What Mac-friendly printerscanner is the best to buy these days (2017)?

This past weekend, at the S.F. Apple Storeu2019s recommendation, my wife bought an HP ENVY 5664 printer / scanner / copier (B&W and color) - only $129.95.,Arrived yesterday, so we havenu2019t set it up yet; apparently takes just a few minutes.,Supports wireless printing from Mac, iPad and iPhone, which is precisely what my wife wanted.

What makes South Korean fried chicken unique from other fried chicken?

As far as I can tell, amd I havenu2019t cooked it yet, korean chicken is normal crispy fried chicken that then has a layer of sticky, Korean spicy sauce applied at or towards the end.,Sounds awesome!,Recipe: Korean Fried Chicken (Yangnyeom Chikin)Update: I have some gojuchang just waiting for wings in the oven :)

What are the four seasons in the Philippines?

It will be a surprise to many Filipinos that summer is not one of the two seasons in the Philippines.,Most countries of the world, in fact, have only two seasons. This is because most countries lie within the tropical zone. It is the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, within which, everywhere gets to meet the sun at th

Are Jimmy Page and Robert Plant nice people?

In the late 80u2019s/early 90u2019s I met a friend who worked behind the bar in a pub near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England. As we drove to the pub he pointed out Robert Plantu2019s house (well, lots of gates and a very long drive). I sat drinking a few pints near the bar chatting to my mate as he worked. After about an hour somebody stood ne

Should I buy a Canon 5D or an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II?

I think the real question here is, u201cShould I go from a DSLR camera to a mirrorless?u201d Ironically, I switched from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Olympus E-M1 then upgraded to the Olympus E-M1 Mark II this year. I havenu2019t picked up my Canon 5D Mark II, not even with my Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens, in almost two years, no more than picking up my ol

Do you miss your wifehusband when youre away on a business trip? Why (not)?

With more practice to improve my aim, I'll quit missing him.,He needs to stand still, though.,I often think, deep in the recesses of my shallow brain, as I gaze at my beloved hubby,,u201cIf you don't go away, I can't miss you.u201d,Well, that's not fair. Why should he have to go away? He doesn't particularly like to travel. So, I guess I'll have to

How can I get the best idea for modern bathroom designs?

If you house has a modern bathroom, then these ideas may help you! I hope you find it helpful!,You can set up bright lamps and a beautiful frame around those lamps, and see how will it enlighten your bathroom!,You can use some simple and minimal design for towel rack. This towel rack is simple and great!,Use similar design mirrors, but in different

Can Italians understand Portuguese?

By and large, no. However we can read it and understand a lot of it if we have some context. If the Italian in question knows Spanish, then the reading part gets orders of magnitude easier.,Understanding speech is another matter unless the speaker takes pity and speaks very, v e r y s l o w l y.,A spaniard and an Italian can get the point across on

Would it be advisable to email a potential employer letting them know that you are about to take another offer (interviewing, job search, job offer, negotiation, workplace)?

Would it be advisable to email a potential employer letting them know that you are about to take another offer (interviewing, job search, job offer, negotiation, workplace)?If you had acknowledged their offer and committed to join them, it is a professional courtesy to go back to them to share latest update (if you are not going to join them, but w

Why is my chicken always tough and stringy when I bake it in the oven?

Chicken is easily overcooked, especially skinless boneless chicken breasts. Itu2019s not as big a problem with dark meat or a whole chicken.,Use a thermometer. Stop cooking breasts at 160F and rest them afterward. The temperature will rise some just resting. A final internal temperature of 165F is the target.,Skin-on, bone-in chicken is more forgiv

What are the types of panorama?

Your question is a bit vague but I will answer what I believe your question implies. There are several ways to make a panoramic photograph.,A full 360 degree panoramic can be made using a slit (film) or a slit scan (digital) camera. The image is captured as the camera spins around in a full turn. Some digital cameras and smartphones incorporate a v

Out of the Canon EOS D series, which is the best?

All of them! Or none of them! It depends on your intended use, needs, budget, and how the particular model you might prefer stacks up against the competition. ,Let's look at the list of models in this series listed on the current Canon web site (US):,APS-C format:n,70D ($1,000),7D Mark II ($1,500),nFull-frame formatn,6D ($1,400),5D Mark III ($2,500

What are the best beaches in Thailand?

I just love Ko Nang Yuan beach, during my last vacation I found the beauty of this spot. Among all the ferry spots I kept few in my memories. I will never forget to give my special thanks to Tina of Andamanferryservice for their outstanding ferry services.

Why is manual photography more preferable than auto?

It depends on the situation entirely. Some events are so chaotic and each moment the lighting changes dramatically, full auto or at least aperture preferred auto, with ISO in float within parameters and shutter speeds within a minimum of speed is often really useful.,Most of the time though I prefer to have complete control of the exposure. The tot

What is your favorite chicken noodle soup recipe?

The best way to think about chicken noodle soup is in two steps.,First the broth, then the soup.,A few weeks ago on a question about simple, easy to make meals, I talked about u201cCheater's Chicken Soup." The main difference is that if you're not starting with raw chicken and making your own broth, you're cheating. And once you try this, you'll un

What is the difference between cash flow and funds flow statement?

Thanks for A2A.,Cash flow statement is a statement which demonstrates the cash flowing into and out of the business enterprise on account of the varied activities carried on by it as a business concern, during any point of time covered by the period for which the statement is presented. ,In the context of fund flow statement, fund means 'capital' o

Can I leave ginger juice overnight on my face?

Just mix 2 tablespoons of grated ginger with 3 tablespoons of olive or sesame oil and a dash of lemon juice. Massage into your scalp and leave in for 30 minutes or overnight before rinsing. Besides helping with hair growth ginger is also known to help with eliminating dandruff and adding sheen

Is it better to install hardwood or laminate floors?

Laminate vs. Hardwood FlooringOne of the most important and defining features of a house is its flooring. A lot of families prefer wood flooring as it gives a natural vibe. New constructions usually have laminated wooden flooring and whereas older traditional homes have original hardwood flooring.,The laminated wood flooring gives a similar finish

Whats after getting a degree in philosophy?

UK answer. ,You can work in any job that any other traditional arts subject (eg. Classics, history, English literature etc) allows you to do. ,My friends with bachelors degrees in philosophy (most often joint honours) have done a mix of consultancy, accountancy, the law, professional philosophy, the civil service, professional politics, journalism,

What is a franchise that opened too many stores?

Some thoughts:,Krispy Kreme - Way too many stores opened, including three in the mid-sized city near me. All three have long since closed. The entire chain has shrunk to a fraction of its former size.,GNC - Since everybody was selling vitamins and supplements, there was no need to open stores to sell them too. There are six in the city near me and

Why is the Titanic still under water and why has it not been brought to the surface?

It's 2016, it sank back in 1912, it's already lasted 104 years, it probably won't make it for another 75 years. So that brings up your question, why hasn't it been raised?,It's too fragile, currently at the depth it sits which is 12,500 feet, raising it would mean it'd under go multiple pressure stages, and as soon as it hits the surface, it could

What are some names you should not name your child?

I have many names I think should be avoided, but here are my top names/scenarios where the name source is awful,My friend's ex wants to name their daughter Akira. Nice, cute Japanese name (they're not Japanese) right? Under normal circumstances, sure. His reason for the name? Well, he used to date a Japanese girl named Akira who u201cdiedu201d and

Why was the Indian Ocean named after India?

Question:nWhy was the Indian Ocean named after India?When the Silk Route (shown in Red in below figure) was blocked by the Ottoman Empire, the Europeans were in search of a sea-route to India and China. By that time, the maritime trade in south Asia had been very well established over the course of a few millennia. The route shown in blue was the s

How can I boost the cell phone signal in my mobile home?

What kind of signal? If itu2019s a mobile phone, try another network. If itu2019s UHF try changing your coax, or having your aerial looked at. If itu2019s wifi, try a better router or some extenders, and if youu2019ve got stone walls then itu2019s going to kill it dead from room to room. That goes for mobile signals too.,Until we know what the sign

Where are the best places to live in Sydney?

The best place to live in Sydney really depends on YOU.,Sydney is MASSIVE. It can take you a couple of hours to drive from one edge to the other.,,nSydney even has different climates within it's borders. It's fringed on the east by beaches, where the ocean tends to dampen temperature extremes. As you head west, the ocean has less of an effect, and

How long is the Adobe Illustrator free trial?

* - Not always Photoshop Whichever Adobe Program you wantu2026,The Best Question I will ever answer in my lifeu2026,This might be not fully free Adobe Creative Cloud but can be consideredu2026,Download a free trial somehow without giving your credit or debit card details. Maybe Download Adobe XD and install the cc desktop appu2026,After cc trial is

What is the strangest thing youve found inside of a wall in a home?

My landlord. Yes, you read that correctly.,When I was in my early 20u2019s I rented one side of a duplex. The duplex was once u201cone homeu201d built in the early 1920u2019s, that had been divided on the ground floor. The side I rented was a small one bedroom unit. My landlord, was the owner of the house. I was a young and pretty blonde and he was