What is your gaming name? Please mention it :)

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Game name

When I got my PS3 in 2012 my dad gave me my first PSN name u2018jusleague25u2019.

I was really into comics and superherou2019s so I thought it was a good name to start off with, and if you canu2019t tell itu2019s supposed to be the Justice League.

By late 2016 I got a PS4 and decided that it was time to change my name, I thought my old name was kinda cringey so I changed it to the most boring and bland name that I thought was cool at the time, u2018XxTJTxX22u2019.

The u2018TJTu2019 are my initials and the 22 was the day I was born.

Finale, my last gaming name has stuck since 2018, itu2019s now my new main account and itu2019s called u201cBlackMercy556u201d.

Not that great of a name but itu2019s stuck ever since.

If your keen eyed the name black mercy also relates to the justice league as as the name is of a deadly psychic plant monster that fights the jusleague25u2019s