Is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 a good choice to buy?

When you talk about fujifilm instax mini 9 camera, you will remember your best moment, within a few seconds you have that memorable photo in your hand.Talking about the camera, the camera is quite good. You will be very happy with this camera.,If you have a camera, but you want to have an Instax camera that allows you to print your pictures quickly

Iu2019m 5u20198 at 16, and my father is 5u20199 and my mother is 5u20193, I started puberty around 13-14, and I wanna know how tall will I most likely be, I sort of have a baby face so I know Iu2019m still going through puberty?

Having a u201cbaby faceu201d may indicate that you have not finished puberty, but I know several middle-aged adults who are described as having a u201cbaby faceu201d.,There is a universally accepted method of rating the physical changes in children undergoing puberty. It is called the Tanner scale. Look at the pictures on these sites and determine

What is your experience with Apple Magic Keyboard?

Love it.,I type for literal hours every single day, doing software development, writing emails, writing technical documentation, posting to Quora, and everything in between. Appleu2019s keyboards during the past decade have been THE best keyboards I have ever owned.,The key travel is extremely low, especially when compared to competing keyboards. T

What is the purpose of Dubai?

A friend of my fatheru2019s once reacted with total surprise when he found out Iu2019m in Dubai. Heu2019d been there during the war, flying Spitfires. u2018What the hell do you want to live there for?u2019 He asked me, all bushy eyebrows. u2018Itu2019s just a few mud huts on a creek!u2019,And so it was, a lively enough little trading port but lacki

What are the must-visit islands of the world?

Islands are my favorite destination. ,Somehow they always give you a special feeling of "presence", a sense that they are are a world of their own, our anxious human nature feels somehow quieter when the hugeness of the cosmos is reduced to clearly palpable physical boundaries.,My ultimate dream is to have visited all beautiful islands of the world

What are the best smaller towns to visit in Texas?

Fredericksburg, Texas has a really awesome small town American vibe.,Itu2019s very walkable, maintain your traditional Main Street Design aesthetics, and have very tourist friendly amenities. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, itu2019s about 1.5 to 2 hour drive away from Austin, Texas.

Why do I look skinnier but weigh the same?

Im not sure if this is a serious question. There is alot wrong with this.,Firstly How can you eat 300u2013500 calories and still function?,If you want to lose weight HEATHILY count your calories, and calculate ur TDEE and subtract 500 from there to be in a caloric deficit.,Starving yourself will compromise your metabolism.,Also drink LOTS of water.

How can I download YouTube videos to my iPhone?

The iPhone and iPad may have the fewest ways to convert and download YouTube videos as MP4 files, but they're also the best. While only one method is YouTube-approved, there's a free tool that subverts the entire market of YouTube downloader apps and sites that's safer to use than any free third-party option you'll find anywhere else.,Unblock regio

What announcements would you like Marvel and DC to make at San Diego Comic Con 2022?

Fantastic Four Movie cast is:nMr Fantastic - John KrasinskynInvisible Woman - Sarah Michelle GellarnHuman Torch - Zak EfronnThing - CM Punk/Phil Brooks,,Both Marvel and DC comics announce dual lines of their comic books.,A Marvel Now and DC Now line which focuses on diversity, modern age storytelling, woke culture, and the stuff that a lot of the n

How can Australians know if a snake is poisonous?

Most of us know the types of Australian snake on sight and we know how venomous (which is slightly different to poisonous but I got your meaning) each one of them is.,There is allegedly a generalisation based on the scales around the anus butu2026,Yeah, that last bit is good advice:Disclaimer: the above image may well have no basis in fact as it is

What is a healthy, low calorie drink to get at Starbucks that also doesnt cost too much?

The obvious answer here is hot coffee. A tall (12oz) hot coffee will run you about $2.15 not including tax and has about 5 calories. Iced coffee is about the same in calories but a little more expensive. If you donu2019t like coffee, any of their teas (hot and iced) can be made unsweetened and are cheaper than espresso beverages. If by u201clow cal

What is an insane coincidence that youve experienced?

Several years ago I went to a large bookstore to buy a cookbook for my wife for Christmas. Looking over the dozens of options, I pulled out about 20 to look at further. After about an hour or so (really!), I chose one. Two days later, at home, my wife comes over to me and says u201cIu2019m thinking this would be a good gift for my sister. Would you

What are some good recipes for keto items using almond flour?

thereu2019s a book i got a few years back when i did keto with recipes. i canu2019t remember if i ever used one with almond flour. i used eggs to make the u2018breadu2019 for pizza and burgers, but not sure of flour in any of the recipes,For people who are finding the very best keto diet plan to follow, you can check this tutorial. I have got great

Can you marinate meat in teriyaki sauce?

Definitely!!!,While I donu2019t use teriyaki sauce too often (my wife finds it too sweet), itu2019s a pretty easy thing to do. Just toss in the meat in a plastic bag, pour in the sauce, and let it marinate overnight.,(from ),But when I do use Teriyaki, I donu2019t just add that sauce, I also add one more.,(from ),

If Disney princesses had last names, what would they be?

The official Disney Princess franchise includes 12 princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (Aladdin), Pocahontas, Mulan, Merida (Brave), Tiana (Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Moana. Ralph Breaks the Internet includes 3 more: Elsa and Anna (Frozen) a

Except for the Toyota Philippines assembled Innova and Viox car, are most cars, light and heavy trucks produced and assembled in other countries like Japan, Korea and the U.S.?

u201cExcept for the Toyota Philippines assembled Innova and Viox car, are most cars, light and heavy trucks produced and assembled in other countries like Japan, Korea and the U.S.?u201d,Japan no longer manufactures the popular Hilux pickup. Those are assembled in places like Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Argentina. Until a few years ago th

Why is Save Lakshadweep trending on Indian social media?

Lakhshadweep is a beautiful Island in India. It's a union territory with total population of 64000 (as per 2011 census) people only. It is a Muslim Dominant area with at least 97% of the population being Muslims.,It's trending because a few new amendments have been done by new administrator Mr Praful Patel from BJP. He had previously served as Guja

What are the best public swimming pools in Mandaue City, Philippines?

I am also searching for pools and resorts in Mandaue City because Iu2019m going there next month and these are the ff. Pools I've searched.,Cebu Westown Lagoon - Mandaue City,Radisson Blue Swimming Pool - Cebu City, Cebu,Janther Pools and Spa master services - Mandaue City,Adult Pool - Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu,Just check this out on google so that you

Can you substitute milk for heavy cream or butter?

Milk is what is left after the heavy cream has been separated from the milk. While non-fat milk has no fat, and 1% and 2% have a little cream left in the milk, whole milk is 4% butterfat. Good quality heavy cream is is generally around 38-40% butterfat. When heavy cream is churned the butter separates from what is called buttermilk. All if these ar

What are some trendy and modern Italian kitchen design ideas?

Trendy & Modern Italian Kitchen Design Ideas:-When it comes to fashion, architecture, or interior design, Italy always comes first in our minds. Similarly, when we think about the latest kitchen designs! Theyu2019re slick and sleek designs with integrated appliances and streamlined style. Theyu2019re also known for high-quality craftsmanship, mater

How do you convert Pesos to dollars?

None.,Now how many Philippine pesos could one purchase for one US dollar?,Well that depends on the exchange rate. Such rates often change by the second. At the moment, one could buy around 45u201350 pesos for one dollar. Of course money changing businesses take a commission that may vary depending on the amount exchanged. YMMV.

What is a sextant used for?

You mean this one? n,nThrough the contained telescope you measure the angle of an astronomical object, like a star, with respect to the horizontal direction.,It was used to measure the position (longitude and latitude) of a ship when GPS was still unavailable. This angle was one of the input data required by the Ephemeris to actually compute the po

Why did the colony of Santo Domingo (later the Dominican Republic) have such a small population? The Dominican Republic and Haiti support roughly equal populations today, but Haitis population was ten times greater in the late colonial period.

From 1492 up to 1625, Hispaniola was ruled by the Spain. In 1625 Spain ceded one third of Hispaniola to France who called it Saint Domingue, to distinguish it, in a display of ingenuity, from Santo Domingo, the capital of the remaining of the island.,The French soon started to bring a lot of slaves to St. Domingue. In 1788 the French controlled St.

How do you calculate percentages on a mobile calculator?

.03u00d745.7= 1.371 says 3% of 45.7 is 1.371.,52u00f765=.80 says 52 is 80% of 65. Or 52 as a percent of 65 ends up being 80u2026%,52u00f7.80 calculates what 52 is 80% of?,So 52u00f70.80 = 65. As long as you know percents as decimals, this should show the basics.