Whatu2019s the best dessert fruit and why?

I make it during summers for breakfast when ripe mangoes are available. It is filling and gives a soothing effect during peak summers.,Fruit Salad in Mango, banana and yogurt whip: Though not actual photo, it looks like this.,For two people:,Ripe Banana 1 big made into small pieces,Mango: Banginapalli/Rasalu 1 medium sizedu2014either made into smal

Which network topology is best and why?

Well it depends upon the environment you are going to use foru2026 Mainly there are four types of topology, you can consider anyone according to your needs.,1) Mesh Topology: All workstations are connected to each-other dedicatedly.,Advantage: Dedicated connection for all workstations.,Disadvantage: The more wires required for each connection.,2) S

What are some mind-blowing facts about the Ottoman Empire?

1-How large was empire ?192 war 155 won 26 lost 11 no resultu2026,- 45+- countries soils ruled by ottoman empire. and they speak their own language and culture because of the ottoman systems.,Europe and Asian-Turkey -Azerbaijani - Albania -Bulgaria -northern Macedonia -Greece -Serbia -Montenegro -Bosnia And Herzegovina -Croatia -Kosovo (de facto) -

Is there any harm in having Maggi everyday?

I work in the food industry and I can tell you with complete confidence that it is extremely harmful to have Maggi Noodles everyday. However, this is not because Maggi Noodles contain wax or any other non-edible ingredients. No major food company would run afoul of regulations in such a way.,Having Maggi on a daily basis is a bad idea for the follo

When will MIUI 10 be released for the Redmi Note 5?

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM has already been released for Redmi Note 5. For more information & download links, visit - MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.19: full changelog & download links - MIUI General - Mi Community - XiaominAs far as MIUI 10 Stable ROM is concerned, itu2019ll be rolled out in phases after successful testing of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM.

[ecommerce] What currencies does Shopify work with?

Hey,,Within Shopify, you can accept and refund payments in the given currencies:,Australian dollar (AUD),Canadian dollar (CAD),Euro (EUR),Hong Kong dollar (HKD),Japanese yen (JPY),New Zealand dollar (NZD),Pound sterling (British pound) (GBP),Singapore dollar (SGD),United States dollar (USD),Thank you!

How much time does it take to mine a one-bit coin by an individual?

Calculating the time to Mine 1 BitcoinDetermining the exact time it takes to successfully mine 1 Bitcoin is very difficult since this value depends on the computing power of the equipment and the amount of competition at any single moment. On average, the time it takes for all the mineru2019s computational power in the world to obtain 1 BTC is 10 m

What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

There isn't a "secret menu" exactly, but there are drinks that would be recognized at almost every Starbucks across the country that aren't listed on the paper menus. These drinks are mainly ones that used to be on the menus at one point or are promotional/seasonal beverages, but still get ordered frequently. They include things like a "zebra" moch

Is AMD Radeon 520 good for gaming?

No it's slightly better than the Intel HD 520 but you can get much better graphics card for example Nvidia GTX 940mx for casual gaming(cs go, overwatch,etc) but don't expect PUBG to run smoothly.If youu2019re planning to buy a laptop then search for at least Nvidia MX150 or GTX 10** series.

What states are in the CT time zone?

There is no time zone called CT. Take a look at the List of time zone abbreviations - Wikipedia and make a choice.,If you mean CST, South Australia fits the bill. So does all of China, all of Cuba, parts of Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, along with a large number of the United States of America. For the last, take a look at Time Zone:

How do you get white paint off of light brown pine wood furniture?

Many years ago while I was attending university, I took a class in the history of the Third Reich.,It was quite informative, and the Professor had been able to secure several guest lecturers who made the class absolutely riveting. We were lectured by a woman who had been in charge of a Lebensborn facility, a retired Army Colonel who had been one of

What was the most incredible landing that a pilot has made?

The almost impossible landing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434. A bomb exploded damaging the planeu2019s vital control system, 58-year-old veteran pilot Captain Eduardo "Ed" Reyes was able to land the aircraft despite losing itu2019s main capability to make any turn, saving it and the remaining passengers and crew. Imagine parking a car without a

I am looking to buy a DSLR cameramirrorless for photography and videography for my YouTube channel. My budget is $500 to $900. Which one should I buy? I am confused.

The Canon M50 goes for just under $500.on Amazon.nIt has an APS-C sensor.nIt films in UHD 4K.nBluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi.,Iu2019m a Nikon guy, but sticking to your budget, and your preference for a mirrorless camera, that would be my suggestion.,I would really recommend this combo since you also need a lens, and a 15u201345 sounds like a great optio

What is the Bitcoin price live?

Go to the main MtGox page, and then in the upper left click on the squiggly graph icon. A chart should drop down from the top, which will show any interval from the last day up to the last month.

Why are printers the only technology that never works?

Because thatu2019s what people have demanded.,The common u201chome printeru201d is an all in one copier/printer/scanner that prints in color, has a wireless router built in, and costs $100.,Pretty impressive, yes?,Of course note that u201cWorks reliablyu201d isnu2019t on the list. People get what they ask for.,Years and years ago, my family bought

What fruits and vegetables are keto friendly?

Vegetables:,Eggplant,Asparagus,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Spinach,Green Beans,Cucumber,Bell peppers,Kale,Zucchini,Celery,Brussels sprouts,Fruit:You must avoid the majority of fruit except for lemons, limes, tomatoes, and small portions of berries.

I found a prayer online for financial miracle. Iu2019ve been using it for two days, and yesterday I lost my job for reasons beyond my control. Why would God make my situation worse because I asked for help?

+JMJ+,I kind of doubt that the two are related, although who knows? But I would say that asking God in prayer for a financial miracle would be closer to Satanism, than Christianity. Christ was very up front about what He expects from us:,Matthew 16:24Revised Standard Version Catholic EditionThe Cross and Self-Denial24 Then Jesus told his disciples,

What are the best places to visit in Seoul?

Hongdae: Short for "Hong-ik University", Hongdae is home to one of Seoul's most interesting art universities and the artsy crowd that it fosters. The area is full of live bars, boutiques, cafes and restaurants that are non-mainstream. It's sort of like Brooklyn and East London in its vibe, but distinctly Korean.,Bukchon: A neighborhood near the Pal

Why is it good to drink water on an empty stomatch?

When you drink water on empty stomach it lands up in large intestines.,Large intestines absorb Water and vitamins only. Large intestines absorb water for removal of metabolic waste. Vitamins also help in removal of metabolic waste.,Drinking excessive water on empty stomach causes increase in cellular fluid resulting in reduced mineral concentration

What are some interesting possibilities that will likely occur before 2045?

People will be fluent in every language. With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won't be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf.,u00b7 Software will predict traffic jams before they occur. Using archived data, roadside sensors, and GPS, IBM has come up with a modeling program that anticipates bumper-to-bump

What does your dream home look like?

Want to start with mentioning, this is not my dream house but as long as Iu2019m here I want to live every single day over here like it is a dream.,Interestingly for the new place I just moved into, I used words I came across on Tumblr as a theme to design it. This is a 2BHK where I live alone; I just got done with furnishing Master bedroom, Kitche

Which countries will be major world powers in 2050?

Canada. Entree Destinations. Canada will have an economy worth $2.29 trillion by 2050 and a projected per capita income of $51,485. ...,France.,Mexico.,United Kingdom.,Germany.,Japan.,United States.,China.,But as said by many peoples India will rule in 2050 due to Increase in Economic growth.,These are 13 Reasons why India will Rule in 2050:-,1)Eco

What is the rule of thirds law in photography?

This example would be better with a landscape but I donu2019t have one handy at the moment. Iu2019ll just use Brianna. Letu2019s say I were to crop the image below, like this.,[1]Itu2019s not bad, but it could be stronger. The rule of thirds states that a point of interest should be placed along one of the intersections of the two lines, or in my o