What is the greatest American dessert?

What a great question! American cuisine has often been derided by those who come from more advanced culinary traditions, but dessertsu2014like breakfastsu2014are areas where really good food shines. Bear in mind, quality can vary considerably, but here are some ideas:,Ice cream. Especially from specialty creameries, outstanding ice cream may be fou

How do I steam sweet potatoes for a baby?

How to make sweet potato puree via stovetop: Bring 1 cup (about 1 inch) of water to boil in a small 2 quart saucepan (about 3 minutes). Add in sweet potato cubes and place a lid on the saucepan. Steam for 10-12 minutes, or until sweet potatoes are easily poked with a fork.

Is Korean fried chicken better than normal fried chicken?

If you are asking about the actual chicken meat taste, then no, the chicken in Korea tastes like chicken in the US and Europe. Tyson food is a huge conglomerate and they use the same basic breeder stock in every country, Malaysia and Indonesia have the best tasting chicken meat, maybe it is because domestic chicken originally came from that Area of

Is the Core i5 12600K good for gaming?

Yes, it is great for gaming. The Core i5-12600K comes with Number of Cores / threads of 6P+4E / 16, which means 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. P-cores run at a base frequency of 3.7 Ghz, while efficiency cores run at base frequency of 2.8 GHz, and it also includes support f...

What are the best settings for picture control in the Nikon D7200?

I use u201cStandardu201d with sharpening set to 7 for pretty much all of my shooting. I shoot exclusively in RAW (NEF) and therefore if needed picture control settings can be easily changed later in software during my RAW conversion.,If you decide you want to create your own favorite picture control setting I suggest you shoot a number of test pict

How long can raw cookie dough be left out?

It depends on whether you have made it with or without eggs. Anything containing raw eggs should not be left out for more than 30 minutes, without being returned to the fridge. And you should always use pasteurized eggs if you intend to eat the dough raw. If the cookie dough is made with butter, sugar and flour, it can sit out for a longer time, th

Is it time to start using a Windows phone?

nI currently use a Nokia Lumia 930 (Hong Kong version, imported to India, as seen in the picture above) and also an HTC One M8. I've used a Lumia 520 and a Sony Xperia C3 before.,I'll try not to be biased and will be honest on my opinion on Windows Phone experience I had ever since I got one.,PART 1: WHAT I LOVE ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE?LIVE TILES!nYes,

Can a couple be considered a single member of a partnership?

In the UK, two people cannot be considered as one.,In a Partnership, the liability to the partners is not separate from that of the partnership. In other words, a partnership does not form a separate legal entity, like a limited liability company for example. In a partnership, there must be between 2 and 21 partners. Even married couples cannot be

Whats the simplest quick way to remove bits of crab shell from crab meat?

In preparation: Put on u2018food serviceu2019 gloves - spread your crabmeat on a clean tray and gently feel the crab meat with your fingers - feel and remove any crab shell.,Set the cleaned crab meat and its juices in a container and put it back in the fridge until you are ready to mix it into your recipe, or immediately proceed with your recipe.,N

Why is there racism?

So, an old university friend reconnects with me a few months ago. We haven't met for two decades.,Yesterday, as I'm in his home city, Dubai, we finally meet.,I ring the door bell, and then this guy opens the door. I'm thinking "Who the hell is this Sheikh?" but then realise it's my old long lost buddy, Shahreyar! Or should I say Sheikh Shahreyar?!?

What is a social media marketing PDF?

The most recent improvements in the field of advertising, correspondence and data are prompting new creative business and utilization models, in which clients are picking up a main job and are progressively significant. Web-based Media is quickly arising as the following large boondocks for client commitment and communications. There are a huge num

Which laptop should I get for IITB CS?

Update (Jan 2021): I have used this laptop for 4 years now. Itu2019s still working really good and has a better exchange price than laptops bought this year. Itu2019s not as snappy anymore, but the battery life is still holding up to 7u20138 hours. It would be a better deal to buy Vivobook/Zenbook/Inspiron series for laptops in this price range tod

What is a famous mystery from your hometown?

The year is 2004: Itu2019s around 7pm on a chilly February night in New Hampshire. A beautiful 21 year old college student driving on a backroad miscalculated a sharp turn and swerves into a snowbank- a minor, single car accident. Several neighbors hear the accident and call police. One even checks with her to make sure she is okay- sheu2019s shake

What are the best drawing tablets with screens?

It's as most likely expected, a 'depends ' answer. ,How big do a screen do you need? Tethered to a computer or a standalone? (which is also 'battery or plugin power?'). ,And of course budget. ,There's also, to some extent, the other drawing hardware variables :n,Technology of stylus (n-trig, pressure capacitive, wacom traditional pressure, or press

What would happen if I eat a sweet potato for breakfast?

Eat the sweet potato. Savor the sweet potato. Whou2019s going to tell you that you should not eat THAT for breakfast and hold you to it?,Come to think of it, I average at least one sweet potato breakfast per week. Leftover mashed sweet potato from dinner the night before is stirred into a muffin batter. Baked with pastry whole wheat, old fashioned

When did smartphones become popular?

Smartphones became popular in 2012 before that it was mostly common for people to just have a regular dumb phone. In 2008 the use of smartphones were less than 10% and dumb phones were around 70%. Dumb phones stayed around 70% up till 2010. In 2011 the percentage did start to go down and smartphones just started to go up but dumb phones were still

How did you become a millionaire?

I started with $200, sort of. $200 was all that we had in our savings account and we had about another $1 in our checking account. I borrowed the $200 from our savings, and went looking for something to buy that I could make some money on. I bought a stainless Ruger Security-Six .357 Revolver for $167 at a flea market. I guess I could have started

Why cant I move my ring fingers and pinkies independently from each other?

The motor system in humans is an amazingly complex system, with several different layers of control and reflexes, but when it comes to the specific, voluntary, control of oneu2019s muscles the primary motor cortex reigns supreme. This area of the brain is a long strip of tissue that can be divided by what parts of the body their neuronal projects c

What are some ideas to furnish a small apartment?

I think a good first step is to design a floor plan to scale in which you can accurately visualize the dimensions of the available space. Thus, the process will be much more comfortable and friendly because you can specify the spot for each element you want to add, including furniture pieces, fixtures, and decorative elements. If it's a small apart

How did you feel driving for the first time in USA?

Hi Alex,,My father taught me how to drive when I was 15 years old.,He insisted I learn to drive on a car with a manual transmission and a stick shift on the column and a clutch.Since I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, he picked the absolutely hilliest streets he could find for me to practice on.,Of courses I was frightened to death that I was going

What prayers do you make when you feel scared and need protection?

I have two that I say when I feel scared and need protection.,I consistently pray the Prayer of Protection by Jim Freeman, out-loud over myself every day! This prayer has even been to the moon.,In 1969, astronaut Edwin u201cBuzzu201d Aldrin carried the prayer with him on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The u201cPrayer for Protectionu201d has gon