What is the non-crystalline form of carbon?

There really isnu2019t one, since carbon prefers to be arranged in graphite rings and will link up of its own accord whenever possible. Even wood charcoal consists mainly of broken graphite rings. The hotter the charcoal cooking process, the more complete graphite rings it contains. Lamp black may be the most amorphous form.

Who were some punk rock musicians who didnt have a punk rock appearance?

There were a lot of punk bands who werenu2019t mainstream and/or never expected to be mainstream. A lot of those musicians never had the typical punk rock appearance.,,The Minutemen were low-key dudes with day jobs when punk rock couldnu2019t pay the bills.,The frontman D. Boon had a tremendous amount of energy onstage, far more than youu2019d expe

How can I make boneless, skinless chicken breasts taste amazing?

I would highly suggest a simple brine. This ensures the chicken will be both moist and flavorful. A major issue with most anything people cook is that they only season the outside of the meat, often immediately before cooking, or in some even more sad cases, after.,Look up a recipe online, they're everywhere.,I stole this recipe from fortheloveofco

What is the best route for driving from New York to California?

That depends on where in CA you want to go. ,If you want to head to the northern part of CA (e.g., San Francisco and points north) then you want to head through Salt Lake City.,If you want to head to the southern part of CA (e.g., Los Angeles & San Diego) then you want to head through Iowa, on through OK, TX, NM, and AZ.,Google Maps can easily show

What wont be available after 5 years?

The things which will start disappearing in the next 5u201315 years:,,Bangladesh:,Just a rise of 1 meter in the sea level and 50 percent of it's land will submerge in water. Butu2026 what can we do?,A large part of Bangladesh and India (Bay of Bengal) is vanishing under the sea at a really fast rate. Here is an NY Times article on this : Borrowed T

What are the job options for a female in cruises or ships?

Well the best option will be to go out of the country as India has very little cruise business (but has business in cruise). nOpportunities are same for male and female and are also same as what you will find in hotel industry as hotel and cruise both are hospitality business.nOpportunity like chef, butler, receptionist, house keeping, waiter, even

Which type of curtains are best for a living room?

The design of our living room sets the first impression upon a person. It sets the tone of the design and personal taste. When it comes to nailing the details of window curtains plays an important role. While planning to buy curtains, make sure you are aware of the dimensions, colour and choose the right quality fabric. The cut and style of the cur

Why is BMI used to measure obesity?

BMI was a good idea in the 1800u2019s,More forward thinking organizations like the US Department of Defense are abandoning use of the BMI and moving towards body fat percentage estimates.,What Are the United States Military Body Fat Standards?The NHS in the UK is moving towards installation of equipment so they can use a u201cBody Volume Indexu201d

Why is Hashima Island haunted?

Please refer this site:,This Abandoned Japanese Island Has Been Desolate Since 1974 u2014 Now Nature Has Taken Over [PHOTOS]You will get all the History on this site.

What is the cheapest Netflix approved camera to film a Netflix original?

The cheapest Netflix approved camera bought new is the Panasonic S1. Thatu2019s a $4,000 body, and with a basic lens, youu2019re starting out around $5,000. This camera is new enough, youu2019re not likely to get much of a break buying used.,You can probably do a little better if you can find a used Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K. I found one at

Why do Selfie Sticks have a Bluetooth?

ether you hate u2019em or love u2019em, there is no getting around u2019emu2014literally. I have been bonked on the head by a selfie stick on the busy streets of New York, while skiing, and even in the confines of a major arena during a basketball game. I will soon prepare a how-to and how-not-to article on the etiquette and uses of these increasin

Why has Melania Trump decorated the White House Christmas trees with Blood red color?

Red is one of the most traditional colours of Christmas. Coincidentally, red is also the colour of the Republican party, and in that respect, the Trump Administration is about as red as you can get.,Granted, it is rather ugly. And the colour scheme isnu2019t helped by the horrendous fading green carpet.,Although, this kind of looks like a gathering

How do I connect a Nikon D3400 to a computer?

My question to you is why do you want to connect your D3400 to a computer? I am guessing that it is for one of two reasons; you want to transfer photos from your camera to a computer or you want to tether your camera to a computer so you can compose your photographs on a big screen rather that on the live view screen.,If it is to transfer pictures

What foods are good for losing weight?

First drink of the day: One glass of lukewarm water with 1/3 spoonful of honey and half teaspoon of lemon juice. It helps detoxify your body early in the day.,Breakfast : Start with Oatmeal. To make it taste better, you can add banana, blueberry, raspberry, yogurt and honey (if you are not diabetic). If you are lactose intolerant, you can add Rice

What are Home remedies for everyday life?

Pound few garlic pods and mix it with water and splash it in your kitchen cupboards. In that way you can get rid of cockroaches and insects (Do this once a week).,Want to get rid of ants? Simple. Crush cloves and mix it with the table salt and spread this powder along the ant's path.,Running out of toilet freshener? Take a transparent cover/ a zip

Why dont they raise the price of Statue of Liberty cruise tickets?

Because it's a place that belongs to the citizens. Sorta like White House too. If they did this highest bidder thing then people would complain that the rich are yet again being treated different and privileged. Sorta like they do with the secret room in the castle at Disney World. They roam the park and pick one lucky family to stay there per nigh

What are some examples of globalization?

What are the best examples for globalization?Globalization, in simple terms can be defined as the free movement of labour, capital (both investment & working capital), technology, entrepreneurship, goods & services across national borders - guided by the market forces of supply and demand.,Just like the way India was forced to embrace Globalization

Why do people think Apple computers are superior to Windows PCs?

I've built virtually all of the PC's I own, but now currently use Macs at home, and a laptop PC for work.,Like many others, I considered the flexibility and initial startup costs of a PC to be far superior to the "boutique" feel of a Mac. However, after working with and building PC's over the years, here are a couple things I've learned, both about

Is Medicaid free?

Is Medicaid free?Who is eligible for Medicaid?It is if you meet the qualifications for free Medicaid. Usually that means that your family income has to be below the level that YOUR STATE specifies for the number of people in your household. In other words, there will be 51 different answers (including District of Columbia)

What is the legal documentation needed to start a web startup?

One of the very first decisions that Start-up is to make a list of what all e legal documents required and when it is to be done, not having adequate documents. Below are these legal documents will ensure that your teamu2019s hard work doesnu2019t go to waste.,1. Corporate Charter:nThis is the Bibal for any start-up, which details the major compone

Why do Vietnamese people celebrate Chinese New Year?

Off the top of my head I can name 4 lunar calendars used around the world today. Here are their new years (Jan 1 on their calendar) as of 2021:,Jewish calendar: Sep 6,Muslim calendar: Aug 9,Hindu calendar: Apr 13 (Chaitra Navaratri),Chinese calendar: Feb 12And the Vietnamese lunar new year?,Feb 12u2014,Yes, so itu2019s entirely logical to say that

What is the first thing to do after a person dies at home?

My wife died at home and obviously it was a very great trauma for me and the kids. I wonu2019t go into the immediate aftermath of her demise which was expected and professionally dealt with.,My children were adults already with their own homes, so I had to figure out what my relationship was with the house. Was I going to stay living there alone, o

What is the wire transfer limit for Bank of America?

I used to work in the International Department at Bank of America. I donu2019t know what all the limits, rules are but Iu2019ve had millions wired routinely so I think itu2019s mainly just whatever their line of credit is.,I have no idea what the regulations are for retail banking (regular individuals) but itu2019s probably whatever cleared funds a

Why are cameras one of the last technology to still include a user replaceable battery? What would happen if DSLR cameras didnt have removable batteries?

Thereu2019s no concern about DSLRsu2026 theyu2019re on the way out, and highly unlikely to change form. They will always have replaceable batteries. Professional and enthusiast MILCs will, as well, continue to support removable batteries.,For fixed-lens cameras, itu2019s also pretty common at least for higher-end models. Hereu2019s the Sony RX10IV.

How can I translate Tagalog to English?

This translator has a Tagalog to English option. You can use this link: Tagalog Translate | Tagalog Translator | Tagalog TranslationGoogle Translate also has a Filipino to English option and vice versa. A quick Google search will yield multiple translators or any of the established translation apps will most likely have what you need.,Kaniguan!

What should you put in a potato salad?

Two weeks ago I hosted a picnic and made a tasty potato salad.,I cut up a bunch of Yukon Gold potatoes and boiled them, skin on, in salted water until tender.,While the potatoes cooled I diced red onion and celery, toasted a bag of walnuts and made the dressing.,The dressing was made with apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, sugar, salt, black peppe