How do you add ringtones to your iPhone without iTunes?

How to get free ringtones on iPhone without computer

There is no simplest way to add ringtones on your iPhones & at this moment, you can not add ringtones without the help of iTunes.

Itu2019s baffling why Apple didnu2019t provide a quick solution for this simple thing.

However, there are ways to ease the process.

,Let me show you how I add ringtones to my iPhone using a third-party app:,Go to the App Store, search Ringtones: Ringtone Maker and install it.

,Open the app and select or make a tone by yourself and save it.

,Sync your iPhone with iTunes using a PC or Mac.

,After syncing, go to the File Sharing, find the Ringtone Maker app, select the tone you saved, and drag that on the iTunes desktop.

,Finally, select the Tones section in iTunes, select the file, and Sync to complete the process.

,The best part of the Ringtones: Ringtone Maker app is its advanced tools for making custom ringtones.

You can create ringtones, alarms, text tones easily with this app.

I have listed some of the key features of this app that will help any iPhone user decide whether this app deserves to be on their device.

,Key features:Audio trimmer,Music converter,Massive catalog of ringtones and music,Royalty-free music,Easy share option,Up to date trending chart,Though you can not shrug off iTunes entirely from the process, it is great that there are third-party apps on the App Store that at least give us some solution for adding tones of our choice.

I hope that Apple realizes this struggle of its users and works to fix the problem.