Did actor Johnny Depp say some profound things?

Johnny is on the redirect, answering his lawyers!,"Hurt. Blindness hurts. It was like someone hit me on the back of the head with a 2x4 and, as I said, I didn't have the ability to speak before. Even though I did an interview to try to explain myself, it ended up being a successful play. " - Johnny Depp.,"When did you first learn that Disney wasn't

What does this sound like to you: "Spirituality has dose-dependent effects. New Age can heal backache, but it is unheard of that it cures cancer. Christian Science is more spiritual, and that is why it can cure both."?

Can I say it sounds like u2018bollocksu2019?,u2018Bollocksu2019 is a UK English slang word that literally means u2018testiclesu2019, but is more widely used to mean u2018meaningless and possibly pernicious nonsenseu2019.,The reason I say it sounds like bollocks is that Christian Science doesnu2019t cure anything. Numerous people have died because e

What is something creepy that you experienced that you find hard to explain?

My first wife and I moved to Welland toward the end of 1974. Our apartment was long and narrow, entering through the kitchen into the dining room, and then down a hall with bedrooms to the left and a living room at the end.,This is the front of the building. The windows on the right were our living room windows. The windows on the left were the liv

Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Britain?

Itu2019s arguable that it didnu2019t begin here, but in the Netherlands, but it ran out of steam there, while Great Britain was able to pick it up & carry it further.,After achieving independence from Spain the Netherlands created institutions which supported economic development, commerce & industry, but Dutch industry in the boom of the 16th & 17

Did you ever cry when you opened a Christmas gift?

Christmas 2019.,My 17-year-old son had gotten his first job. He was working at Taco Bell.,We didnu2019t exactly force him to get a job. We just informed him that we were not increasing his token allowance nor paying for gas and entertainment.,So, he got the job. He basically hated it, but he went three days a week and earned a paycheck.,I bake. I b

What is the best laptop for a student?

This answer is for students who would be joining various Engineering colleges this year.,Having a laptop is almost a must have for every student. I'll be mentioning the type of laptop everyone should have, because at some point or the other, every student in college must learn to code. And that is impossible without a laptop. And at least in IITs,

Which states of India are about to lock down due to the corona virus?

KARNATAKA, ODISHA, DELHI AND BIHAR GO INTO VIRTUAL SHUTDOWN MODEWhile states such as Karnataka, Odisha, Delhi and Bihar went into virtual shutdown mode, the under-pressure Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) suspended the start of this year's IPL cricket tournament from March 29 to April 15.,he Board of Control for Cricket in India has dec

Why did President Obama decide to rename Mt. McKinley to Denali?

Much like the Penny only continues to be minted, despite each coin costing 1.7 cents to mint, only because the Senators and Congress Critters from Illinois have a thing about Lincoln being on the coin, Mt. McKinley has only kept that name because of the foaming silliness of the Senators and Congress Critters from Ohio.,If you believe the term 'foam

What do audiophiles know that most people do not?

Beats, Bose, Sol, Sony are not the only u2018reputableu2019 earphone/headphone companies in the audio world.,Headphones: Shure, Sennheiser Beyerdynamic, AudioTechnica, V-Moda, AKG, Grado, Pioneer, Koss, B & O, Westone, MEElectronics, u2026 (and so on),Earphones/IEM: Noble Audio, Campfire Audio, 64 Audio, Jerry Harvey Audio, Etymotic, RHA, VSonic, D

Could you recommend baby boys names with the meaning gift from heaven?

I canu2019t think of anything has the exact meaning.,Hereu2019s what I found:,JessenFrom the Hebrew name u05d9u05b4u05e9u05c1u05b7u05d9 (Yishay) which possibly means "gift".,MatthewnEnglish form of u039cu03b1u03c4u03b8u03b1u03b9u03bfu03c2 (Matthaios), which was a Greek form of the Hebrew name u05deu05b7u05eau05bcu05b4u05eau05b0u05d9u05b8u05d4u05d5u

Is the 844 area code legit or another scam?

Is area code 844 legitimate?,As 844 Area Code does not have a specific location, there have been lot of scam calls from these numbers. I hate scammers as much as you do, so do not share any personal information with any callers without understanding their business and checking the legitimacy of their operation. Jul 8, 2021

How much does Shutterstock pay contributors?

It is commonly accepted in the contributor community that if you have sellable content and want to have a payment each month, which is $75u2013$100, you need to consider that images typically earn $2/image/year (optimistically). So if you want a $100 monthly payment, youu2019re looking at $1,200 yearly payment, for which you need roughly 600 images

What happens in your body when you eat spoiled food?

There are so many kinds of mold. Some are edible (as on brie or blue cheese) and tasty, some are edible and taste terrible, and some are toxic. The spores of mold are carried in the air.,To address your question, more would have to be known about the food and the mold you are referring to.

What is the difference between a limited liability company and a corporation?

For starters, LLC owners (called members) have an equity (ownership) interest in the assets of the business, while Corporation owners are shareholders or stockholders. Also, LLCs and S Corps do not pay federal or state taxes, since income passes through to members, who then have to pay taxes on a personal level. On the other hand, C Corporations do

Does the North Pole have the same average temperatures as the South Pole?

No, they are vastly different places, the North Pole is in (roughly) the middle of a frozen ocean and so is at around sea level, the South Pole is in the middle of by far the coldest continent and is on top of almost 3000m of ancient ice.,Oceans are never really cold and the ice covering it at the North Pole is never more than a few metres thick so

How can I convert a combination of numbers or digits to English words in C++?

First step would be to create a function, call it Num2Phrase, that can take a number between 0 and 999 and generate the words of it. This function could easily be made by counting the number of digits and then working from the first digit on the left and working to the right. You would state their value followed by their digit's place name. An exam

What are the 10 hiking essentials?

Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. However, it is important to be prepared before you go on a hike or head out on the trail. In this article, weu2019ll cover what are the 10 hiking essentials that every hiker should bring with them on their next adventure.,Water supplies,Repairing kit,First aid kit,Knife,Hiking boots,Flas

How long do I boil chicken breast?

Place the chicken in a saucepan large enough to hold the chicken pieces comfortably. Add enough cooking liquid to cover the chicken. If desired, add any other ingredients for flavoring the liquid and chicken. Bring to boiling on medium-high heat; reduce the heat. Cover the pan and simmer until the chicken is no longer pink (170 degrees F).,Bone-in,

What kind of cheese makes the best grilled cheese sandwich? Why?

Alright so you're getting a bunch of cheese recommendations, which is great, but if you truly desire a grilled cheese worthy of the Gods you need to consider more than just the cheese.,Truly there are many delicious cheeses to put between grilled bread. A stringy stretched-curd cheese like mozzarella or provolone is always a nice option since they

Why do so many actors keep large moles on their faces? We have been watching lots of movies over the holidays and are surprised at how many moles or scars are visible on the faces of stars. While some stars have face lifts, moles dont bother them.

Judy Helm Wright: Your question is fascinating.,From ancient Romans to current day starsu2014moles have a fascinating history.,Ancient Romans applied fake moles made out of leather to pockmarks and scars; the preoccupation with u201cimperfectionsu201d such as pimples and moles was a topic of discussion for Hippocrates, who developed a theory of med

How can I get a flat stomach?

You agree with me of not, this is the most common though confusing question specially among those who can't go to GYM on regular basis but at the same time are ready to put in some effort to make things better.,I am not a certified nutritionist or a gym trainer. I can only list out some of my personal experiences that have helped me greatly to achi

Is India a failed state in 2021 as compared to China? What went wrong?

Yes. We are like Venezuela unless u have white collar job, foreign backing or inheritance money.,What went wrong ? Country's economy is given to trust fund inheritance mad*rch**s and their exam warrior chamchas and their penny for hire tullas. Productivity be damned.,China's economy is in the hands of productive class. The industries guy knows how

What are some clever logo designs?

Three leaves, connecting in harmony to form the shape of the African continent. A beautiful display of aesthetics and meaning.,Releaf. Itu2019s a Y Combinator-funded startup that connects African business to buyers and suppliers that they can trust, all for free. The mission of Releaf is to grow the African economy by driving value in the private s

Where can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets?

Iu2019d suggest buying them online - in advance. You can also buy them onsite, but when my family went there, they were sold out for the next three days and we could only see the outside.

Baking: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How do you make great bread?

Practice. Seriously. And nobody struggled more with baking bread than me. Just look at this:,Iu2019ve tried and given up too many times to count. Then, like all eleventy billion of us on Earth, the Covid19 Pandemic forced me to sit at home and keep my distance from others. Being married to a nurse whose patients are infected (where he had insuffici

How can you clean your cellphone camera lens?

Hopefully you mean the glass cover and not the lens. The same way as cleaning glasses. A little smidgen of soap and water or if you prefer a lens cleaner which is almost all purified water with a small amount of detergent.,Avoid low molecular weight alcohols which can delaminate coatings and soften plastic.,Use a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid cellul