What is the best digital professional photo printer?

I guess it depends on your budget, really, but I recommend the Canon Pixma Pro-100 ($350-400). It will certainly do A4 and even larger, and the images are amazing. Print speed varies based on print size, obviously, but I would anticipate an A4 size print would take about 30 seconds to complete. Check around to see if there are any hard numbers on p

What is the best example of a good customer service interview question?

Below I am sharing few customer service interview questions for you.,What would you do if Customer asks you a questions which you don;t have answer to?,Customer has pin-pointed a fault/error in your process? How would you answer your client?,How would you handle an aggressive customer?,How would you handle a customer who is abusing about your servi

Do Mormons call The Book of Mormon "The Bible?" Do they also read the Bible that other Christians read? Does The Book of Mormon contain parts of the Christian Bible?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prefer to be called Latter-day Saints or LDS. Some are okay with Mormon but not when used disrespectfully or to denigrate us or our beliefs. There are many offshoots that believe in the Book of Mormon - List of denominations in the Latter Day Saint movement - WikipediaSee: Michael Hickenbot

What is the dark meaning of Jack and Jill?

Jack and Jill went up the hill,nTo fetch a pail of water,nJack fell down and broke his crown,nAnd Jill came tumbling after.This rhyme was first published around 1765 There are several ideas as to its meaning . It is about the stupidity of people. Jack and Jill are names that have commonly and historically been used to represent a men and women.

How scripted is Gordon Ramsays reality show "Kitchen Nightmares"?

Is kitchen nightmares staged?There will be some basic media training, but apart from that itu2019s all real. You get a few people in ever episode who are the problem and some that know the problem. This is not staged, this is life.,I have worked in kitchens where the problem is the alcoholic wife beater who wiggles the pans. Heu2019s a good cook an

Do plus size models walk the runway?

Nope they just slather us in oil and then Roll us down a steep incline until we hit the audience like a bunch of bowling pins.,OK yes I just made all that up. Models that are showcasing clothing, accessories ,shoes , jewelry, and even sometime handbags walk down the runway at the designers discretion .,Age ,height ,weight ,gender ,and ethnicity are

What are some roots of corruption in Indonesia?

I would argue that one of the most malignant (yet seldom mentioned) practice in Indonesia that is a strong root that results in corruption is: the atrocious pay level of our judges. In my home county in Central Java, a new judge is paid Rp 3 million per month, a senior judge is paid Rp 5 million per month; that's around US$ 4-7 thousand per year. I

What are some ideas for making multifunctional rooms in a small city apartment? I hardly ever use my dining room and it has the best view in an apartment.

The key for making the best use out of urban dwellings that are challengingly small in scale, is of course to make everything have a multi-purpose feel. But how do you make it work and use the every part of your small city apartment to your advantage.,If youu2019ve got a dedicated dining room that you arenu2019t using for other purposes, itu2019s t

What are some fun facts about German colonialism in Africa?

Colonialism /imperialism werenu00b4t fun. The natives, aboriginals were confronted with Europeans who were more than convinced that they were Godu00b4s gift to the world. They were also convinced that they could teach their hosts how to till the land, run their affairs while they actually ignorant, bumbling fools in a world they did not understand.

What are the most mind-blowing photos you have seen?

Close up view of iguana's eye.,Close up view of huskyu2019s(dog) eye.,Close up view of cat's eye.,Close up view of parrot's eye.,Close up view of horse's eye.,Sad eye.,Dolphin's eye.,Whale eye.,Shark's eye.,Human eye.,Eyes are the most attractive part of someone's face and eyes can speak more than words.,Thanks for scrolling downu2665,Insta:arxhiia

What is the most economical and safest way to go from Vancouver airport to Surrey?

Two options from YVR:,1. Take The CANADA LINE to either BRIDGEPORT STATION (if your Surrey destination is SOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK/CRESCENT BEACH) u2014 then board a corresponding Rapid EXPRESS TRANSLINK BUS u2014 makes an express /limited stop journey mostly via highway99 until reaching South Surreyu2019s Semiahmoo Peninsula;,2. Otherwise, if heade

What kind of food can be cooked in hostel if stove is not allowed?

If no stoves and electric appliances are permitted, then the following receipes can be done away, with less strain.,1. Strawberry CrackersIngredients needed: Strawberryu2019s, biscuits, fresh cream,Recipe:Cut and mix strawberryu2019s with fresh cream and spread on the biscuits.,Your strawberry crackers are ready.,2. Russian Eggs/Eggs Mimosa/Stuffed

How much minimum protein intake is required for weight loss?

According to the previously mentioned studies, a protein intake of around 30% of calories may be optimal for weight loss. This amounts to 150 grams per day for someone on a 2,000-calorie diet. How much protein per day to lose weight? If you want to lose weight, aim for a daily protein intake between 1.6 and 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram (. 73 a

What is the best instant photography camera currently in the market?

The Best Instant Cameras You Can BuyBest Overall. Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay. Fujifilm's latest Instax offering, the Mini LiPlay (8/10 WIRED Recommends), works as a camera and a printer.,Best Photo Quality. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90.,Best on a Budget. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9.,From SERP.,Thank You

What cant you stand about your wife and what do you do?

She doesnu2019t consider the logistics of her interior design choices.,Planning room makeovers/remodeling/interior design is her hobby. (Could she pick a more expensive hobby?!?!) Every few months, one of her plans gets put into action.,Thatu2019s where it becomes a problem for me. Sheu2019s the planner, and Iu2019m the doer. She doesnu2019t consid

What should be included in your companys value proposition statement example, and why?

A winning value proposition/winning specialization is chosen based on where the company wants to positions itself. If you want to establish your coffee machine product in the coffee machine market you want to look and see what 1.specialization to do, and 2. what things to be great at, and the 3.mandatory things to be good at. Relative to your targe

What are the most beautiful places to travel in North Pakistan?

Pakistan has not received enough limelight as much as it truly deserves! This country that neighbors India is an evocative mix of culture and nature waiting to be explored. Since travel in Pakistan is often much less heard of compared to India, hereu2019s our pioneering effort to put forward to you some mesmerizing destinations that might just get

How do I adjust settings in a DSLR camera to cover the wide range pictures?

OP: How do I adjust settings in a DSLR camera to cover the wide range pictures?Set your camera to Auto.,You really have no other option. Photography is about controlling light. In any other mode you will be required to adjust at least one of your camerau2019s three primary settings. Which you adjust will depend on whether your goal is to control de

What career advice would you give to students who want to become a loss adjuster?

What career advice would you give to students who want to become a loss adjuster?Donu2019t do it. Itu2019s an enormously stressful occupation, with high workload and long business hours, and little respect. The public thinks that adjustersu2019 objectives are to deny or chop claims and to cheat claimants. (Nothing can be further from the truth.) Ad

Does everything happen according to Kundli?

In Horoscope, Astrology Kundli 'is innately a factual and authentic birth-chart established on the research and analysis of the astronomical carcasses as well as the planets in the universe.,Astrology Kundli is also beneficial in finding daily horoscope and prognoses of a state of- decision-making, love-life, characteristics of an individual, and m

How do regular Russians feel about their politicians and propaganda leaders having a double citizenship and living permits, owning property in the EU or sending their kids to the universities abroad? Dont they feel being manipulated and betrayed?

Heavily charged question,Last time I checked, Russia was still on planet earth. So what happens in Russia, certainly happens in the west or worldwide.,Many western elite have holiday homes all across the world. Some even own islands.,Some have dual nationality. Some have passports of convenience. The second nationality been some little known countr

What is an example of a genetically modified crop?

all crops have been genetically modified by humans. Two examples: The original apple was smaller than 3 cm, didnu2019t keep for more than a few days, and was bitter. Wheat used to range from 1.5 m to 2.1 m tall, a field matured over 2 weeks, and the plant dropped itu2019s seeds on the ground.

Why do premium airlines sometimes use buses instead of aerobridges, when there seem to be a lot of free aerobridges at the airport (i.e., Lufthansa at Frankfurt, Thai Airways at Bangkok)?

I was travelling from to US on Emirates. My first flight on the trip (an Airbus A380) was from Mumbai to Dubai.,When we reached Dubai, our flight was parked in a remote bay and not taken to an aerobridge. When I asked an air hostess she told me that this aircraft will be flying out only after couple of hours and not immediately. As there will be no