What is the ideal female body according to women?

Ideal female body

The ideal female body is a healthy one.

nOne that works like it should.

One that doesnt betray its inhabitant constantly, having pain and parts that are not working properly.

nA body that isnt ridden of an illness that makes daily life difficult.

Healthy body measurements calculator

Some background info for you:I am 35 years old and 5u20325u2033 (165cm) nAt time of writing I weighed between 126u2013128 pounds (57u201359kg or 9ish stone) nMy SmartBMI was 21.

5nAs of 2021 (covid era) I weigh 122 pounds (55ks or 8.

7 stone), probably due to loss of muscle caused by inactivity.

My SmartBMI is 20.

,I have been at my current weight range for over ten years.

My highest weight was 155 pounds (70kg/11 stone) with a BMI of 25.


nThat was in 2006:,Between 2007u20132010 I lost roughly 30 pounds and have kept it off ever since.

Thatu2019s 7 or 8 pounds per year, for four years.

,So in my case this wasnu2019t some epic weight loss undertaking.

It was just a choice that led to an eventual 30lb weight loss.

,Do I have to put some effort into maintaining my weight? Yes.

nIs my level of effort considered u201cworking hardu201d? I donu2019t think so, but others might.

,The hardest part of maintaining my weight hasnu2019t been the actual maintainingu2026it was the commitment to changing my lifestyle so that I could maintain in the first place.

Once I decided to lose weight, I had to pay attention to what I ate, how much of it, the quality of it, the total calories throughout the day.

,I had to hold myself accountable and resist cravings and temptations, which as any dieter can tell you is very difficult.

,As Iu2019ve never been obese, I had to deal with ridicule and stigma from some of the people around me because they found it u201cridiculousu201d that I wanted to lose weight because I was u201cjust fineu201d at borderline overweight.

,I had to plan ahead for holidays and restaurant outings, change the way I shopped for groceries, and spend a little time each day measuring food, adding up calories, and figuring out which calories were coming from where.

,And most of all, I had to have realistic expectations.

It would have been peachy to lose all 30 pounds in the first year, but I wouldnu2019t have developed the good habits required to keep it off for the years to come.

,And this was all before I even added exercise.

,Educating myself on healthy eating and holding myself to it has definitely been 90% of my ability to first lose weight and then maintain my current weight.

Even now I donu2019t exercise a whole lot, yet I have still been able to keep my weight and body measurements the same for almost a decade.

,It was definitely annoying, awkward, and time consuming to deal with all the food measuring and calorie counting and all that.

I just wanted to relax with friends and family when I ate.

But the thing is, after one year, measuring and calculating were no longer necessary.

I learned to recognize what a portion size looked like.

nI learned how many calories were likely to be in common foods.

nMy body had adjusted to the new portion sizes and Iu2019d feel full in relation to that.

nSo even when I stopped measuring and counting, it was possible to just u201ceyeball itu201d.

After just one year of paying real attention to my diet, meals went back to being a pleasurable activity rather than a chore.

,To me thatu2019s not u201chard worku201d compared to spending hours at the gym or guilt-tripping myself over every dang cookie.