How do I study chemistry for class 12 board exams?

Segregrate all the topics according to their marks distribution and go topic wise only.,As we all have different strategy to study but the best way out is revision and only revision especially of the following topics:,Name reactions,Conversion chart,Unit 1: Solid State u2013Classification of solids based on different binding forces,(Molecular, ioni

An online company has owed me money (about $1k) for years. They always say they will send it but never do. What legal jargonfalse threat of lawsuit can I say to maybe scare them into actually paying me?

Iu2019m not clear as to your location, John Morgan, but it seems youu2019re getting answers related to the UK at a rate of 2u20131 over the US. In either respect, let me add a few items for the US Law. Letu2019s start with the u201cfalse threatu201d language.,Being very careful when using any legal claims or trying to u201cthreatenu201d any debtor

How do you get a collateral loan with bad credit?

Most often the answer will be no, but it depends on how bad your credit score is, what caused the bad score, and the credit policy of the bank that you approach. Assuming that you live in a country where there are credit reference bureaus (CRBu2019s), then invariably the bank will search your credit history as part of its loan assessment process. I

What is your favorite homemade salad dressing?

The Rawtarian: Simple raw garlic salad dressingNGREDIENTS1 cup olive oil,1/2 cup fresh lemon juice,3 garlic cloves,2 teaspoons dried italian or greek herbs (for example: thyme, rosemary, etc.),1/2 teaspoon sea salt,Recipe Directions1. Throw it all in the blender and...blend!,2. Keep blending 'til thoroughly mixed.,3. Use right away or refrigerate.

How do I read Economic Survey for civil services exam?

Hi friends ,,Economic survey is an important document released by the Government every year reflects the year that has gone by and the year that will come.,Every year,in prelims few questions are asked from economic survey .However,this is such a huge document that students find difficult to read and spend too much time on it .,Common mistakes comm

Does NVIDIA Titan V support G-Sync?

Looking at their official site the cheaper Titan Xp has the G-SYCH-Ready support but itu2019s not listed in the much more expensive Titan V I think this is just a poorly set up site with an oversite since they have lumped the Xp with the V as offshoots of each other in the same generation,Here is the Titan Xp specs:,NVIDIA TITAN Xp Graphics Card wi

Which will be the best color for painting interior walls?

Because the idea of reinvigorating your home with newly painted walls sounds easier than it is before you actually begin your first brushstroke, take the pain out of the transformation by sourcing the best paints for your upgrade. To keep it simply, here are some tried & true ways to approach finding the best interior paint for your walls:,Matte Pa

What is Amazons unique value proposition?

Amazonu2019s unique value proposition is incidentally that they add more value than anyone else. Period.,They do this many ways:,Price,Selection,Shipping speed,Reliability / customer service,Other prime membership perks: content, cash back, deals kindle, audible, prime now, etc.,New products & services like amazon echo, checkout free retail, drone

What is the best non-stick, induction-compatible, professional frying pan regardless of cost? I have a gas burner and professional non-stick frying pans, but I need an induction-compatible, non-stick frying pan.

Made In is a very well respected for a newcomer:,u201cMade In is one of the newest brands in the cookware industry, but itu2019s already being praised by the likes of Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping (and Prudent Reviews u2013 see my review), and used in Michelin-star restaurants, including Alinea in Chicago and Le Bernardin in New York City.

What does it mean to dream of a house with many rooms and corridors, but a whole section of the house, including the basement, has been recently walled off so that it cannot be entered?

Houses in dreams represent the dreamersu2019 personalities. Many rooms - many different parts. Basement is the subconscious mind - repressed memories, childhood memories, past life memories. Since it is walled off - you are currently blocked from entering there. It might be because you need to fully focus on current events, or because something ver

What are some little known facts about McDonalds?

With billions of people served, McDonald's has played a fascinating role shaping international culture since its first restaurant opened 75 years ago. Here, a compilation of surprising McDonald's trivia even its most loyal customers may not know.,1. Seventy-five years ago, in 1940, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened up the first McDonaldu

How much money should I bring to Davao City? I am an American citizen who will be staying in Davao for a month. I also need a furnished apartment or studio to rent, where do you suggest?

Davao City land area is big and is located in the Island of Mindanso. What do you want to see or where to go sighting would depend on where you are taking your 24 hours rest period. If you are on holiday only stay, I suggest you search the places to go on sightseeing and always on a lookout for a holiday home. Money to bring? Davao City has atm in

Do You Know Best Security camera which can use for outdoor securities?

VIGI is a brand by TP-Link dedicated to making professional security technology available to businesses of any size. VIGIu2019s versatile security cameras provide a myriad of easy-to-use surveillance options and smart detection features for vigilant security.,VIGI C300HPThe versatile C300P-4/6 delivers good performance in virtually any scenario. Th

How can renewable and nonrenewable resources be compared?

Renewable Energy Resource : Renewable Energy is that energy which cannot be exhausted and can be used again and again. for example solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and hydroelectric etc.,Non-renewable energy resources: Non- Renewable energy resources which can be exhausted one day and cannot be used repeatedly are called non-renewable energy

What is the scariest archaeological finding humans could find?

A2A: Hmmmu2026 How about clear evidence that some disease u2014 perhaps a variant of the corona virus u2014 wiped out 90-plus percent of the population of the civilization in question. And that the pathogens are still alive and well in the sample youu2019ve been studying. And that youu2019ve already sent samples of the human remains in this discove

Will the US ever build a skyscraper taller than Burj Khalifa and Jeddah Tower?

Probably not. Not until it's needed. Waste of resources.,Take Burj Khalifa. About 39% of the building is unusable. Over 60% of the space is unoccupied. (At least, it was 60% last I heard. It could be lower now.),Jeddah Tower. Similar amount of unusable space. Similar amount of vacancy. Not even finished yet either.,Kind of pointless to build a buil

When are digital signatures valid, and when are "wet signatures" required? Is there a difference between digital markup on PDF or printsignscan? Is there a legal principle (which might vary by country) or merely preference of different lawyers?

For the most part, signatures are not required at all to form a contract, nor are they part of rather legal arrangement between parties. Rather, they are proof that:,the two parties did in fact come to an agreement. Witnesses, communications records, the history of the partiesu2019 acts, and many other things could prove this, but two parties engag

Why cant photos be taken near the Eiffel Tower during the night time?

Itu2019s to do with French copyright law. There are some lights stuck up on Gustaveu2019s massive erection which were put there in 1985 by some bloke called Pierre Bidet (or it might have been Bideau, or something like that anyway). Any road au-dessus, it stays in copyright for seventy years, and if you take a photo of Parisu2019s most famous symbo

What are some home-made energy drinks in India?

By energy drinks we mean something which provides quick energy before a strenuous physical activity which can be any kind of athletic activity or weight lifting so the drink should be healthy as well as quick energy provider . Homemade energy drinks include,1. Smoothie made from 2 banana ,a cup of milk ,Few figs and honey blended well,2 A cup of cu

What are the best 27+ inch monitors?

What are the best 27+ inch monitors?That depends on what you want from a monitor. I recently got a Dell UltraSharp U3219Q. I got it because it has excellent colour and contrast with a solid stand that is versatile and very good connectivity options. It is an excellent monitor that delivers what I wanted from it: excellent colours and contrast.,It d

Can some Labradorite only have yellow (kind of goldish) flash with a gray background?

Can some Labradorite only have yellow (kind of goldish) flash with a gray background? Yes it can. I have several pieces of u201cYellow Labradoriteu201d in this it is just a pale yellow with light to dark yellow flashes. The Schiller effect, labradorescence, light interference, lattice distortions are some of the scientific explanations for flashes

What is the most useless fact you know?

If your eyes were a smartphone camera, it'll be about 576 megapixels.,Apple actually banned movie villains from using any of their products. That is, if you're playing the role of a bad guy in any movie, you're not expected to use an iphone, ipad, airpod, macbook, etc, in the movie.,Ice creams aren't used in ice cream commercials. That stuff you se

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity or Biological diversity is precisely the sum of all the different species of microorganisms, fungi, plants and animals living on earth and the variety of habitats in which they live.,The World Wide Fund (WWF) considers biodiversity as the wealth of life on the Earth, the millions of plants, animals and microorganisms, the genes they co

Which is the smallest country in Asia?

Three smallest countries in Asia would be:,49 Bahrain 765 km2,50 Singapore 716 km2,51 Maldives 300 km2,All islands. On the mainland smallest county in Asia would be Palestine, if it existed (disputed borders, occupied), followed by Lebanon 10,452 km2.

What are some amazing facts about the ocean and marine creatures?

Only ~5% of the ocean has been explored.,The immortal jellyfish, as its name suggests, is biologically immortal meaning that it can potentially live forever.,Deep sea vents can reach over 700 degrees Fahrenheit.,Across the world, there are an estimated 3 million shipwrecks in the ocean.,Around 97% of the Earthu2019s water can be found in the five o

How many YouTube subscribers do you need before you start earning money?

First of all YouTube do not pay money on the basis of Subscribers or like & Dislike.Money depends upon How many views you got on your video as well as How many times Ads displayed on your video.,Interesting Facts : More subscribers you will have the more views your videos will get and chance are more ads will display on your video which leads to mo

What concerns does the average Canadian have about their country?

One concern is that there isn't an average Canadian. Obviously, Quebec and rest of Canada are two different places. But the rest of Canada isn't one place either.,Aside from regional and ethnic differences, a big gap in terms of perceiving various concerns about Canada, is age. At my age I have a longer, historical perception about Canada. That dri