On average, what animal lives the longest?

The u201cImmortal Jellyfishu201d (Turritopsis dohrnii [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turritopsis_dohrnii ]) has earned its moniker. With the ability to reverse ageing, by reverting to a polyp stage once fully matured, the Jellyfish can theoretically live on forever.,Recently, a bunch of worms were revived from a pretty long sleep. 42,000 years to

What are BTSs star signs?

I put both the Greek and Chinese since I donu2019t know which one is being referenced in this question.,I used https://www.travelchinaguide.com for the Chinese Zodiac figuring.,,Jin- December 4, 1992nGreek: Sagittarius nChinese: [Water] Monkey,Suga- March 9, 1993nGreek: PiscesnChinese: [Water] Rooster,J-Hope - February 18, 1994nGreek: Aquarius nChi

Why is the Philippines considered the poorest country in Asia?

-Because Philippines is more popular than other Asian countries so Philippines gets the more spotlight.,-Because a lot of the foreigners are not well versed with geography so they donu2019t know anything about other Asian countries which have a much worse poverty rate than PH.,-Because they only see the negative side of the Philippines, or they onl

What is the best temperature to cook steak on a stove top?

Look at this, don't you wish you could be here with me right now just so you can get a little bit of that smell? Mmm, you should get this, it is absolutely incredible. You can see the smoke coming out, it is building a little bit of crust, no fire, no flame, beautiful. At the same time we have the oven that is on at 400 degrees just to finish the i

Are you looking for horoscope compatibility for marriage?

Compatibility based on Moon and Nakshtra is only indicating the mind set of the concerned. It is not recommendable as per my own views.,Please take up compatibility for marriage based on LAGNA and Natal chart - Courses of Dasa and Antardasa running - which will reveal real picture of the forthcoming married life.

How do I open a beer bottle with a key?

You can open a bottle with almost any small lever. The trick is to grip the bottle tightly with the large knuckle at the base of your thumb just below the bottle cap and then use that knuckle as a fulcrum to pry off the bottle cap.,You could use your keys, you could also bend or break them. I'd use something else.

Engineering: What are some Casio Calculator FX 991MS tricks?

There are so many that I canu2019t write about! But you can watch all my videos on youtube. Links given below. Hope it helps.,If you like my answer, please UpVote on Quora and Subscribe me on YouTube.You May not Know_20 Cool Features Of Casio fx-82MS Scientific Calculator!How To Find Antilog Using Scientific Calculators(Casio fx-991ES & fx-82MS)7 E

Can you share some landscape art?

This is a terrific assortment of differing garden treatments that might inspire you, if any of the follow 12 rock garden ideas do float your boat, you can customize probably customize it to better fit your specific space and budget. Do enjoy ud83dudc9a,u2018Bring Tranquility To Any Home With These 12 Rock Garden IdeasBecause every backyard could us

What are some good examples of "How is this legal?" Not just things that you do not like, but things that really should be against the law but that are not, at least in certain places.

Patent TrollingI knew shell companies existed, but I didnu2019t know often times they serve multiple purposes than just holding assets. Some keep cash to avoid paying taxes, and some, well some outright sue people over a u201cpatentu201d they have the rights to.,u201cIn pejorative usage, a patent troll is a person or company that attempts to enforc

Whats your recipe for pork adobo?

There's so many ways to make pork adobo. With sauce. Dry. Sweet. Whatever. I'd just like to see how your recipes vary.,Check comments to OP, below, for my recipe.

My neighbor signed a driveway agreement with the previous owner of my home to use my driveway, but the agreement doesnt have my property listed in the property description. The description only includes his own lot. Is the agreement still valid?

An agreement between two individuals is only binding upon those two individuals. In order for such an agreement for shared use to be binding upon future owners of the property, an easement would have to be recorded and it would run with the deed, not with whoever happens to own the property at the time. So, check the deed. If thereu2019s nothing re

What is the dumbeststupidest thing that a theist has said to you?

At work, we had an admin who was always trying to spread the gospel. She knew I did not believe; we had that conversation as she was shocked and did her thing but then pretty much left me alone.,One day in early December, I walked into the break room for coffee, and she was there with another employee talking about Christmas. The other employee ask

How do I name a business?

I recommend Squadhelp.com, the Worldu2019s #1 Naming Platform. Squadhelp offers a unique combination of Crowdsourcing, AI, and agency-level validation features to help companies come up with a perfect name. You can get custom names through our contest process our explore our expert-curated marketplace that offers unique, hand-picked brand and busin

Would it be ok to turn vegetarian after a lifetime of eating a non-veg diet?

Okay, I might not be the right person to answer this question, as I have never had any meat, but still to me it is the right choice. There are any number of ways to cook vegetarian food to make it interesting, and to make vegetables interesting! I cook, Chinese and Italian a lot, and have been completed many times over the years for making vegetabl

How do I make Red Velvet cake?

A moist, classic Red Velvet Cake!! Made from scratch, and surprisingly easy when a few specific, simple steps are followed.,ingredientsDRY INGREDIENTSu25a2 2 2/3 cups (400 g) plain cake flour (Note 1)u25a2 2 tbsp (10 g) cocoa powder , unsweetenedu25a2 1 tsp (5 g) baking soda / bi-carb soda , NOT baking powder (Note 2)u25a2 Pinch of salt,WET INGREDI

What is the best laptop for an architecture student (2022)?

Currently in this month im picking architecture as my major,and my current laptop now was a Acer Swift 3 (5000 series). Of course its not enough and im planning to buy a pc instead of a laptop. Alot of other student also ask the same question to the mentors and They replied with this:,USUAL LAPTOPS FOR ARCHITECTURE:,minimum 16gb ram,If possible i7

What is the most advanced professional video editor on the planet?

What a bombastic way to ask a question! It sounds like your asking what is the fastest supercar in the world or which fighter plane can fly the highest etc.,I guess your question is really; what do you think is the best video editing software package?The most advanced thing in video editing, of film editing, is the editor - the actual person who ed

What are some traditional desserts eaten in Denmark for Christmas time?

Recipe for Buttermilk Apple Dumplings u00c6bleskiver med ku00e6rnemu00e6lk ,5 dl flour ,u00bd tsp salt ,2 tsp sugar ,1 tsp cardamom ,1 tsp baking soda ,grated peel of 1 unsprayed lemon ,3 eggs ,approx. 4 dl buttermilk ,oil or butter for baking,Recipe for Rice u00e0 lu2019Impu00e9ratrice Ris a lu2019amande ,Serves 4,1 plateful of cold rice pudding (

What are the most beautiful natural places?

I got down from the bus.,As I was walking into the office campus, I saw one girl kneeling down on the walkway.,She took out her ID card from the lanyard and placed it obliquely on the floor. Curious, I went closer. She was trying to make the millipede climb on it.,Once the millipede climbed, she took it and put it beside the walkway to prevent it f

What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to interior decoration?

What are my biggest pet peeves when it comes to interior design?,This:,Too much space allocated to decor. This is just wasted space. Do they use the canning jars or the plates? Do they use the counter space? Doubt it. I love decor; thatu2019s not the problem. What I hate is when itu2019s all decor.,This:,Donu2019t need to explain. Wait, I do. I got

What is the best way to make garlic butter? How do I make really good garlic butter?

I use roasted garlic in my garlic butter, because itu2019s sweeter than the raw version. Slice the top off a head of garlic to expose the cloves, drizzle a bit of olive oil on top, and roast it at 400F until soft (12u201315 minutes). Squeeze the garlic into a bowl and combine with a cup of room temperature butter. add salt to taste. The best way to

What did IT turn into when attacking the Native Americans (IT)?

Your question was, let me make sure I have this right, u201cWhat did IT turn into when attacking the Native Americans (IT)?u201d,==========================================================,I wrote the answer in both English and Chinese Translation especially for you. READ TO THE VERY BOTTOM - I have a track on this and if you do not, the u201cfreebi

What are the some amazing facts about the most haunted places of the world?

Here are the some amazing facts about the most haunted places of the world ud83dudc80ud83dudc80u2620ud83dudc7d,The Kehoe House, USA,The Kehoe family had ten children and rumors say two of them tragically died in the house. Many believe the twins still haunt the house u2013 guests have reported hearing children laughing and feeling children stroke t

How do you cook the real and only traditional Milanese risotto?

Ir order to make traditional risotto alla milanese you will need one special ingredient: thatu2019s bone marrow. Only by using bone marrow can you make real risotto alla Milanese. Without bone marrow you can use the same recipe and make risott giald, yellow risotto, a cheaper version of risotto. If instead you use crumbled fresh sausage you get ris

How much review-fraud exists in Amazons product reviews?

I can't speak for books, but as it would pertain to other categories I think I can say with confidence that the proportion of fake reviews on Amazon varies greatly by the product type, by the manufacturer of the product and also by how the product is being sold.,Perhaps if you're doing a paper for school, some aggregated numbers that came from the