How do I make the best of the Argentine Peso -> USD exchange rate discrepancy?

Argentine Peso to USD

Theres a few ways you can do this.

,One option is to use Xoom to transfer money from your US account to Argentina.

Ive written about how to do this on my blog, and they give a fairly decent exchange rate.

Youll get your money in pesos as needed.

This is best for people who do not have physical dollars in the country, but have dollars in a US bank account.

,The better option is to bring USD to Argentina (you are allowed a maximum of $10,000 without declaring it.

) Then, change it to pesos as needed in Argentina.

There are many exchange houses (cuevanas) that will give the blue market rate though it may take some effort to find them.

Most expats who have been here awhile will know some to use.

If youre brave, you cal also go to Florida Street and try and find them on your own.

This rate will be higher than what Xoom will give you and does not require any paperwork.

,I have completely stopped using my US ATM card and US credit cards in Argentina because the difference in the exchange rate is so great.

I bring cash and use Xoom as needed.

Mexican peso to usd chart

No, it wont as exchange rates are primarily driven by the countrys economic health and well being.

Plus Mexico is a huge trading partner with the US and there are many things keeping the exchange rates fairly stable for weeks and months at a time.


com - USD/MXN Chart this 10 year view of USD to Mexican Peso shows two large spikes in the devaluation of the Peso.

The one in 2008 was likely due to recessionary forces hitting Mexico harder than the US.

The second starting in 2014 and spiking in late 2015 is likely driven by falling oil prices which are a huge driver of the Mexican economy.

,Short term fluctuations can be driven by various events and statements by a countrys leadership and we see it in the nearly hourly changes in the exchange rates.

If a President Trump makes some kind of negative statement related to Mexico we probably would see a short term fluctuation but I dont think it would be a long term hit as we can see so many daily ups and downs in the above chart.