Which is the most effective mode of marketing?

MARKETINGnSTRATEGYExecutive SummaryBestari was founded in 2004 as a result of years of expertise in the field of functional food additives. The Synerchem Group's sibling company was founded with the express purpose of making cooking easier for everyone. Originally merely a manufacturer of Crispy Fried Chicken Coating Mix, Bestari's consumers learne

What must a person do for extreme weight loss?

The most extreme weight loss methods revealed u2013 would YOU try these extreme diets?There are times when we all think we'd do anything to lose weight, and then gobble up another slice of pizza and forget all about it.,If youu2019re feeling desperate, spare some time to give this article on extreme diets a read, and see whether youu2019re feeling

Have you ever been scared for your life and how?

7 years old. She tells her mother what the new boyfriend. Mother drags her by the hair, screaming at her that lies are the devils work. Takes her to the sink and starts washing her mouth out with soap. Scooping water and soap into her mouth so fast that she can't breathe. She vomits. Mother keeps scooping. Little girl has time to realize she is dyi

What dishes can be made with at most 3 ingredients?

I am going to tell you the easiest and the most simple dessert using only three ingredients-,Buiscuits, milk and sugar.,Take 10 -12 buiscuits and grind it in the mixer ( you can take any type buiscuits),Add 2 tablespoon of sugar and mix it again.,Take out in a bowl and add half cup of milk. You can add more but keep in mind that its consistency sho

How does it feel to pilot a plane for 17 hours (Dubai to New Zealand)?

I can provide perspective in a couple of ways. The longest unrefueled flight I ever made was 14 1/2 hours from the east coast of the US to Israel direct. We had a normal crew (3 pilots) on board - so while this was a long flight, it wasn't that abnormal for us (normally we'd top out around 10 hours on a leg.) ,The longest flight I ever flew was alm

How did Mauna Loa volcano form?

Mauna Loa volcano is one of the volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. Here the islands and their volcanoes have all formed by a hotspot or mantle plume called the Hawaii hotspot which acts like a blow torch burning up through the crust,Mauna Loa would have started as a submarine volcano, very much like the newest Hawaiian volcano,

What are the three measures of central tendency?

The term u201cmeasure of central tendencyu201d is used by statisticians and data analysts in connection with collections of data. A synonym is u201cmeasure of central locationu201d.,A measure of central tendency is,a single valuethat attempts to describe a collection of data,by identifying the central position within that collection of data.,The id

Is your tax bracket determined before or after deductions?

The progressive brackets are applied to your taxable income, that is, to the amount of your gross income, minus deductions and adjustments. u201cAfteru201d deductions.You didnu2019t ask this, but remember that all the lower tax brackets are applied to your income before the highest one applies. Which means you donu2019t need to stress too much abou

What is wrong with Ezra Miller?

Updates, the chargers keep on coming for Ezra Miller who is being accused of grooming an underage girlTokata Iron Eyes, the alleged victims, met a then-23-year-old Miller in 2016 when she was just 12.,Miller was visiting was visiting the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota at the time they met. From there, Tokata's parents say she and Ezra de

What are the different time zones in USA?

There are more than 3 timezones in the USA - the eastern coast uses Eastern Timezone which is 5 hours before Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), then, moving west, we have the Central, Mountain and Pacific, each one hour earlier. Alaska is on Alaskan time, which is another hour earlier, and Hawaii is on Hawaiian which is another two hours earlier, at

Why did you use an alternative to a diamond wedding ring?

The top one is my 1.75 Ct Chrome diopside engagement ring. When I got married in 1983 this stone was unheard of. My father was a jeweler. He bought this for me at the Denver Gem Expo in March of 1983. I was married in November. We ordered the mounting from Roseco. Everyone was stunned about my engagement ring. I tried to show the colors but with it

What is known about the Derinkuyu underground city?

Many of us have fantasized about having a door in our home that leads us to a hidden world, but can you imagine a buried city laying just behind the walls of your house? In 1963, a Turkish man knocked down a wall in his basement only to discover the ancient 18-story underground city of Derinkuyu.,At one time housing up to 20,000 people, Derinkuyu i

Submitting an MA in media studies in 2 days, Ive proof read my thesis and my supervisor is satisfied with it but I was wondering, how much of an influence do supervisors commentsrecommendations affect the way examiners would mark your work?

I am not sure I understand your question. I tried to suggest edits but the system would not save them. Here is what I think you are asking:,I've proofread my MBA thesis and my supervisor is satisfied with it. I was wondering how much of an influence supervisors' comments/recommendations affect the way examiners mark one's work.I would say those com

What is the minimum income to be called as upper-middle class in India?

A 150,000 rupees a month at least. For a family of 3-4 people. ,Anything less than that can no longer be considered 'upper-middle class' nowadays. That's because it simply won't allow one the sort of discretionary expenses that have become typical of the class these days. Such as fine dining once a month ( 2 to 3 K rupees ), 2 domestic vacations a

What are forbidden foods in the Bible?

According to the ORIGINAL Bible, The Holy Scriptures (now called the Old Testament), clean animals are distinguished by two characteristics; a cloven hoof (a hoof split into two parts) AND multiple stomachs (it must chew its own cud). It also says NO SHELLFISH or any fish that eats from the bottom of the ocean, because it is eating the waste from t

How do I screenshot on Windows 11?

Taking screenshots on Windows 11 is not different than Windows 10. All the different ways that were used on Windows 10 to take screenshot also applies on Windows 11 as well.,Though Windows 11 have a lot of GUI improvements and looks pretty new, the basic functionalities are just the same.,Here are the 5 different ways that you can use to take a scr

What are the most beautiful natural places?

I got down from the bus.,As I was walking into the office campus, I saw one girl kneeling down on the walkway.,She took out her ID card from the lanyard and placed it obliquely on the floor. Curious, I went closer. She was trying to make the millipede climb on it.,Once the millipede climbed, she took it and put it beside the walkway to prevent it f

What is Lightroom editing?

Well, it depends on what you want to do with the photo.,There really is no u201cshouldu201d about it all. If one is perfectly happy with the photo as it was taken, then doing nothing in Lightroom is what you do.,One can make a photo look better, one can make it worse too. Itu2019s all up to you.

What are the best travel hacks when visiting Italy?

Kevin has some great tips, I just want to add a few:,1. Know that the majority of gelato places offer free whip cream, but most tourist don't know and never ask for it. Be sure to ask for cream or double cream (whip cream on the bottom of the cone and on top of the gelato). My Italian husband thinks it's funny that I'm so amazed by this. :Pn2. Most

What is the socialist definition of poverty?

In the USSR and other Socialist countries, we had a very restrictive definition of poverty. In full accordance with Marxism, we believed in the following:,Poverty is an inevitable consequence of Capitalism,Poverty is a condition that arises from low wages, unemployment and job insecurity because Capitalism requires a u201creserve armyu201d of labor

What is an easy chicken breast recipe that does not require much else?

Chicken,Salt, pepper,Oil,Butter,Garlic,Lemon juice,Pound your chicken breasts until they are an even 1/2" thick. Salt and pepper them. Saute' on medium high heat in a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of oil until golden brown on Both sides and cooked through. Remove to a plate. Reduce the heat in the pan to medium low. Throw in a knob of butte

What is your review of Skyscanner?

I'm a Spaniard living in New Zealand. This trip is one or the longest you can do by plane, often requiring 3 or more flights and more that 24 hours total length. I've made this return trip once per year since 6 years ago, I believe this gives me some credit to talk about travel agencies.,In my life I have bought flights using different agencies and

Who controls the Saudi royal family?

Itu2019s more of a question of u201cWho doesnu2019t the Saudi royal family control??u201d.,Because they have SCADS of money - money that can be used to pay off anyone (except maybe Putin, whom they hateu2026), or buy advertising. Even the US President is a little deferential to them - and HE controls 4000 nuclear weapons!!,Make no mistake - the Sau

How do you calculate standard deviation from mean and median?

You donu2019t. Those two numbers, by themselves, are insufficient to calculate standard deviation.,Example: Data set 1 = {10,50,50,100}. Data set 2 = {0,50,50,110}. These data sets have equal means and medians (52.5 and 50 for both) but different standard deviations.

What do you remember most vividly about your childhood bedroom?

I tried to find a picture but.. no luck :(,It had blue carpet, green walls, yellow ceiling, purple trim and window coverings, and a purple/blue/green/orange comforter on the bed. The walk in closet was orange.,(Combine these images and somehow add MORE color!):,It was amazing and colorful, but hereu2019s what I remember most vividly:,My Mom. Tirele