Are long distance relationships healthy?

It's not for the fainted heart to be honest.,There are moments where you doubt everything and all those demons on your shoulders are playing with your mind. Is your spouse cheating on your, is you spouse going out with someone else.,After some time you just learn to ignore them and you come to trust the person that you have next to you so much and

What is the longest river in the world?

The largest river in the world will have multiple answers. One definition will be the river with the biggest volume of water or the river with the longest distance.,It was first in the mid-20th century, it was possible to do absolutely accurate estimates with GPS technology and satellites to determine the rivers measurements of length and volume of

What is the most famous place you have been to?

Hmm. Iu2019ve been to a lot of famous places in the world. But which of those is the most well-known by the human race? How do you even judge something so subjective?,What is a famous place?I sincerely believe the spirit of the question is not to consider entire cities, much less entire countries, as famous u201cplaces.u201d I believe weu2019re ver

What is South America famous for?

u201cWhat is South America famous for?u201d,South America is famous for strawberries, cocaine, crime, wind, potatoes, fernet, corruption, earthquakes, ice fields, palta, Gabriel Garcu00eda Marquez, corruption, micro-basurales, cocaine, Mario Vargas Llosa, coffee, crime, the Golden Lancehead Viper, cocaine, pisco, Jorge Amado, trees, warfare with th

Where can I find free export import data of shipping for international trade business?

Below is a list of reliable data from public international institutions that collect and disseminate trade data free of charge to the general public which includes:,The United Nations Commercial Trade (UN), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), World Trade Organization (WT

How do I write a CV at 16?

Itu2019s great to be asking the question early on u2014 although part of my answer is that itu2019s not quite the right question to ask. A resume should reflect the reality of the skill sets and experiences you are bringing to the table, so thatu2019s the stuff you mostly need to be optimizing for, with the presentation itself being a small focus.

What is so special about Kerala Jack Fruit?

There is nothing called Kerala Jackfruit, rather just Jackfruit.,Jackfruit or Chakka as called in Kerala, is the most popular exotic fruit. Infact it's now accorded the status of State Fruit of Kerala and recognized as one of the popular cultural symbols of the state.,Jackfruit is widely grown in any tropical country and hence very common in Kerala

I read that the most expensive digital camera today can capture 400 megapixels, but the human eye can see 576 megapixels. Is this accurate? Will such cameras eventually surpass human vision in this regard? Is so, when?

There are actually gigapixel cameras, but pretty much all custom made.,But meet the Hasselblad H6D-400c, which runs about $48,000 u2026 without the lens. This camera can shoot 400 megapixel images, but itu2019s an interesting way to do this, and actually salient to your full question. Because this camera only has a 100 megapixel sensor!,A normal ca

How does globalization affect me personally?

Personally, globalisation affects me positively because of bonding and exchanging of goods, companies, ideas and so on. It has got a lot to do with social media also, I would categorise both going hand in hand working together. However, it is a topic that should always be kept under control, which is, I feel as there are a lot one needs to do befor

How do I scan a document from my Brother printer to my computer?

Yes you can. However, you will need the software of the printer installed on your computer for that function.,You can find the driver here: HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and MoreIf you donu2019t have a computer or mac, you can also scan from a mobile device using the application called HP Smart.

What is the socialist definition of poverty?

In the USSR and other Socialist countries, we had a very restrictive definition of poverty. In full accordance with Marxism, we believed in the following:,Poverty is an inevitable consequence of Capitalism,Poverty is a condition that arises from low wages, unemployment and job insecurity because Capitalism requires a u201creserve armyu201d of labor

What does the Year of the Tiger symbolize?

Just as we here in the West have our Zodiac or Star signs the Eastern culture also has a system of star signs, each with specific and individual strengths and weaknesses attached. The only difference is that the animals and symbols attached vary. So you instead, for instance, Aquarius they would have the Dragon, Ox, Cockrell and so forth, each with

What are the disadvantages of mirrorless cameras?

Batteries. Roughly 10x the power consumption. But to be honestu2026 itu2019s not that bad. You end up carrying more spares, is all. Given how much weight you saved from the camera, itu2019s still a net win.,The viewfinder is lower resolution, trueu2026 but so much more useful in other ways, the resolution really doesnu2019t matter.

If World War II would not have happened, what would be the worlds population today?

The global population, as the top answer says, would not change significantly, about 3% (since thatu2019s how many people died) or about 225,000,000, probably more considering which demographic was most affected. That sound like a lot, and it is but remember thatu2019s only about 3% of the whole world.,Whatu2019s more interesting is the affect on s

How does a dog get stomach bloat?

Bloat in dogs is an emergency condition which requires immediate veterinary attention from an experienced, skilled veterinary surgeon, preferably with ACVS (American College of Veterinary Surgeons) board certification in the US or the equivalent in your country.,It is caused by a condition called GDV for short, the full name of which is Gastric Dil

Why did the US allow China to take Taiwans place in the United Nations?

u201cAllowu201d? Sheer stuff and nonsense!,No one, nor God or a ghost, allowed China to do that.,The u201cUSu201d? This country was, exactly 50 years ago, allowed itself a humongous humiliation for its shameful fiasco in its attempt to disallow China to assume its rightful place in the United Nations.,Right back then, it was the call of the unstopp

What time do stock markets around the world openclose?

As of nownNSE (national stock exchange) and BSE (Bombay stock exchange) starts from 9am to 3:30pm. But 9am to 9:15am is called as "pre open". Actual trading starts from 9:15am. That is only Monday to friday.,NCDEX (national commodity derivatives exchange) works from 10am to 5pm.,MCX (multi commodity exchange) works from 10am to 11:30pm. But timings

How do you make scrambled eggs without milk?

If Scrambled eggs means eggs that are just stirred around on a hot pan till it gets cooked, then I shall give the Indian take on Scrambled eggs aka Egg bhurji.,,,It is a pretty simple dish to make. When compared with the usual scrambled eggs recipe, here we remove the milk and add veggies like tomatoes, onions, capsicum (bell pepper) , mushrooms et

How much is a 1988 $5 bill worth?

There are several ways to answer this - so I'm going to try a few.nFirst - unless there is some really crazy error in the printing of your $5 bill, which might cause some interest by a collector or two - your $5 bill is worth a whopping $5. If it does have a "crazy" error, depending on the condition of your bill, and how much interest there might b

How do I apply for no credit check loans?

Most observers will quickly conclude the highest risk in my portfolio is:,Cryptocurrency: mostly Bitcoin, rest is mining and arbitrage (~10%, rebalanced) I wonu2019t explain this one. Already did so in many of my Quora answers and Quora blog. And Terrence Yang explains social-proof ICOs in his answer, on the even more speculative end of the spectru

How can hidden cameras be detected?

#1. Scan the Environment Carefully to Detect Suspicious Hidden Video CamerasOne of the easiest ways to detect hidden cameras is by checking around the environment carefully. An inch-by-inch search would be helpful to spot u201dobviousu201d hidden cameras at the first step.,Most Common Places to Find Hidden Cameras Indoorsnu2022 Smoke detectorsnu202

What are the most beautiful natural places?

I got down from the bus.,As I was walking into the office campus, I saw one girl kneeling down on the walkway.,She took out her ID card from the lanyard and placed it obliquely on the floor. Curious, I went closer. She was trying to make the millipede climb on it.,Once the millipede climbed, she took it and put it beside the walkway to prevent it f

What is minimalist graphic design?

Design that contains very few elements and colours. Nothing eccentric or loud. It's not supposed to leave you in awe, while at the same time it should be enough to make you understand the effort in thought that went into the creation.,Attention seeking is easy when you're being loud - not so much so when you have to be quiet. You must grab attentio

Where can you see northern lights in Canada?

Yes. In northern Canada, it is common. In southern Canada, where most people live, it is rare but it happens. If you live in a big city, the city lights stop you from seeing them even then.,I grew up in a summer cottage at latitude 46 North. I did not see the Northern Lights every summer, just a few times in my life on the northern horizon.,But the

What are some of the best designed swimming pools?

10. One & Only Reethi Rah, MaldivesThe Serenity pool at the One & Only Reethi Rah resort in the Maldives is an architectural marvel. It juts out into the ocean and appears to reach the distant horizon in a seemingly endless stretch of blue. Its minimalist design is super sleek and sophisticated. Lay in the shallows on the stone bed or slip into the