How far away from your birthplace do you live now?

How far is Texas from Alabama

From my birth place I now live 432 miles away.

,When I lived in Northern Kentucky I was 9.

3 miles away.

,When I lived in Louisiana I was 932 miles away.

,When I lived in Pennsylvania I was 603 miles away.

,When I lived in Tennessee I was 273 miles away.

,When I lived in Alabama I was 489 miles away.

,When I lived in Michigan I was 692 miles away.

,When I lived in Illinois I was 252 miles away.

,When I lived in Texas I was 1191 miles away.

,When I lived in Western Kentucky I was 321 miles away.

,I have a sister 2272 miles away (west) and a sister 1084 miles away (north east).

They live 3025 miles apart.

California to Alabama train

Once 2 days after New Years, I sat next to Lee Majors and Heather Locklear on an Amtrak train that I boarded in Santa Barbara California.

They had boarded the train a few cities before Malibu But heres one better for you.

I used to live in New York City, I one day ran into this girl that was so pretty, she being from the state of Texas, and almost two years older than me.

As I got to know her better, I found out she didnt like to be called Lucy.

She preferred her middle name Kate.

Her mother and father raised her in a town of Alabama called Birmingham which was 45 minutes away from the Talladega Speedway.

I myself lived in Alabama long after I had moved from California, to a city called Foley, not far from Mobile Alabama.

I will get to that story later.

Miss Kate Jackson, attended the college in New York City NYU It was at a restaurant near near the College where she randomly sat across from me.

I started to strike up a conversation,where she told me that previously she had attended the Mississippi Academy of Arts, but she didnt stay there very long.

I dated her for two years until she got a call from her agent in California to spearhead a new television series called.

u201c Charlies Angelsu201d she was the most endearing charismatic and down-to-earth person I had ever met.

I was entranced with her charm and Grace.

I had later on left New York City and moved to Northern California, where I raised my son and two daughters.

Later after my children were all grown up, I moved back to the East coast to N.


I found out later she bought a farm in Virginia.

I tried to hook back up with her but I couldnt seem to manage that.

Kate Jackson has recently moved from the Benedict Canyon area of Los Angeles to her Farm in Kenworth Virginia, near Charlotte Virginia.

I only live one state away from Virginia.

I believe this time I am really going to try to hook up with her.

Two out of three of her marriages really went sour.

She has a book that she is releasing next month entitled u201c The woman that named Charlies Angelsu201d My two daughters Melanie and Selena get a real kick out of this story.

You just never know who you might bump into.