery.,Compare the time with the manufacturer specified time.,If there is a major variation in

What made your jaw drop the first time you visited Great Britain?

This wasnu2019t the first time that I visited, as my parents did drag me along there as a child. But I was invited to go from Perth, Australia, to Oxford University for an academic conference in 2009, and I was very anxious about finding my way through public transport and then getting to the accommodation I had booked. It all seemed very complicat

Whats the easiest way to take 20 percent off a price?

The easiest way to find 20% of any number would be multiplying the given number by 2 and shifting the decimal point 1 digits towards left.,For example. n20% of $45 would be 45*2=90. Shifting the decimal 1 digit to the left gives us 9.,Therefore, $9 is 20% of $45.,Have a fun day!

What are some cheap and easy smoothie recipes?

Strawberry SwingHow to: Place 8 frozen strawberries, u00bd cup plain kefir or pourable plain yogurt, and u00bd cup shredded, unsweetened coconut into a blender. Blend until smooth. Serves 1.,Extras: Spark it up with 2 tablespoons rolled oats, pinch ground cinnamon, 2 tablespoons flax meal, or protein powder.

What is the highest building in the world today?

The Burj Kalifa in Dubai has 163 habitable floors and is 828 m tall while the building with the second largest number of floors is International Commerce Center in Hong Kong with 118 floors, but it is only 484 m tall. The average height of a floor of the Burj Kalifa is 17 ft, while the average height of other towers on the top 40 list is 15.8 ft.

Where can you download PDF files?

All files are stored online on web host servers, on the cloud or Amazon Web Services. Many of these files you can access if the files are not behind a membership or pay wall.You use Google or other search engine to find what you are looking for by typing exactly what you seek. There is no command or keywords that will get you all PDF files. That wo

Do home security video cameras record?

Yes or no.,Yes, if the video cameras are connected either to your computer, FTP server, cloud, SD card or NVR/DVR, you can configure the cameras (mostly IP cameras) to record motion or continuously to your computer, FTP server, cloud, SD card or NVR/DVR.,How Can you Store Footage and Video RecordingsGenerally speaking, you can store footage and rec

How do I change pic background in Photoshop 7?

It is advised to leave the first layer of your work for background and do the remaining process in the other layers, so it will be easy to change the background whenever necessary.,Otherwise, create a layer at the base of all the layers and do the background (also deleting the previous set background).

How dangerous are the Yakuza?

I have lived for 30 years in Japan so here`s my twopence worth.,The implicit agreement between the Yakuza and the police is that as long as their world and the general public`s world don`t collide i.e. the Yakuza keep their own problems/turf wars/ etc. to themselves, the police will generally leave them alone.,This is generally the way it is. The o

Is Russia a good choice for an American to move and live in?

As an American in Russia, you are a rarity and will always feel like you have minor celebrity status. Russia is a great place for people who prefer urban living in tiny apartments, beautiful white and Eurasian women, and shabby brutalist architecture (except in St. Petersburg, where people live in shabby pre-Revolutionary art nouveau architecture).

What are some interesting things to see and do in Tokyo?

In addition to the others' suggestions, you have to:n1) Go to tsukiji to see the fish market first thing in the morning.n2) Go to Harajuku in the afternoon or on a weekend dayn3) Have brunch at the New York Grill in Park Hyatt Shinjuku, where Lost in Translation was filmed.n4) Onsenn5) Go to a baseball game at Tokyo Dome.n6) Imperial gardenn7) Shop

Do you feel that homeowners should be free to apply any color they wish to their home?

Do you feel that homeowners should be free to apply any color they wish to their home?I have a friend whose architect spouse designed their lovely purple house, and itu2019s objectively a better house, using any criteria, than the cookie-cutter u201cmodern eclecticu201d houses in their overpriced neighborhood. The purple is subtle, but it wouldnu20

How long would a 7lb pork shoulder take to cook in a crock pot?

Crock pots take a long time to heat up but once itu2019s hot you should be able to cook that shoulder in an hour and half to two hours, as long as itu2019s covered by hot liquid. Of course it will cook faster if it is cut into smaller pieces rather in one big chunk.

What are some endangered species people dont know?

Hereu2019s a few of my favorites:,Saiga antelope:,A unique bovid that is a true ice age relict, saiga had a broad expanse across the Northern Hemisphere during the Pleistocene epoch, roaming the vast Mammoth Steppe alongside the ecosystemu2019s namesake shaggy elephants as well as woolly rhinos, cave lions, and cave hyenas. In modern times, theyu20

Can an interior architect register with the Council of Architecture?

To register with the COA as an architect, there are a few criteria, the most important of which is your B.Arch certification, as long as you have your bachelors completed, you shouldnt have any issue in registering irrespective of your category, architecture, interior or landscape, doesnt really change much.,Iu2019d recommend you download the regis

What are some tips to starting up your own small business?

Starting a small business can be confusing. Where do you start? Do you start by buying some retail space, or an office? What about incorporation and naming your company? Let me split my answer into the three crucial sections: idea, execution and legal.,IdeaThis is the first stage of any business. Here you actually come up with the whole idea of you

Whats beyond minimalism in design?

Blivand. Blivand design, that isu2014inspired by Hectu00f3re Blivand.,Blivand is a fashion designer (not just of clothes) who passes Minimalist and keeps going. Little else is known about him; he isn't big on claiming credit for his work.,Here's a clock he designed:, I'm surprised it has hands. :) Game designer David Sirlin wrote about Blivand's de

What concerns does the average Canadian have about their country?

One concern is that there isn't an average Canadian. Obviously, Quebec and rest of Canada are two different places. But the rest of Canada isn't one place either.,Aside from regional and ethnic differences, a big gap in terms of perceiving various concerns about Canada, is age. At my age I have a longer, historical perception about Canada. That dri

What bedroom themes are in a modern bedroom?

A few modern bedroom themes are:,Eclectic,Contemporary,Asian,Coastal,Modern,If you are planning to give your bedroom a modern touch, do check out the Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Of 2018 for inspiration!

What are some skills that every 18-year-old needs to survive in life?

Oh my gosh, I love this question. I'm going to spend a lot of time on this answer!,Financial Skills: ,,How to open a checking and savings account,How to balance a checkbook, emphasizing the use of debit cards and how banks process transactions,"Credit" - What is it, how do you build it, how do you repair it,Credit Cards - How interest works, how to

Why arenu2019t fast food chains sued for false advertising?

Actually people sue fast food restaurants pretty regularly for false advertising.,Here are just a few examples.,Woman sues KFC for $20 million over false advertising. A woman sued KFC saying: u201cThey say it feeds the whole family u2026 Theyu2019re showing a bucket thatu2019s overflowing with chicken,u201d the 64-year-old widow griped. u201cYou ge

What was it like to be in front of the Lincoln Memorial or watching TV or listening to the radio on August 28, 1963, to hear Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech?

It was hypnotic. Each time Martin told us that he had a dream, the world was pulled one step closer inside it. I had never seen or heard anything like it. The crowd was rapt. I was charged with a feverish kind of love for my friend. ,By the time Martin quoted Samuel Francis Smith's "My Country 'Tis of Thee," I figured you could measure the tears of

What is it like to live in ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Albuquerque, NM", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 18935, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicAlbuquerque-NM"}}}, {"text": "?

Having grown up in Albuquerque, then lived in Vegas for 22 years, and having travelled the U.S. a fair amount, Iu2019m tuned-in to the +/- of New Mexico and Albuquerque in particular.n nAlbuquerque possesses many attributes for living here, and these traits are baked into the culture, for example:,Albuquerqueu2026,u2026has a vibrant arts and cultur

Which fast food restaurant has the best chicken sandwiches?

Iu2019m a big fan of chicken sandwiches. In the UK there have been a pile of new places open to do fried chicken and all other kind of fast food. Many are single site hipster joints which are just riding the latest band wagon. Obviously there are the big chains like KFC, Nandos etc, which can do a good job. Zinger Tower has been a fave for years.,W