What are some great, free technology tools for teachers?

Here are some useful Free Educational Technology for Teachers:Free Testing and Quizzing Tool For TeachersOnline Virtual School - where learning is fun!Create & Find Multimedia Lessons in Minutes | TES BlendspaceMost Popular Quiz Maker, Make a Quiz or Survey, Create a Fast Quiz or SurveyCreate Free FlashcardsFree Presentation Tools for TeachersBunkr

Should I watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5?

Nah, itu2019s crap.Not even Captain Jack Sparrow could save this movie.,Itu2019s like the first movie, so everything is predictable, only it sucks, because you actually feel bad for the bad guys who are killed.,Sure, the visual effects are cool, but literally ever movie nowadays has good visual effects.,The story is predictable, the comedy falls fl

Does universal health care work?

It works in England. It works in Canada. It works in Spain. It works in France. It works in Australia. It works in Sweden. It works in Denmark. It works in Finland. It works in Norway. It works in The Netherlands. It works in Japan. It works in Israel. Ask the people in any of those countries if they would want to trade their healthcare system for

What are the basic principles of Project Management?

Project management is to operate and assist the work of a team from start to end of that particular project and to manage the strategies, criteria to attain a few project requirements.,SOME BASIC SKILLS :Communication.,Team and time management.,Problem-solving.,Decisions making.,Effective planning and time management.,Leadership.,KEY CONCEPT :,Begi

How are variance and standard deviation practically used?

People use both, but for different things. As Jacob Joseph wrote, standard deviation is in the same units as the mean, so it can be used with the mean to set confidence intervals.,Suppose I measured the height of 100 people and got a mean of 1.7 meters and a standard deviation of 0.2 meters. That gives you some idea of the distribution of heights.

Has the fourth industrial revolution began?

Industrial Internet of ThingsThe focus of top players in the global industrial internet of things (IIoT) market is to leverage innovative technologies so as to provide novel IIoT solutions. In order to consolidate their position, top companies in the market are also considering carefully crafted partnerships and acquisitions, leading to their expan

What are some examples of what to write in the comments section of a performance review?

What are some examples of what to write in the comments section of a performance review?As a Manager, the Performance Reviews/Evaluations I have completed required comments detail when the rating was anything other than u201cmeets expectationsu201d.On a Rating Scale of 1 to 5u2026,If (1)Unsatisfactory or (2) Does Not Meet Expectations, provide spec

I am travelling to Manila, Philippines in coming march for two weeks, and have about a week to visit local nearby and cheap tourist attractions. Any suggestions?

If you have to mix business with pleasure, you'll be limited to the environs around Manila, where land travel is a pain because of the awful traffic conditions. Be sure to ask for local suggestions or have a Filipino friend guide you around. Download Google Maps of the local areas. Below are some of my suggestions:,La Mesa Dam - it's a forested par

If I were to start a small business, what kind of accounting and finance skills would I need to understand my balance sheet and to make decisions accordingly?

Finance skillnThe most important finance skill to master when starting a small business is cash flow management. That is, knowing 'what's in the bank' adding what can we reasonably expect to receive in cash in the coming weeks less what are we 'locked-in' to paying over the same time period and items would we like to purchase in this period. A Cash

When will MIUI 10 be released for the Redmi Note 5?

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM has already been released for Redmi Note 5. For more information & download links, visit - MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.19: full changelog & download links - MIUI General - Mi Community - XiaominAs far as MIUI 10 Stable ROM is concerned, itu2019ll be rolled out in phases after successful testing of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM.

What are some of the best novels to read for beginners?

Knowledge is power,,Reading is superpower.,ud83dudcafud83dude09,,For beginners I would like to suggest,,THE ALCHEMIST( One of the finest books on dream ),2. TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE( My favourite book of all time ),3. THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI4. THE KITE RUNNER5. TO KILL A MOCKING BIRDHope it will help you.,Ping me anytime for book recommendation u

What is negative sampling?

From that stackoverflow questions : Page on stackoverflow.comThe idea of word2vec is to maximise the similarity (dot product) between the vectors for words which appear close together (in the context of each other) in text, and minimise the similarity of words that do not. In equation (3) of the paper you link to Page on arxiv.org , ignore the expo

What is inorganic chemistry?

The boundary between inorganic and organic chemistries used to be rigidly defined as whether the compounds were involved in the life process and force. Then boundaries started blurring with the advent of organometallic and bioinorganic chemistries. Finally, the idea arouse that inorganic chemistry is that field that an inorganic chemist is interest

How would the Saturn Transit 2020 be for various zodiac signsrasisascendants?

The effect of Saturnu2019s sidereal Capricorn transit 2020 from January 24, 2020 at 08:24:24 (IST) to April 29, 2022 at 06:28:34 (IST) on twelve zodiacal signs:This article is based on the deep research conducted by me in the field of mundane Vedic jyotish which will prove useful to you.,The technique of Vedic Jyotish has been used by me to predict

What is the best time of year to visit South Korea?

Korea has four very distinct seasons.,Winter & SummerThe winter can get very cold, especially in Seoul, and the summer can be extremely hot and humid. I would probably avoid visiting Korea during this times, as it limits the number of outdoor activities you can do.,Winter in KoreaSpringThis leaves spring and fall as the best times to visit Korea. I

What screams u201cIu2019m a full stack web developeru201d?

Now thatu2019s really easy:,I can do complex SQL queries, I even know how to make an outer join!,Data normalization in SQL tables is a theoretical concept, in practice if you have u201cuseru201d you make the table u201cuseru201d and thatu2019s all.,What if 2 transactions in SQL DB modify same row at the same time? Well, I guess they will figure out

Which are the best Canon Color Inkjet printers?

There are a lot of services that will do this for you.,They tend to not be very economical: very expensive for what you get out of it, considering that you can get a printer for free or very close to free.,Printers are almost always loss-leaders. In other words: they give them to you really cheap, with a u201cstarteru201d ink/toner cartridge, and t

Which is the best headphone for listening music?

I believe these headphones could bring you a good music experience.,Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones,The most conspicuous change in the appearance of the Bose 700 is the stainless steel head beam that penetrates the left and right earmuffs. In addition to the decorative effect, the height of the head beam can be adjusted by pulling the extension of

What is the ugliest creature you have seen?

Blobfish,2. Hagfish,3. Naked mole rats,4. The Monkfish,5. Matamata Turtle,6. Star-nosed Mole,7. Roti Island Snake Necked Turtle,8. Elephant Seal,9. Titicaca Frog ud83dudc38,10. The axolotl,Being ugly doesn't mean you are bad.,

What is the meaning of gross investment in economics?

Gross just means before deductions. Like you have gross pay and they take out taxes, insurance payments, deductions like that. When you subtract all the deductions from gross, you get net.,Gross capital investment becomes net after you account for depreciation.,Macroeconomics-wise, gross investment (in the NIPA accounting) for government, is the fo

How much does it cost to see the Statue of Liberty?

To see the Statue of Liberty? Nothing.The Statue of Liberty faces towards the water, so the front side isnu2019t easily visible from anywhere on land other than Governors Island, which is only accessible by a ferry that charges a fare .,However, the back of the statue is easily visible from New Jersey, especially from Liberty State Park, which is f

Where can I exchange my 1 coin valued 100 Bahraini Dinar into peso here in the Philippines? I went to Rural Bank and the teller said that they do not accept such coin.

Is your coin actually worth 100 Bahraini dinars or 100 Bahraini fils ( 1/10th of a Bahraini dinar)? To find that out, please read my answer below.,Arun Tharuvai's answer to How can I change a 100 Bahraini dinar coin to Indian currency in India?Basically a Bahraini coin with 100 ( or u0661u0660u0660) on it is either a 100 fils coin, worth about 14 P

What is the Art Deco style? What are the characteristics of Art deco furniture?

Art Deco, or the decorative arts, is a modernist, elegant and clean look that encompasses certain minimalist design features that were in vogue during the 1920u2019s and beyond. It would be difficult to describe the Art Deco look without careful study. Some examples of Art Deco architecture would be in Miami where certain buildings are lighted with