Was the corruption the main reason causing the Philippines to become a poor country?

5 million won to Philippine peso

What else could it be? The Philippines has one of the richest natural resources and even agriculture out there.

We export a lot of minerals such as copper and, we also produce a lot of pineapples considering we are the worldu2019s third largest producer of pineapples in 2015.

Just from the products the country is exporting, the Philippines should have earned quite a lot of money.

If our public services are shit, government agencies are shit, and even the roads are shit where else does the money go to?,The answer is to the pockets of corrupt government officials!,Our Former President Erap Estrada was impeached and charged with plunder.

He was later re-elected as mayor of the capital of the Philippines, Manila, but lost to the 2019 elections against the now Mayor Isko Moreno.

,The Dictator Ferdinand Marcos robbed the nation and was said to have amassed 5 billion USD to 10 billion USD.

The citizens of the Philippines were slapped in the face after the dictator who was famous for his killings, human rights violations, and plunder cases, was buried in the Heroesu2019 Cemetery.

How could this man ever be a hero to the Philippines after everything he has done?,A retired general Gen.

Carlos Garcia was accused of stealing over P300 million in real estate properties, shares of stocks, cash, and other assets.

,3 senators: Ramon u201cBongu201d Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Juan Ponce Enrile, were charged with plunder as well because of their involvement in the pork barrel scam.

On top of that, Ramon u201cBongu201d Revilla just won a senatorial seat again even after he was charged with plunder and put to jail.

,The list goes on and on.

But, you get the point here.

The accounts involved here are hundreds of millions of Philippine peso without even giving back to the country.

If only those millions were used on improving the current condition of the Philippines, without a doubt it would make a lot of difference.

,So if not for corruption, then what else could it be? Plain stupidity? I highly doubt that since a lot of the people in the Philippine government graduated from top universities locally and even internationally.

,The Philippines is rich but not a lot of people see it.

If the thinking class of the Philippines helps educate the majority population on these political things, then maybe, just maybe, we can make a huge difference.