If you could make a kpop girl group who would you put in it, what would they and their fans be called, and what would their concept(s) be?

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2022 English name

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opening brutal2002u2019s filez ?!! 100% complete !!,,kicks (ubc1cucc28uae30), is a 6-member girlgroup under jyp entertainment.

the members consist of heejin, emmie, sola, genie, ruby, & hyeji! they debuted on june 1st, 2022 with their 1st mini album u201c#glitzyu201d & their concept is a 90s/2000s concept! kicksu2019 fandom name is kickerz!,.



MEET THE MEMBERZ !! u2606u2312(u2267u25bdu200bu00b0 )## heejin !! (uff1eu3002u2606)!,stage name: heejin.

,birth name: hwang heejin.

,english name: daniella hwang.

,ethnicity: korean-americian.

,positions: lead vocalist, main dancer, sub-rapper.

,## emmie !! (uff1eu3002u2606)!,stage name: emmie.

,birth name: yang gayoung.

,english name: emmie yang.

,ethnicity: korean.

,positions: main rapper, main dancer.

,## sola !! (uff1eu3002u2606)!,stage name: sola.

,birth name: park jiwoo.

,english name: julianna park.

,ethnicity: korean.

,positions: main vocalist, visual.

,## genie !! (uff1eu3002u2606)!,stage name: genie.

,birth name: lee minsi.

,english name: genie lee.

,ethnicity: korean.

,positions: main vocalist, lead dancer.

,## ruby !! (uff1eu3002u2606)!,stage name: ruby.

,birth name: liu jing.

,english name: ruby liu.

,ethnicity: chinese.

,positions: lead rapper, main vocalist.

,## hyeji !! (uff1eu3002u2606)!,stage name: hyeji.

,birth name: kim hyeji.

,english name: amber kim.

,ethnicity: korean.

,positions: sub-rapper, vocalist.

,stan kicks 4 a better life! <3,,ud83dudcc2 .



brutal2002u2019s filez are now closed !!,# elle u2606u2312u30fd(*uff64^*) ud83cudfa7