What is the best airline to travel on when going to the Philippines?

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Cebu to Hong Kong ticket price

I assume you are referring to a long haul trip, such as starting in the US and ending in Cebu City.

,If youre referring to economy class, there is no such thing as a comfortable flight.

Id pick the most direct and inexpensive route.

This is likely to be via Manila or Hong Kong.

,In business class, Id avoid Philippines airlines to Manila.

Although their service is good, the equipment and seats are truly dated, not up to current international standards.

However, if price is a major factor, you can get cheaper consolidator business class tickets and you wont have to change terminals in Manila if you stick to Philippine airlines.

,Consider Cathay Pacific or even United to Hong Kong if flying business.

Yes, United.

The onboard service sucks but the route is served by a 747 with nice flat bed seats and decent in-flight entertainment facilities.

,From Hong Kong to Cebu, there is Philippine airlines and Cebu Pacific.