What are some things I should know about New Zealand?

We donu2019t have snakes: Frans du Plessis's answer to What are some of the venomous snakes found in New Zealand?We have only one species of venomous spider, called the katipo, which is famous in New Zealand, because it is the only venomous creature that we have. However, almost none of us have ever seen one, because it is an endangered species and

Did the Obama administration give Pearson Publishing $350 million in tax dollars to create a Common Core curriculum, and did Obama get a $65 million dollar book deal in return? If so, is that a quid pro quo?

The theory here is that President Barack Obama, who was a best-selling author before he became president, engaged in an act of corruption in order to get a book deal for him and Michelle after he left office?,Under this theory, why do you think there was such a bidding war among other publishers for the book rights? Bidding hits $60M on Obamasu2019

What is the non-crystalline form of carbon?

There really isnu2019t one, since carbon prefers to be arranged in graphite rings and will link up of its own accord whenever possible. Even wood charcoal consists mainly of broken graphite rings. The hotter the charcoal cooking process, the more complete graphite rings it contains. Lamp black may be the most amorphous form.

In medieval Europe, who was responsible for keeping the castles rooms warm?

You probably have an odd idea on how places were warmed before modern times. Real castles, in first place, had very few rooms. Most X-XII century castles had essentially one main room, which worked as living/dining room during the day, which was where the lord held his court, and where basically everything happened. At night this room turned into a

What is an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is a graphic that depicts a company's internal structure by outlining the roles, responsibilities, and interactions among personnel inside the organization. Organizational charts can show a company's overall operations or drill down to a specific department or unit.,An employee's hierarchical rank in relation to other person

What are the main differences between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer?

IE = Java and Flash,Chrome = No Java, just HTML5, yes Flash, but they are moving away from it in favor of HTML5. This is good because Java is full of security vulnerabilities and Flash can be too. If Java was a water bottle, your lap would be very wet.,Advantage: Chrome,IE = no u201cbookmarku201d dragging, no tab u201cdraggingu201d, very simple and

Which is the smallest country in Asia?

Three smallest countries in Asia would be:,49 Bahrain 765 km2,50 Singapore 716 km2,51 Maldives 300 km2,All islands. On the mainland smallest county in Asia would be Palestine, if it existed (disputed borders, occupied), followed by Lebanon 10,452 km2.

Whatu2019s the closest thing to magic that actually exists?

u201cAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.u201d - Arthur C. Clarke.What is u201cmagicu201d after all?,Ask yourself why do you find it stunning when a magician pulls out the same card which you just removed from a shuffled deck and kept away in your back pocket? Or when they make somebody you just saw walk into a cabi

How does the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra compare to the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Apple and Samsung are the two most popular smartphone brands at present, but due to product cycle reasons, the two brands are different in many aspects. Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, Android and Apple's strongest mobile phone comparison, should you buy Samsung S20 Ultra or iPhone 11 Pro Max?,The iPhone 11 Pro Max is currently Apple's best

What is the ingredient in monster energy drinks that is bad?

There is a lot of sugar, but the sugar itself doesnu2019t create the energy. The secret ingredient in energy drinks is a synthetic hormone which tells the body to burn the sugar at a higher than normal rate. This hormone is synthesized from fetal stem cells extracted from cord blood and afterbirth. There is also a large amount of caffeine and yolin

What is natureu2019s best view in the Philippines?

Planning a trip to the Philippines in 2020 can be a rather overwhelming and mind-boggling experience for any traveler, with more than 7,000 beautiful islands to choose from. The Philippines has a cornucopia of awe-inspiring destinations worthy of a traveler's bucket list, from the breathtaking idyllic rolling hills of Batanes to the fabulous cascad

What would military conscription be like if it was adopted in the US?

The mechanism for resuming military conscription ("the draft") already is in place, but it's outdated and doesn't reflect a lot of societal changes that have taken place over the last twenty years or so. At the same time, it's clearly been given some attention in recent years in terms of its "fairness," which strikes me as kind of bizarre when the

Whats the scariest ride at Universal Studios?

If youu2019re talking Universal Studios Hollywood then the scariest ride under my perspective isu2026Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride.,See the video for yourself:,Because the ride is a high speed indoor roller coaster transporting guests through moments reminiscent of the 1999 Mummy franchise.,The ride launches the riders from a complete standstill t

What are good recipes for seafood chowder?

Keto Seafood ChowderThis rich and creamy keto seafood chowder recipe is a healthy, delicious and low carb food meal.,The YouTube video with the complete recipe is linked in the first comment below :

Who invented the mayonnaise sauce? Where does its name come from?

A "mayonnaise de poulet" is mentioned by a traveler to Paris in 1804, but not described. Viard's 1806 recipe for "poulets en mayonnaise" describes a sauce involving a veloutu00e9, gelatin, vinegar, and an optional egg to thicken it, which gels like an aspic.,Grimod de La Reyniu00e8re's 1808 "bayonnaise" sauce is also a sort of aspic: "But if one wa

Who is a better method actor between Al Pacino and Daniel Day Lewis and why?

I love Al Pacino. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. That said, I'm sorry, but Daniel Day Lewis is by far the better Method actor and I would go so far as to say that he has even proven to have more range overall.,Throughout his career, Daniel has taken on so many different variances of characters. Pacino, on the other hand, relies more s

Will Apple ever create a notebook that uses iOS?

Yes. ,As it stands today OS X is already operating on iOS devices. The foundation of iOS is OS X. It may seem OS X, proper runs on Intel [1] architecture and iOS runs on ARM [2] based architecture. However in reality the core basis of OS X runs on both Intel and ARM. The road for a convergence is already mapped out.,At some future date there may no

Where do you apply the principles of mathematics?

I apply the principles of mathematics to all facets of my life. By principles, I take it you mean the underlying premise of mathematics which is way more than just operating on numbers. Abstraction, logic, rigor, deduction, and proof are all very powerful tools at our disposal...

Will bedroom walls look good in blue or pink?

Both the colors can look good, ir depends on the shade chosen. For eg a soft pink or nice aquamarine blue can both look equally pleasing. The color should give a calming feel as it is a bedroom and too vibrant a color can give out too much energy. And mainly, the choice of the occupant of the room matters.

What is social psychology?

*By the way, I just made a YouTube video based on this answer if youu2019d rather watch that:,When I teach social psychology, I usually turn to a definition attributed to Gordon Allport:,Social psychology is the scientific attempt to explain how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied

What are some data analysis methods in a research paper?

Basically I can say there are two methods for data analysis. Quantitative data analysis, and Qualitative data analysis.,Quantitative is method is where you are dealing with numbers and you what to derive mathematical and statistical analyses from your data, by tabulations and cross tabulations.,Qualitative is the method of analyzing text/transcript

What color do you get when you mix blue and yellow?

Blue paint + Yellow paint = Green paint,Blue light + Yellow light = White light,Flawless blue printer ink + Flawless yellow printer ink = Black printer ink,Actual blue printer ink + Actual yellow printer ink = Theoretically black printer ink

Do you need a lawyer to prepare a will?

Wills areu2026 letu2019s just call them complicated instruments.,Clients generally want things to be simple. They just want a document that says u201cIf I die, everything goes to my wife, or to my kids.u201d Maybe a charity of some sort.,This doesnu2019t work very well in practice.,Wills have to go through the probate process. Even in a state that

Hey Im a Nigerian applying to UK universities as an undergraduate, should I focus my personal statement more on my maths and programming passion and competitions since Im gonna offer Computer science or base them on my extracurricular activities?

Well, if you are applying to UK universities, then please remember that the UK is not Nigeria, but it's also most definitely not the US, either. The UK is completely different as a country (have you actually been here?), and the kind of application style that might go down well in America really won't be much liked in the UK!,So drop the u201cHey!u

What are vision and mission statements?

It is often said, u201cIf you donu2019t know where you want to be, how are you going to get there?u201d,VISION & MISSION statement form part of the strategic guidelines for organisations to make good decisions. Here are our firmu2019s Strategic Marketing Governance Guidelines which include our Vision Statementu2026,Mission: What our organisation wa

What are the best websites for free Lightroom presets?

I have downloaded several free presets. I have not purchased any. I use Lightroom almost daily. With these points in mind, here are my thoughts. I have seen offers of hundreds of presets for a reasonable price. I think if I click on a preset I can look and decide if I like it, but gee, my list includes another 200 presets, do I have to click on eac