Which is the best memorial park in the Philippines?

The best memorial park in the Philippines is the New Pantheon of Heroes. It was established by President Ferdinand Marcos to honor those who died in battle for our country, but also as a tribute to all heroes who fought for freedom and democracy. The site of this memorial park has been used by our ancestors for more than 400 years. The park is loca

What are your K-pop predictions for this year?

My predictions are the following:,G-Dragon will come back in the Music industry.,Taeyang will also come back, a month after G-Dragon.,Daesung will release a japanese album at the japanese Music industry, 1 or 2 months after Taeyang.,TOP will be an art curator this year, again.,Seungri will have an innocence verdict.,Big Bang will announce a come ba

What should I definitely visit during my stay in Indiana?

Yes. Get ready for a long read.,I was having lunch at an inner city cafe in Chicago, and a man came by asking people for change. I wasnu2019t aware that he was behind me till a young guy in a suit told him loudly to fuck off.,When I turned around, I asked him if he was okay? He seemed surprised someone was talking to him. Partly because I was in a

What are the simple small front yard landscaping ideas at low maintenance cost?

It's the landscaping details that tie together the front yard of your home that give it an impact on the people who pass by.,For your convenience, I have compiled some cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas and tips.,Step 1: Envision the IdeaIn order to develop an idea of how you want your landscaping to look, you must first do your research. Th

What is a disturbing fact most people are unaware of?

Death by Fashion: How Victorian Mourning Veils Could Kill YouWho knew that grieving for a loved one could lead to oneu2019s own demise.,In 19th-century America, mourning the death of a family member or friend was a highly structured ritual. Following strict rules of mourning dress and etiquette supposedly demonstrated oneu2019s sincerity and Christ

Do you see any contradiction with those multinational companies in Russia claiming to uphold corporate social responsibility but refusing to divest and leave the country in response to the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war? Why or why not?

You know, this is a war in which innocent people are dying day by day, fighting for their very freedom. Itu2019s the most vile such attack since Adolf Hitler went on the warpath.,So, when I see things like u201cmultinational companiesu201d and u201ccorporate social responsibilityu201d, I sort of tune it out, especially when consumers start complain

What is the spiciest thing youve ever eatentasted? Explain your experience.

Arif Chatkhara, in Lahore, Pakistan! - The spiciest tawa chicken (chicken prepped on a flat pan or tawa) that may rip you a new one. Even the non-spiciest one, is enough to give someone a gastric bypass for free.. and people gleefully go there for the spice.. as it covers all bases - white pepper, black pepper, green chili.,So the preparation proce

What is the correct abbreviation for cell phone on a business card?

I'd not go all the way to a one-character abbreviation. I'd stick with the standard three-letter ones (tel. for telephone, fax. for facsimile). "Mobile" is short, relative to "telephone", so I don't abbreviate it.,If you are just listing one number, and it happens to be a mobile, I'd use the standard "tel.",If you have to differentiate between a ce

How is the Cost of Goods Sold calculated?

Opening Stock of (Raw Material+Work in Progress + Finished Goods) +Purchases of Raw Material + Conversion Cost (Labour & Overheads) - Closing stock of (RM + WIP + FG)

What is the importance of sampling in research?

In the context of research, sampling is the method one uses to gather and select, to sample, data. A sample is a set of data collected from a population by a defined procedure. The reason process and care in sampling has importance, and deserves real care is: representation and bias.,Representation: Identifies the groups and variations which may bo

In general would a British person prefer life in the US over the UK?

OK, I feel I can answer this. I moved from the UK to San Diego, one of the nicer cities in the US, especially when considering climate. Living in the US is different, and I am glad I tried it, but I definitely would not say I prefer it. It is equal at best.,Firstly, house size. My house in the US is a little bigger (probably 20%) than in the UK. It

How do you know when a tuna steak is done on the grill?

Tuna is a very dense fleshed fish and since it is red in color, you can judge its doneness by looking at the filet.,Most people order their tuna steaks rare to mid-rare in doneness, which would look something like this:,You donu2019t need any special instruments to tell that is a rare tuna steak. Leave it on the grill for 30 seconds to a minute lon

What are career options in travel and tourism management?

If you didn't know tourism is the largest business market in the world with it's annual turnover increasing in billion$ every year.n nNow, answering your question below is a list of some career options available to tourism management graduates :-n,Heritage Interpretern,Travel consultant,Food and Beverage Managern,Spa director,Travel writer/photogra

Hey Im a Nigerian applying to UK universities as an undergraduate, should I focus my personal statement more on my maths and programming passion and competitions since Im gonna offer Computer science or base them on my extracurricular activities?

Well, if you are applying to UK universities, then please remember that the UK is not Nigeria, but it's also most definitely not the US, either. The UK is completely different as a country (have you actually been here?), and the kind of application style that might go down well in America really won't be much liked in the UK!,So drop the u201cHey!u

How is the Texas-style brisket cooked?

First if all Texas brisket is not cooked, it is smoked over a long time generally using an offset smoker with some type of hardwood, hickory, mesquite, oak etc.,Second, Texas brisket has only salt & pepper as a dry rub, nothing else. The meat and smoke is all the flavor you need,,The meat is sliced in strips about a 1/4 inch wide. BBQ Sauce is not

What are the most expensive countries in Europe to live in? Why?

Switzerland is among the expensive.,I recently travelled there. A two day rail and bus pass covering just one area of Switzerland cost around US$130. A room in a dormitory in a youth hostel was over US$50 per night.,Restaurant meals were prohibitive. Consider going to a supermarket and assembly a picnic of bread, cheese, meat, fruit and beer. This

Is a graphics card really important in laptops or computers? How?

Let me explain what is a graphic card first!!,Imagine you are writing some essay, article or something. You like to draw some pictures in between them. So you use some colour pencils or some sketches right?,The role of Graphics card is same as colour pencils. To process colours (graphics), you need a graphics card. They are the Graphic Processing U

What is the best way to deep fry chicken breasts?

My kid has been training with all sorts of different chefs the world over now for over 5 years. Itu2019s been one heck of an adventure for him, and heu2019s picked up quite a few recipes, including one when he was working in Vegasu2026..,PANKO CHICKEN SCHNITZEL(from Allrecipes),Thereu2019s loads of ways to deep fry a chicken, but thereu2019s just s

What is a sextant used for?

You mean this one? n,nThrough the contained telescope you measure the angle of an astronomical object, like a star, with respect to the horizontal direction.,It was used to measure the position (longitude and latitude) of a ship when GPS was still unavailable. This angle was one of the input data required by the Ephemeris to actually compute the po

What are some of the most beautiful hotels and lodgings in Thailand?

I donu2019t know if you would find these hotels beautiful, but I can certainly tell you that they are very interesting and unique.,Hobbit Housen=============nNow you donu2019t need to watch The Hobbit to live your dreams. Instead, you can pretend to be in a fantasy land at the Hobbit House (Baan Suan Noi) in Khao Yai.,Panther Creek Resortn=========

Is Sundar Pichai a good programmer? On what basis was he hired at Google?

Sundar Pichai worked as a Consultant in the Big 3 Management Consultancy firm McKinsey & Company. He also worked as a Product Manager at Applied Materials.,The first designation requires the skillset he derived in his MBA from Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania(mostly Business Analytics, Case-Study Strategic Solving skills). Therefore

What is a simple interior design for a hall?

Hall is an integral part of your home. It creates the first impression of your home interiors and sets the tone of your entire home. So here we bring you some simple yet unique ways of decking up your hall to match your home interiors.,A Comfortable Sofa UnitA sofa unit lends a luxurious vibe to your room and provides a comfortable seating option f

What are some Indian food names starting with the letter N?

Naan roti, Naan Kheema, Naan Peshawari, Naarthangaai uruga, Nachni Bhakri, Nachni burfi,Nachni dosa, Nachni Ghavan, Nachni ladoo, Nachni poori, Nachni Roti, Nachni Thallipeeth, Nachni Methi Muthiya,Nachni til kakra, Nachni vada,Nadan mern curry, Nagori puri, Nandu curry (Crab curry), Nagapazham juice, Nahari Ghosht, Nankhatai, Narangi cake, Narangi

What are the best architecture designs?

This is one of my ongoing projects. The site is 40x45 feet. I must say this is one of my best designs considering the size of plot and the budget.,we have worked out with the best of natural ventilation and spacious rooms.,What makes it a good design?,,01. The design made an impact in clientu2019s life/thinking positively.,02. Client and Visitors a

What are the documents required for commercial vehicle loan?

Different lenders may have different documentation requirements. For instance, to apply for a commercial vehicle loan at Fullerton India, a self-employed individual involved in the transportation business will need the following documents:,Duly filled loan application form,Recent colored photograph,Identity proof, like voter ID card, passport, driv