How to write reply to email for interview?

Ideally, by saying something like u201cOK, thanks, just what I was hoping for. Iu2019ll be there, at [place] at [time] on [date]u201d.,The interview request is exactly what you have been looking for. What i your hesitation about giving an immediate agreement?

How do I know my debit card account number?

Letu2019s say that someone wants to transfer money to your BPI bank account but unfortunately, youu2019ve forgotten your account number. What should you do in that situation?,The Working Site for This Problem: Find Out Debit Card Account Number OnlineInstead of going to the nearest BPI branch to ask for help, you can recover your BPI account number

What is the most famous place you have been to?

Hmm. Iu2019ve been to a lot of famous places in the world. But which of those is the most well-known by the human race? How do you even judge something so subjective?,What is a famous place?I sincerely believe the spirit of the question is not to consider entire cities, much less entire countries, as famous u201cplaces.u201d I believe weu2019re ver

What is the easiest experiment you can do to prove that Earth is round?

Oh, cu2019mon, stop fidgeting with horizons, ships at sea and lunar eclipses.,Letu00b4s do something that requires a couch, your laptop, smart phone or PC and true, inspiring, deep laziness.,Open the following page (or search for yourself this Google Search u201ctickets Santiago Sidneyu201d):n FareCompare Search ResultsNotice flight time from Santi

Which is better, an OTG or an air fryer?

The comparison is inappropriate, really.,An OTG has a significantly larger cavity volume (12u201360litres) than an Air Fryer (0.7u20132 litres). One can imagine from that the quantity of food one can cook at a time. You canu2019t grill a whole chicken in an Air Fryer, you can do only a couple of pieces at a time. With an OTG this is a no-brainer -

What are some important distinguishing tests in organic chemistry class 12?

From what I've come across so far, there are only a few distinguishing tests which are sometimes asked in the class XII boards. They are:,1. Baeyer's test: Aqueous bromine when added to unsaturated organic compound, gets decolourised. DOES NOT work for aromatic hydrocarbons.,2. Lucas's test: Used to distinguish 1u00b0, 2u00b0 and 3u00b0 alcohols. (

If Im visiting Paris for the first time, which arrondissement should I stay in if Iu2019m interested in good cafes, food, and some night life in a safe area that isnu2019t too touristy?

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissments. Theyu2019re arranged clockwise like a snail shell from the city center.,So, which is the best one to stay?A lot depends on how many days you're going to spend in Paris, if its a short visit you should stay in 1u20136 arrondissments so that you don't lose much of your precious time getting back and forth to t

What are some good data science projects?

Note: This answer would be more useful for college students.The current recruitment scenario has seen some changes in terms of approach and hiring especially when it comes to Data Analytics or Machine Learning. There are only a few companies now that rely on aptitude tests and are asking for a good portfolio that fits their requirements. A good por

How good is the 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020)?

Are you asking if itu2019s worth upgrading the MacBook Pro options, like adding SSD, RAM, upgrading the CPU, etc. Or upgrading to the 2020 MacBook Pro from an older device? Not trying to be pedantic, just wanted to make sure Iu2019m understanding you.,Assuming youu2019re asking about if itu2019s worth upgrading to, that highly depends. What is your

How do I connect a Nikon D3400 to a computer?

My question to you is why do you want to connect your D3400 to a computer? I am guessing that it is for one of two reasons; you want to transfer photos from your camera to a computer or you want to tether your camera to a computer so you can compose your photographs on a big screen rather that on the live view screen.,If it is to transfer pictures

How similar are Manchester and Liverpool?

I think it's all about where you are coming from.,If you are not intimately familiar with Britain, then I imagine most British cities all feel a little bit similar (with some obvious exceptions).,In the same way as how I, from a distance, might not be able to really appreciate how Buffalo, New York is significantly different to Rochester, New York,

Which movie has the most amazing set design and cinematography?

Kubrick's 2001: a Space Odyssey is probably worth a mention.,The scale and scope of the project went far ahead of anything else at the time. Each part of the movie required inventing new solutions to capture it on film. nThe individual design elements were incredibly well researched and still hold-up much better than later movies.n,nThe opening Afr

Do computer engineering majors really earn more than computer science majors?

To compare Apples to Apples:,$147k base, $190k total Apple Senior Software Engineer Salaries$156k base, $201k total Apple Senior Hardware Engineer SalariesSo a senior hardware engineer makes about $10k more than a senior software engineer at Apple. Differences between the starting-level positions are even lower (~$5k). Nationwide the difference bet

Where can I download power of attorney forms?

Standard PDF legal forms are usually offered at the website of the official department such forms are filed with.ndo a google search for u201cpower of attorney forms in [your state]u201d, and use the links provided. If one link given is for the Secretary of State for your state then go there first.

What are the original members of the band Queen doing now?

Brian May (the guitarist) and Roger Taylor (the drummer) still have concerts around the world.,After Freddieu2019s death in 1991, they had different singers. Such as Paul Rodgers.,Before the quarantine, they had tours and their singer was Adam Lambert.,Left to right: Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor & Brian MayFor now, theyu2019ve postponed their concert

Is it harder to face a boxer with no experience than a boxer with a little? I was sparring with an inexperienced boxer, and it was so hard to hit him as he constantly was throwing punches. How can this be explained?

There is this chinese term"u4e71u62f3u6253u5012u8001u5e08" which meant the chaotic fists defeats the teacher.,If you ever fought with someone who is untrained and on a adrenaline rush, you will realize the punches comes up fast and furious. That fellow is basically thrashing to survive, and lack the accuracy or inefficient delivery of punches is ma

What are the similarities between formative and summative assessments?

Similarities? They are both assessments, in that they let a student know how they are progressing in your subject. Both tend to refer to the assessment criteria. Both require marking (peer, self and/or teacher). Both put a degree of stress on the students (though technically this should be to a lesser degree with formative assessments).,There are m

What are some books youd recommend to learn more?

Some great answers already here! Keep up the work guys!,Here is a list of my favorite books that I recommend all my friends.,PSYCHOLOGYFLOW: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HAPPINESS by Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiWhy you should read it?In an unexpected yet mindblowing take on happiness, Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced cheek sent me high) shows through decades of resear

Why doesnt everyone just buy shares in Berkshire Hathaway?

Excellent Question.,I own 1/2 BRK A share.,Lets start by bringing up Warren Buffett. He made a bet (available on longbets) that the S&P 500 index fund would out perform any active managed fund (hedge fund) over a 10 year period- and he won. In Buffetts own words u201cno financial planner/consultant will recommend putting your money in an S&P 500 in

What are the best modern interior style trends in 2020?

I have some ideas related to modern interior design for bedrooms.,1. WAXWING SLIDING DOORS:The Two-Door Waxwing Sliding Wardrobe Is A Stylish Wardrobe With Two Sliding Doors On The Two Sides. It Has Many Racks And Drawers For Putting Hangers, Garments, And Different Accessories, For Example, Wallets And Belts.,2. MIRROR DOORS:In The Event That You

What programming language do people hate the most, and why?

Here are the top 5 most hated programming languages based on u201clikesu201d and u201cdislikesu201d on Stack Overflow Developer stories:,Image Credit: Technotification.com1. PerlA pioneer scripting language in the early web, and one of the most promising languages, Perl gradually became unpopular mostly due to its illegible (u201chard-to-readu201d)

What should be included in your companys value proposition statement example, and why?

A winning value proposition/winning specialization is chosen based on where the company wants to positions itself. If you want to establish your coffee machine product in the coffee machine market you want to look and see what 1.specialization to do, and 2. what things to be great at, and the 3.mandatory things to be good at. Relative to your targe

If an object leaves existence, can the same exact object be brought back into existence?

u201cYou cannot step into the same river twiceu201d - Heraclitus .,u201cNothing comes from Nothingu201d. Existence always is - Parmenides While Heraclitus says that things are ever-changing and not the same at any moment, Parmenides holds that all things are same and eternal in essence.,Many people consider these two philosophers to be polar opposi

How do you go to Tacloban from Manila?

There are direct flights to Tacloban from Manila via Philippine Airlines (PAL), Air Asia or Cebu Pacific (CebPac) in just under 2 hours, a little over 3 hours with transfers.

How can I get maximum speed of WiFi when multiple users are connected?

If you have access to the router, you can use a feature that is built into most of them called QoS or Priority Settings.,Qos can be implemented in two ways; you can either configure a single IP which is given priority or you can prioritize traffic based on its protocol (http/Voip/Bittorrent..).,Log in to your wireless router and navigate to a secti