What are some extremely quick and healthy lunch and dinner ideas?

What are some extremely quick and healthy lunch and dinner ideas?I am looking for something very quick, easy and healthy. I am fine to cook twice a week. I don't have any restrictions or allergies (I am just too lazy and too busy). I don't even have the motivation to cook.Currently, I am eating outside.Please share your experiences.PS: I am 27, 5u2

What causes tsunamis to change direction?

Same as what causes any wave to change direction u2026 across bodies of water, thatu2019s usually ties to the depth of the water.,Shallower water has a slower wave-speedu2026 so you get refraction. Itu2019s how waves turn to line up along a beach.,You can also get reflection from and diffraction around objects that stick out of the water u2026 like

What was your first desktop PC build like?

Can I see pictures of your PC build?Sure, here are some photos of most (but not all) of the builds Iu2019m currently using.,This is an old photo from my office. The PC on the left is actually the first PC I built, back in 2008 or 2009. It actually got upgraded at one point, then became the living room PC, and then got downgraded back to its origina

How many calories should a 13 year old girl eat?

I'm 15.,Trust me, neither of us needs to work about calories right now.,Focus on eating fairly healthy, think fruits and veggies, if you're able to cook for for yourself, or if your parents cook meals, that's awesome.,But if you want the cupcake, eat the cupcake!! Life is too short to worry about it!!

What is the Philippine time?

The Philippine Standard Time (PST) is based on UTC +8. For example, when itu2019s 8pm in the Philippines, it is exactly 12pm in the UK.

What are the best wireless gaming headsets?

Best Wireless gaming headsetn1.Philips SHB4405BK/00 Wireless Bluetooth headset With Mic (Black)@2000 n2.Iball Glint BT06 Wired & Wireless Bluetooth headset With Mic (Black)@1624 n3.Iball Pulse Bt4 Wireless Bluetooth headset With Mic (Black)@1230 n4.Iball Serene B4 Wireless Headset With Mic (White)@2799 n5.Smart SB10 Wireless headset With Mic (W

Is an air fryer healthier than a normal deep fryer?

It works by using very hot air instead of oil.,The upside of this is fewer calories, and no unhealthy stuff forming in your oil.,The downside,in my experience, is that oiling the snacks (like french fries) by hand is a pretty big hassle, the result is ok but not quite as tasty as normal (much drier so you're inclined to use more mayonaise/ketchup/w

What are the best career objectives in a resume for a fresher?

To work in an environment which provides more avenues in the fields of computer Hardware and Networking.,To be involved in work where I can utilize skill and creatively involved with system That effectively contributes to the growth of organization,To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in challenging and healthy work environment wh

Whats the best style of posing for a pic for a man?

Here are some pose for men,If your a shy person so you can done this pose just simple side pose , it's look stylish and looking very confidented.,This side pose are best of shy person,_________________u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7u00d7_________________,Here is second pose, if your are a creative person , than i highly suggest y

How can I stop being so addicted to my phone?

1. Track Your UsageAddicted to your smartphone? There's an app for that.,Ironically, you can try to stave off addicting smartphone apps with another app. While not ideal, there are apps like SPACE and Moment helps you find your personal phone-life balance by monitoring your smartphone use and setting limits.,2. Stop ScrollingMany of the most popula

What if we see animals in dreams?

Animals in dreams can be extremely helpful in gaining insight into ourselves - into our psyche. Animal dreams deal with strong emotion and are usually indicative of "prime root" issues in our lives.,Animals in dreams signify our basic instincts, our deepest emotions. They appeal to our deepest desire to be wild and free.,When investigating our anim

Will Old (2000-2008) DSLRS ever be as cheap as vintage SLRS such as the Minolta SRT 101?

Will Old (2000-2008) DSLRS ever be as cheap as vintage SLRS such as the Minolta SRT 101?,They are now. My first DSLR ever was a Nikon D70, for which I paid over $1100 back in 2006, not counting the lens. Here is what they go for now, on Ebay:Nikon D70 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera Body #399 18208252145 | eBayThe camera goes for $67 or best offer. And ol

What is the best shutter speed for outdoor photography?

Here's my quick guide to basic things which you should take care while taking pictures. I'll tell you from simple mobile photography point of view, as there are already many answers which are relating to DSLR. n,Avoid Outdoor photography in afternoon. Sun is overhead and light is maximum. This direct light spoils your photograph, creating over expo

How do you open a bottle top without a bottle opener?

If those are drinks, I have seen youngesters opening it with keys, teeth, door knob, belt buckle, table top, granite plat form, even lighter.,Since I am a Teetotaler, I never have to use those methods. I never tried.,I need to open sauce bottles, jam bottles or cool drink bottles. I never misplace my opener. Haha.,Sometimes in friend's house, in my

What are the biggest signs that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

Why do you stay with him?,The biggest one I struggle with is a lack of empathy. It's so crazy how Narcissists have none, zilch, zero, but they want your compassion about everything and anything.,Two. Projection. If you want to know what your Narc is up to, just listen to what he accuses you of doing. Once you catch on and understand what's going on

Where can I find living room designing ideas in black & white or grey & black?

The living room is the perfect place to start experimenting with colors. B&W combination is able to refresh the whole room adding a finished look,We gathered several cool tips for you to get inspired and style the wonderful black and white interior of your dreams!,Detailed and ElaborateIf you want your living room to look sophisticated, you need to

What are some jaw dropping pics of Pippa Middleton?

When it comes to Pippa Matthews (nee Middleton) there is only one picture that springs to mind, and iu2019ve no doubt itu2019s the one everyone else remembers..,Yes she was the beautiful sister of the then Kate Midddleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) but that day Pippa too made her mark and left people in no doubt of her natural beauty and slende

What is the "golden rule" of managing teams?

Managing a team can be tedious but with few rules and strategies, you can understand the team's objectives and work together to achieve it. Here's how you do it :,CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEAM :,With the right set of people comes righteous accomplishment. Ensure your team understands your business objective and works together to achieve it. Identify each i

Is Sundar Pichai a good programmer? On what basis was he hired at Google?

Sundar Pichai worked as a Consultant in the Big 3 Management Consultancy firm McKinsey & Company. He also worked as a Product Manager at Applied Materials.,The first designation requires the skillset he derived in his MBA from Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania(mostly Business Analytics, Case-Study Strategic Solving skills). Therefore

Where can I get Chinese food near me?

Where can I get Chinese food near me?Hereu2026 i'll give you the GPSu2026,Latitude: 90u00b0 00' 0.00" NnLongitude: 0u00b0 00' 0.00" E,Name of the restaurant isu2026 u5317u6781Make sure to make a reservation before turning upu2026 its really popularu2026

What are some names you should not name your child?

I have many names I think should be avoided, but here are my top names/scenarios where the name source is awful,My friend's ex wants to name their daughter Akira. Nice, cute Japanese name (they're not Japanese) right? Under normal circumstances, sure. His reason for the name? Well, he used to date a Japanese girl named Akira who u201cdiedu201d and

What are some mind-blowing facts about Game of Thrones (TV series)?

Well I am sure u cannot guess all this fact but its true about the game of thrones.,Which are as follows,PETER DINKLAGE THOUGHT THE SHOW HAD BEEN CANCELED.After the pilot was picked up, David Benioff pranked Peter Dinklage by calling him and telling him the show had been canceled. It was six hours before Dinklage learned the truth.,SANSA STARK ADOP

Do you mind showing a picture of your house and telling us how much it is worth?

Paradise 18 is what my house is known. We live in a condominium in Bangkok, and I bought this house in a small town, Hua Hin, 200 Km away down south of Thailand.,This house has been designed with a thatched roof, a mature garden in a resort setting.,With a land area of 5,726 Sq. ft. and 1,700 Sq. ft. built-in area, with 2-huge en-suite bedroom, goo

Why do some dog owners refuse to feed their dogs regular "human-food"?

Dogs canu2019t eat certain human foods. But for the most part theyu2019ll be fine.,We feed our dogs fish, pork, and beef all the time. They crowd by the table and put their paws on our lap until we give them a nice tidbit. In the Philippines if we arenu2019t dog food people (and many of us arenu2019t) we usually feed our dogs pretty much the same t

How do I get a letterhead format in Word?

Depends on the Word Version.,In Word 2016 Click File, New, type Letterhead into the Search field and click the Search button. A list of Template Letterheads will be displayed.,If you have printed letterhead stationery, then, itu2019s just a matter of setting the margins and your corporate font, then saving the document as a template.