What are examples of non-renewable resources?

Examples of Non renewable resources

Non-Renewable Resources :(a) Resources can be renewed or reproduced by physical, chemical or mechanical processes are called renewable resources.

,(b) Examples : Coal, Oil, natural gas, Fossil Fuels.

What is renewable resources

Renewable resources are important for a number of key reasons:,1.

They dont further deplete non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

nOne day, obtainable fossil fuel resources will run out.

If we arent ready with alternative fuel supplies by then, the human populations of this planet will suffer (no fuel for heating means people will get cold; no fuel for power generation means our entire global infrastructure will fail - virtually everything runs on electricity; the inability to process food means people not living directly off the land will starve).


They dont usually release unsustainable levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

nMan made climate change is almost universally agreed to be due to the uncontrolled use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) largely for heating, power generation and transportation, and because these fuels release carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into the atmosphere when burnt.

In a nutshell, CO2 acts like a blanket, insulating the planet, and excessive concentrations allow less heat to escape into space than is generated on the surface from incident sunlight.

The net effect is a gradual, global warming.


They dont place undue stress on the environment or indigenous populations.

nAn example of non-renewable timber production is that obtained from the logging of rainforests, which decimates the environment without giving back anything beneficial or conducive to its recovery.

List of renewable and nonrenewable resources

Renewable : Solar, hydro power, wind energy, biogas, and geothermal energy,Non renewable : Oil, Natural gas, and Coal,Hydro power and wind energy sectors use turbine and generators inorder to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy,Solar energy is gerenated by using solar cells or photovoltaic cells made up of semiconductors which converts light to electrical energy.

Battery packs are used to conserve this energy for later usage i.

e, During night times.

,Future : Floating offshore wind power, first ever project taking place at Scotland

Renewable resources Wikipedia

A non-renewable resource (also called a finite resource) is a resource that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human time-frames.

An example is carbon-based, organically-derived fuel.

The original organic material, with the aid of heat and pressure, becomes a fuel such as oil or gas.

Earth minerals and metal ores, fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, natural gas) and groundwater in certain aquifers are all considered non-renewable resources, though individual elements are almost always conserved.

10 examples of Non renewable resources

It is somewhat true that India related news suffer a poor portrayal.

Surprisingly, some xenophobic western media houses show Indiau2019s successes but also add a bit of spices.

These spices include listing a lot of Indias weaknesses and then mocking them, thus effectively undermining the achievements.

,Let me share some examples:,New York Times had mocked Indias stand seeking greater emission cuts from the developed countries.

They wanted to hold India responsible for the climate summit failure, given the fact that all the developed countries overused non-renewable resources (like coal) during the peak of their industrialisation, thus tremendously harming the environment.

Indiau2019s per-capita carbon emissions add up to just 1.

7 metric tons, 10 times less than Americau2019s per-capita emissions.

Now, they are asking India to switch to costly and hi-tech renewable energy sources and methods.

Since coal is used highly (70%), any commitment to reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will definitely affect its developmental goals.

Indiau2019s argument was that developing countries should not be forced to compromise on their developmental goals but be granted monetary benefits to meet the climate-change mitigation plans.

Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, has publicly argued that it would be u201cmorally wrongu201d to let rich countries off the hook for their historical emissions.

Still, India has set an ambitious goal of receiving 40% of its power from renewable resources by 2030.

,Cartoon by The Australian newspaper depicting Indians eating solar panels (although geographically, its not western, I added because it has close proximity to the western world).

,This is related again to the climate summit failure as discussed before.

The message is that India is too stupid to handle renewable energy and should stick to coal.

I never thought they would stoop so low.

,This was posted by New York Times after Indias successful Mars mission.

This is a quite popular one.

I donu2019t need to say much but have to pity them.

Because they have to use a lot of these cartoons in the future as Indiau2019s progress has just begun to sky-rocket and is destined to cause more heartburns for those media houses.

,An insulting banner attached to a train in India by the BBC team:Defiant BBC refuses to apologise for tasteless Top Gear India special that sparked a diplomatic row and complaints across the globeBy BBC (they are hardcore Indian well-wishers, really), there has been lots of mockery too.

Another incident is being shared with the URL below, if somebody wants to check out.

,Racism? BBCu2019s Jeremy Clarkson mocks India - The Times of IndiaApologise to India, Vaz tells BBCu2019s ClarksonOn a different note: Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza won the Wimbledon doubles final 2015, but have a look at the news.

BBC India doesnt feel it necessary to write Sania Mirzau2019s name.

,And regarding rape (which is nonetheless highly condemnable), India is crowned as rape capital of the world.

As if no woman can go out in the streets alone and everywhere else, there are sexual assaults happening.

These dumbs donu2019t even acknowledge that India is such a vast country and out of that, a few rotten apples are there.

Which country doesnu2019t have that? They should check the relevant crime statistics of their own country first.

However, any sexual abuse is condemnable and I strongly believe that India should keep on adopting a systematic and stringent approach to address its problems.

nAn interesting article by an independent observer:,Why this focus on u2019rapes in Indiau2019 by world media?I am currently studying in Munich and one of my German friend told me that whenever there is some news regarding India in their news channel, its always pitying on Indiau2019s poverty, rape and other problems (unfortunately these problems are also there).

He said that it kind of spoils the countryu2019s image by not putting light on any achievements and that he doesnu2019t get to know of any achievements of India from those channels.

He has to Google search for that.

It might affect others thinking towards India negatively.

,Conclusion: No matter what, these kind of things will happen and maybe increase in future due to a promising Indian outlook.

There will always be some who cannot digest the stellar growth of the still developing economies (both India and China which is already at a higher edge) and will mire the success stories with some sort of ill-willed controversies.

Their thinking-How the hell can Indians progress terrifically and even dare to match our position? Little do they know it is not going to stop anytime soon.

The show has just begun.

Therefore, we shouldnu2019t bother about them.

,Good luck my friends.

,On a different note, if my answer sparked your curiosity and interest, follow a few more comprehensive answers in my profile.

Which group includes all renewable resources

Depends on how big your view is.

On the largest scale, nothing is renewable including the sun.

It will eventually get too big and consume Earth.

Before that it will get too hot and scorch the Earth.

Fossil fuels are not considered renewable because naturally it takes millions of years to form.

Thats a stupid view point.

Fossil fuels are just biofuels, derived from solar energy.

Biofuels are plants and animals that are set on fire.

Of course heating them under pressure using catalysts to change their form can convert raw biomass into more desirable forms, in the end all that energy comes from nuclear fusion, a finite resource.

Wind, photovoltaics, hydro, bio, all solar.

Geothermal comes from nuclear decay and tidal forces of the moon and earth which is gravitational.

Both finite sources.

Nuclear fission properly done can power the world including all our earthly transportation and all our food for about 5 million years.

Much more if you fission gold, tungsten, and platinum group metals.

Significantly longer if you nuclear is a helper with primary power coming from the sun in its various forms like wind hydro bio photon etc, but still finite.

Even if we used black holes to power our society by throwing stuff inside and sending lasers through the ergosphere to capture around 20% or so of the mass energy, which is hundreds of times better then fission or fusion and can use literally all forms of matter as energy, it is still finite.

Nothing is renewable in the longterm.

In the short term of a few million years,,Geothermal, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind, hydro, tidal, biofuels, etc will all single handedly power then entire world if we plan it right, and even better if we get our energy from a plethora of sources.

Every single chemical element with a stable isotope can be recycled a limitless amount of times so long as you have energy to drive the process.


Its the energy that is finite, not the physical resources, unless you consider black holes.

Which pair of resources is renewable

IMO, the neolithic civilization centered around the u201ccityu201d of u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck was crucial to our advancement.

,The city of u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck points to one of manu2019s most important transformations, from nomad to settled farmer.

But it is a period of history that was rarely studied by many in the West.

Yet they contributed greatly to Western culture and most importantly art.

It is not the oldest site of the Neolithic era nor the largest, but it is extremely important to the beginning of art.

The transition from nomadic life gave them the time and resources to focus on the arts.

Both painting and sculpture appear to play a newly important role in the lives of these settled people.

,Nearly every house excavated at u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck was found to contain decorations on its walls and platforms, most often in the main room of the house.

Moreover, this work was constantly being renewed; the plaster of the main room of a house seems to have been redone as frequently as every month or season.

Both geometric and figural images were popular in two-dimensional wall,Many figurines have been found at the site, the most famous of which illustrates a large woman seated on or between two large felines.

The figurines, which illustrate both humans and animals, are made from a variety of materials but the largest proportion are quite small and made of barely fired clay.

These casual figurines are found most frequently in garbage pits, but also in oven walls, house walls, floors and left in abandoned structures.

The figurines often show evidence of having been poked, scratched or broken, and it is generally believed that they functioned as wish tokens or to ward off bad spirits.

,Art is everywhere among the remains of u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck, geometric designs as well as representations of animals and people.

Repeated lozenges and zigzags dance across smooth plaster walls, people are sculpted in clay, pairs of leopards are formed in relief facing one another at the sides of rooms, hunting parties are painted baiting a wild bull.

The volume and variety of art at u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck is immense and must be understood as a vital, functional part of the everyday lives of its ancient inhabitants.