What video inspires you to live life to the fullest?

The most inspiring Iu2019ve seen so far is a Jordan Peterson video on YouTube titled u201cLife is suffering, so get your act together!u201d,I know the title sounds very depressing with the idea that life IS suffering and Iu2019m not advocating that although he is. But the message Peterson conveys in that video is simple yet very powerful in my opin

What are the best ways to measure employees performances?

For quarterly and monthly performance management, Iu2019ve used Objectives and Key Results for years.,As written in the OKR FAQ, OKR is a simple process of setting company, department, team, and personal goals and connecting each goal with 3-5 measurable results. As you achieve those results, they feed into the overall objective completion. It's al

What are some girly room ideas?

There a lot of ways in which you can make your room look girly, but the best one, in my opinion, is the canopy bed, they are easy to make and you will find a lot of inspiration and DIY videos on the internet. You can either buy canopy nets or get a lacy piece of clothing to get the princess bed look! Check out the image, cool isnu2019t it?,My other

What are some inventions that didnt evolve much during the past decades?

Lever action rifles (1860u20131895 designs are still most of the current production.),1905u20131911 Browning .45acp semi-automatic pistol, still in wide production,Ivory bar soap,Kelloggs Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Pop Tarts,,General Mills Cheerios, Captain Crunch,,Post Grape Nuts, Raisin Bran,,Heinz Tomato Sauce and 57 Sauce,Del Mon

Why do most intellectuals tend to lean towards liberalism?

That's a good question. It's not true in every research field; engineers and economists, for example, have far more right-wing intellectuals than other fields. But it's true in a lot of fields of study (especially in the social sciences and humanities), and it's an interesting truth.,Right-wingers often argue that intellectuals lean left because th

What is the best ingredient for making excellent French fries?

Cold water.,Immerse those bad boys, fresh cut, into a bowl of cold water for at least three hours. Drain and Pat dry; oil up the pan to fry temp. I use canola oil and small batch frying in about 2 inches of oil. Oil will cool between batches so use a thermometer and fry at least at 375 deg F.

Is Mountain Dew an energy drink?

Any drink with a lot of sugar and caffeine can be considered an u201c energy drinku201d black coffee with three sugars also qualifies and at least it isnu2019t liver failure urine color

What are some of the most widely circulated fake pictures?

Claim: A two-and-a-half year old girl is protected by her four year old brother in Nepal, in the aftermath of the region's devastating earthquake.,Reality: The photo was actually taken in Vietnam by photographer Na Son Nguyen in October 2007. Despite the many tales that have been woven about the two kids, he says that the young girl was simply frig

What are the possible and useful usages of an iPad if you have a laptop?

Iu2019ve got a bunchu2026.,Reading. I read, a lot. Sometimes I read stuff on web sites, which can sort of go either way as iPad vs laptop, but usually with a slight nod to the iPad, as portrait orientation is more efficient for consuming large quantities of text (for me).,That applies in spades when moving from u201cwebsitesu201d to documents - Iu2

Should I buy iPhone 7 plus in 2021?

iPhone 7 was released in 2017. It is an old phone with a strict classic design and a single camera. The device was one of the most popular devices on the market. Today, it is almost impossible to find an iPhone 7 on sale, but there are still stocks of phones in resellers' warehouses.,Here are some reasons why you should buy the iPhone 7:Classic app

How do I make chicken lo mein sauce?

Typically Chicken lo mein sauce is (Hoisin sauce). Here's the ingredients you'll need to make a quick homemade hoisin sauce in 10 minutes.,4,tablespoons soy sauce,2,tablespoons peanut butter,1,tablespoon molasses or 1 tablespoon honey,2,teaspoons seasoned rice vinegar,1,garlic clove, finely minced,2,teaspoons sesame seed oil,1,teaspoon chinese hot

Have you ever been to Malaysia?

Over the course of my working time in Malaysia, 2001 to 2004, I visited half of the states. I lived and worked in Penang, and visited Kuala Lumpur pretty often.,The people are warm, welcoming, helpful, and friendly. Most speak English. As a visitor, I enjoyed seeing the various cultures enthusiastically preserved by Malaysians. Tradition matters in

How are the Venezuelan people?

Like most people, Venezuelans are a mixed bag.,Being American born, half-Venezuelan, and having lived permanently in both countries, Iu2019ve been able to see things through a slightly different lens than perhaps others.,One the one hand, Venezuelans are among the funnest, smartest and most interesting people youu2019ll ever meet, and the country h

Is an MS in the USA really worth investing in for an Indian? The expenses to be covered while pursuing an MS is a huge amount, especially for middle-class Indians who rely on bank loans, scholarships, or TARA to cover the expense.

I have been writing this answer since 2017. This answer is enormous. So make some popcorn or chocolate and hope you enjoy it!,My answer is actually: Is MS in the U.S. worth it? That question merged into the current one that you see.,This doesn't focus on Indians alone. Before reading the answer, let me preface this by saying I came to the U.S. duri

What exactly is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?,The process of selling a product or service through market research, including marketing advertising. Digital marketing is the use of digital media and digital technology to manage the sale of products or services online / through the Internet. And one of the types or methods we use for marketing is digital marketing.,Why

What camera can I use to record YouTube videos if I only have a budget of $200?

Youu2019ve actually got hundreds of choices. Go to ebay. Theyu2019ve got DV and even full HD camcorders for way under $100. Youu2019ll need accessories, but I see no reason why crude YouTube videos canu2019t be shot with $200 of equipment. Donu2019t spend over half on the camera itself. Try to spend closer to $50. Youu2019ll need the rest for tripo

What is distribution in a business?

DistributionDistribution is the act of selling products to customers or physically transferring them.,The first key aspect is that the productu2019s sale requires middlemen, such as:,Wholesalers, and,Retailers,Whose services are needed to make the products available at convenience points and assist in their sale to the final consumers.,The second k

Where does sushi come from?

Sushi came about centuries ago and came out of an economic need rather than a desire for novelty. It was the need to preserve fish ,the mainstay of the Japanese diet. The first sushi was from freshwater fish that was salted and pickled in fermenting rice. ( which by the way did not originate in Japan but in SE Asia.) Sushi spread to China, but afte

What is the best mic to record vocals?

Do you really want the best mic, or the best mic within a budget?,The Neumann U87 is generally regarded as the best mic to record vocals.,But that doesnu2019t mean it is the best mic to record your vocals. Bono famously recorded vocals with a Shure 58 standing in front of the speakers.,Also, are you really ready to spend $2500 for the best mic? It

What is colour grading in films and how do they do it?

Color GradingThe camera is one of the best inventions of mankind. The potential to capture the light and the expression in the frame has helped a lot many of us to relive life. And today, the photos have become an important part of our life. We go beyond the process of capturing by adding various values to enhance the expression of the photo. The p

If you had a two-month vacation, what would you do?

Iu2019d take my family on vacation to the Philippines for a family reunion in Sorsogon - my motheru2019s side of the family at least. Weu2019ll go eat all the best fresh seafood and grilled meats everyday, go to the beach, visit the hot springs resorts. Walk down memory lane. Go shopping. Eat some more.,Next maybe go swim with the whalesharks. Go s

What are some examples of totally lame company mission statements?

To provide quality service at a competitive price.,Note: this is made up, but is a composite version of so many I've read. It might as well read, "To be all things to all people at all times and still make money." Lame. Usually the way such mission statements are derived is by a committee of academic-types who have no understanding of the customer

How can one invest in Bitcoins?

Firstly I bought 0.5 Bitcoin from zebpay for 19,000u20b9 in June 2016. Then I invested that Bitcoin into cloud mining for fixed monthly returns. Today, I feel crazy because right now i have 1.7 BTC just by Investing 0.5 BTC.,So value of my (19,000u20b9=0.5BTC) investment is somewhere around(1.7BTC) 6,30,000u20b9I have not stopped here nor im relaxi