Are they going to switch the summer time in Poland?

Europe Summer Time 2022

Short answer is - yes, like the whole EU and most western European but non-EU countries Poland observes DST with a transition to the summer time on the last weekend of March (two weeks after e.



,As Aleksander Korecki wrote in his answer, most people think it is redundant.

And actually these days it is - the alleged savings are far less than the cost.

Unlike his answer claims though, the leaders started considering the matter, itu2019s just not that simple and people tend to forget that it is not only about them stopping to move their watches by 1 hour twice a year.

,Due to that EU started a procedure to decide on eventual cancellation of he DST.

I donu2019t remember all details but there procedure to change that will supposedly take about 2u20133 years.

It includes the time for the countries to decide, in which timezone do they want to stay and then time to issue respective laws as well as allow companies prepare for the change (think of all IT systems).

If I recall correctly, the discussion started in 2018, but I would expect that the COVID-19 pandemic put it somewhat on hold or at least delayed as of a lesser importance.

As of now it seems the final decision to abandon the DST will not happen prior to 2022.

,Interesting fact - Poland is u201cat the edgeu201d in terms of timezones.

It should actually be exactly in the middle between the winter and summer time (in other words, astronomically Poland is closest to GMT+1,5h).

This I believe is one of the reasons why most people would prefer staying in the summer time (GMT+2) rather than winter time (GMT+1).

,Some further reading on the topic:

Japan Standard Time

A 14 hour difference east is a 10 hour difference west.

Your body clock knows the hours, but not the days.

For most people, traveling west is easier than traveling east.

,I once did almost exactly what youu2019re talking about: I flew from Austin TX to Frankfurt/Main in Germany, going forward 7 hours.

I suffered noticeable jet lag symptoms for a day or so, but then flew on to Korea (same time offset as Japan), and the symptoms completely disappeared.