Is there flights to Japan available from NK ? I want to do a 11 day tour of Japan and NK and I want to go to Japan after doing 3 nights in North Korea

Korea to Japan flights

The only flights from North Korea go to Beijing.

There are no direct flights between Japan and north Korea as its an enemy state to Japan.

No tourists can currently enter Japan under covid rules.

Korea to Japan flight schedule today

Ruby, that US rare earth mine at Mountain Pass has Chinese investments in it, Shenghe Resources.

Regarding China banning rare earths to the US, it certainly is a possibility.

Last week in the China media, President Xi Jinping visited the area China mines rare earths, The visit attracted a lots of Chinese media attention and the obvious observation, why was Xi there? Is the question you ask one of the options? The answer seems to be yes, it has happened before to Japan, hence Japan continues to search for REE.

They found some, actually they think a lot, but it is over 4 miles under the ocean.

The US, China, Japan (now) and even Australia seem to have a lot, but only Australia has the process down to refine it in Malaysia, and that might come to an end.

China is the only one that can process it all.

BTW, it appears North Korea has a huge reserve also.

,Lynas weighs up rare earths processing in Australia as Malaysia ups pressure | MINING.

comMountain Pass sells for $20.

5 million | MINING.

comBillions in the Ground: The Race to Harvest North Koreas Rare Earth Reservesu201cAffiliates of two U.


investment fund advisors, JHL Capital Group LLC and QVT Financial LP and Shenghe Resources Holding Co.

, a Chinese minority shareholder, acquired Mountain Pass in July 2017 with the goal of reviving Americau2019s rare earth industry.

The venture does business under the name MP Materials (www.



MP Materials resumed mining and refining operations in January 2018.

,Since 2007, China has restricted exports of REEs and imposed export tariffs, both to conserve resources and to give preference to Chinese manufacturers.

In 2009, China supplied more than 96% of the worlds REEs.

Some outside China are concerned that because rare earths are essential to some high-tech, renewable-energy, and defense-related technologies, the world should not be so reliant on a single supplier country.

,On September 22, 2010, China quietly enacted a ban on exports of rare earths to Japan, a move suspected to be in retaliation for the Japanese arrest of a Chinese trawler captain in a territorial dispute.

Because Japan and China are the only current sources for rare-earth magnetic material used in the US, a permanent disruption of Chinese rare-earth supply to Japan would leave China as the sole source.

Jeff Green, a rare-earth lobbyist, said, We are going to be 100 percent reliant on the Chinese to make the components for the defense supply chain.

The House Committee on Science and Technology scheduled on September 23, 2010, the review of a detailed bill to subsidize the revival of the American rare-earths industry, including the reopening of the Mountain Pass mine.

u201d,Mountain Pass rare earth mine - Wikipediahttp://www.


com/Hmmm? It seems the US doesnu2019t like China to subsidize industries in China, but it seems ok for the US to do it.

,And, there are rare earths and rare earths.

Some are called light rare earths and others called heavy rare earths.

The heavy ones are rarer and more expensive.

The US has plenty of light rare earths.

China has both.

,u201cChina and the United States are embroiled in a trade war that shows no signs of letting up.

As part of the tit for tat tariff exchange, in July the US imposed a 10% tariff on rare earths as part of $200 billion in tariffs levied on China.

However, perhaps thinking better of it, the Trump Administration in September withdrew rare earths from the list of targeted Chinese imports.

,Thatu2019s definitely a good thing, because Trump recently upped the ante on nuclear weapons.

Building missiles and other military hardware requires rare earths.

,Rare earths are central to the whole spectrum of defense technologies that are vital to every military.

Without them, countries would be unable to produce much of the military hardware and equipment required for national defense.

In most case there are no substitutes.

Moreover, switching from current suppliers (ie.

China) would cause major disruptions to supply chains.

According to the US Government Accountability Office, it would take 15 years to overhaul the defence supply chain, meaning any changes to it need considerable lead time.

,Among the military applications of rare earth elements are:,Radar and sonar used to prevent collisions, for surveillance and navigational aids.

The Patriot Missile Air Defense System employs radio frequency circulators to magnetically control the flow of electronic signals in the radar and missiles.

Rare earths required: gadolinium, samarium, yttrium.

,Communications and displays required by soldiers, sailors and airmen to see analog and digital data.

Examples are lasers that help line-of-sight communication links in satellite and ground-based systems; old and new computer monitors; and avionics terminals.

Rare earths required: dysprosium, erbium, europium, neodymium, praseodymium, terbium and yttrium.

,Lasers employed on vehicle-mounted systems like tanks and armored vehicles.

They can identify enemy targets up to 22 miles.

According to DefenseMediaNetwork, u201cThe laser-equipped computer main gun sight on the Abrams M1A/2 tank combines a Raytheon rangefinder and integrated designator targeting system used to obtain a high-probability first hit.

u201d Rare earths required: europium, neodymium, terbium and yttrium.

,Precision-guided munitions (PGMs) take in a number of missile classes including cruise, anti-ship (ASM) and surface-to-air (SAM), as well as bunker busters.

The heat-seeking AIM-9 Sidewinder missile has four fins on its fuselage that use rare-earth magnets to control its flight trajectory.

Rare earths required: dysprosium, neodymium, praseodymium, samarium and terbium.

,Guidance and control systems that steer missiles and bombs towards their targets.

Rare earths required: terbium, dysprosium, samarium, praseodymium and neodymium.

,Electronic warfare refers to a range of equipment that includes high-capacity power sources, storage batteries and electronic jamming devices.

Rare earths required: yttrium-iron-garnet.

,Electric motors that require permanent magnets, of which the US Military is an important buyer.

New equipment requiring powerful permanent magnets in the next generation of electric motors will include the US Navyu2019s Zumwalt DDG 1000 guided military destroyer, hub-mounted electric traction drives and integrated starter generators.

Rare earths required: terbium, dysprosium, samarium, praseodymium and neodymium.

,Jet engines.

The rare earth element erbium is added to vanadium to make it more malleable for use in vanadium-infused steel that goes into jet engines.

While not specifically a rare earth element, the rare element rhenium is alloyed with molybdenum and tungsten.

The F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter reportedly use 6% rhenium in their engines.

The electrical systems in aircraft employ samarium-cobalt permanent magnets to generate power.

,(Mountain Pass) The mine was put on care and maintenance and eventually sold at auction in the summer of 2017 for a shocking $20.

5 million u2013 a fraction of its previous worth.

The new owner is MP Mine Operations LLC, a consortium including Chinese rare earths miner Shenghe Resources.

The result is that the only rare earths mine in the United States is in the hands of a Chinese minority shareholder which has the exclusive right to sell all rare earths from the mine.

Mountain Pass currently ships semi-processed output for refining in China, although the owners say they u201cultimately aim to process rare earths domestically,u201d according to a recent Bloomberg article.

,But thereu2019s a problem with American saber-rattling, which should be obvious to those who have read this far.

To expand its Military, the US must break its import dependence on rare earth elements.

Because without REEs, you canu2019t build conventional or nuclear weapons.

Why would China, engaged in a trade war with the United States, continue to supply the country with materials needed to make its Military stronger?,The article goes on to mention that not only is China dominant in rare earths mining, it also controls refining and making components that use REES.

Thatu2019s because in China, the industry is controlled by six state-owned companies whose output and level of integration is very difficult for other countries to match.

Its u201cMade in China 2025u201d policy is Chinau2019s own version of u201cMake America Great Againu201d.

It wants to be independent of foreigners.

,Every one of the current and next round of super and unimaginable US weapons relies on REEs, an exotic assortment of 17 metals and elements, that are neither mined nor processed into ores in the US.

We remain completely at the mercy of foreign governments and markets for these vital supplies, which are the building blocks for every major piece of military equipment or weapons system.

,Billions in the Ground: The Race to Harvest North Koreas Rare Earth ReservesBottom line REE are everywhere, but only a few places concentrated enough to mine.

But the choke point is processing it.

Only China has that capability so it is really a monopoly today The US could refine their own mining output if they wanted to , but they would have to throw a lots of money into it and it would take years to implement.

Your description: u2018nuclear optionu2019 is very appropriate and China could use it if Trump continues to escalate the trade war and threats against Chinese technology companies.

Philippines to Korea flight time

I actually like this song very much.

I woke up on a flight from Philippines to Korea in 2019 and I had the airplane music playing and it was Fancy by Twice.

At the time I didnu2019t know it.

I didnu2019t know who Twice was, but now I do know who Twice is and I know that Fancy was the song that woke me up, which makes this song a part of me Forever.

Also, Twice canu2019t make a bad song.

I think Twice took over my Spotify after Gucci Mane had the reign for 2010 to 2020.

Korea to China flight time

I went on a 4-day trip to North Korea just 2 weeks ago.

nFor a long time, I have been dreaming about visiting North Korea, to see the most closed part of the world.

In some ways it seemed I was taking a time machine and going back to 60s or 70s, when my previous generation was born.

nI took a plane from Shenyang, China to Pyongyang, the flight took us 45 minutes.

n,u200b,This is what a North Korean visa looks liken,u200bnI had thumbed through many journals about this country before I set off, I would like to present this so-call mysterious country in a narrower way.

nI was so moved by North Koreans, they were simple, innocent and in some way nau00efve.

nOne of our tour guides(minders) was a girl who graduated from Kim Il-sung University majoring in English.

On the second day, we sang songs on the bus, she sang Do-Re-Mi and I sang California Dreaming.

After 5 minutes, she came to me and asked me whether I had English songs in my phone, I said yes, and she said she wanted to listen to them.

nThen we sat together.

She was sitting next to me in the following days.

She told me her favorite song was Count On Me by Bruno Mars and she even asked me how to set repeat for a single song.

Sometimes she fell asleep next to me on the bus: her face was so pure and simple that nothing about it was related to her violent regime.

nI brought my intax camera with me, which was an polaroid camera.

She said it was her first time seeing this kind of camera and was very curious about how it worked.

While she was listening to music next to me on the bus, she inquired whether I could take a single portrait for her or not.

nWhen she knew the price of that intax, she said when she had a chance to visit China she would buy one.

However, she said she did not have spare time to go out, then I suggested that she take a Saturday off in order to go to China over a whole weekend.

She said:I could, but I feel sorry about my company and my country.

n,,Update Aug 6th:nUnfortunately I didnt comply with what our minders told us: DONT sneak out the hotel at night.

nFinally our curiosity beat our desire for compliance.

nSo on the last night before we left, we snuck out and walked in Pyongyang.

n,u200bnThree others and I wore shorts and sneakers, which was so obviously discernible for North Koreans to tell we were not from there.

However, it was so dark outside that a flashlight was absolutely indispensable.

nWhen we passed army posts, we lowered our heads and presented to be one of Pyongyang residents.

n,u200bnIt seemed some lights have to be turned off after 10 oclock.

For instance the light in the photo shown above was suddenly turned off right after I took this photo.

n,u200bnRailway station.

n,u200bn,u200bnThere was even a cafu00e9.

n,u200bnI dont encourage people to sneak out because some people who sneaked out were caught by Proples Army a couple days after I returned home.

n,,People are nice, I would like to spend another week there.


Seoul to Osaka flight time

Airline pilots usually fly a type of aircraft, and can then fly to all the destinations where that type is used for.

The decision what type goes to what destinations is made above our heads, and dictated by commercial and operational requirements for the airline.

,Whether pilots can request what flights they want depends on the airline and the request system in that airline.

For example, in one of the airlines I flew for, there was no request system, and we had to fly whatever (s)crew control would roster for us.

In another (charter) airline I worked, we only knew on Sunday what weu2019d do for the coming week, and if you really wanted some flight, youu2019d have to chat up Beatriz from rostering and see what was possible.

,But in most airlines pilots can indeed put their requests in, in some form or shape.

There are a number of limitations with that system to keep in mind:,First, youu2019ll have to know the trips available of course, and base your requests on what your airplane type(s) do(es) for the coming bid-period.

Itu2019s all fine wanting to have two days off in Rome, but if in the summer season the Boeing 777 flies there, you clearly canu2019t reel that in as an Airbus pilot.

,Second, youu2019ll have to know your spot on the list in the pecking order that is seniority and be able to guess what flights are popular with the guys senior to you.

Great, your airline just started flights to Cape Town and itu2019s a long layover there that allows you to plunge in a cage and see the great whites, but if the long trip is only once a week (so four times per month) and there are definitely four captains more senior to you who would also want that trip badly, then youu2019re wasting your request for something youu2019re not going to get.

In some airlines seniority is everything, in others a bit less when requesting trips, and there may be a system that merely u201ctakes it into accountu201d.

,Some airlines donu2019t have so many different routes available for the type youu2019re on.

If youu2019re on the A380 in British Airways, for example, you wonu2019t have much to chose from.

Or if youu2019re in a new startup airline that only flies to 3 places yet.

In that case, youu2019re stuck with those.

,Some airlines have bases for some of their pilots, outside of their homeport.

If youu2019re a Cathay Pacific pilot based in Sydney, then guess whatu2026 youu2019ll be stuck on the Sydney-Hong Kong-Sydney route, with perhaps some short flights in Asia during your trip.

But you can forget about that New York or London flight then.

If youu2019re tired of your u201cfixedu201d route, youu2019ll have to change base.

,Some airlines work with systems that pair destinations, sometimes a whole string of them.

So if you want a Bangkok layover, you are then also stuck with an integrating pattern to Osaka when you land in Hong Kong again, and when you get back from Japan, you continue to Taipei and back and then another short night in Manila.

Thatu2019s the price you pay for your opportunity to go a night out in Soi Nana.

,Thereu2019s a deadline for requests and that varies from airline to airline.

For example, in one airline you may request until the 5th of the month what you want the month that follows, while in another youu2019ll have to submit it two months in advance.

It all depends on how the airline organizes its crew scheduling.

Rosters come out on different dates in different airlines too.

Perhaps rosters come out only on the 27th in the first case here, and on the 16th in the second case.

,Pilots who fly cargo and crew who fly charters are often not u201cstucku201d on the same routes like their line-flights counterparts are.

Depending on the contracts the airline can get, sometimes on very short notice, you can then end up anywhere in the world.

(Which explains partly why when I flew in a charter airline, our schedule was week-to-week instead of a monthly roster.

),Sometimes your favorite destination is not served by the type you fly on anymore.

Airlines may change the types they use for what places regularly.

On a new fleet where regularly thereu2019s a new airplane arriving of in the company, things get better for the pilots rated on that type, while a dying fleet thatu2019s phased out can get depressing for its pilots, since those guys see their options decrease gradually.

,Pilots can sometimes swap flights among them, as long as it abides by the rules of course.

Again, this depends on the airline.

In the airline I fly for now, we can even u201csellu201d our flight to another pilot and take his days off instead.

The airline then deducts the hours we sold pro rata and deposits the money in the pilot who picked up the flight his account when the salary comes.

,Some destinations may have operational restrictions or require some kind of special training.

Katmandu (Nepal) springs to my mind here, where captains need to do a special simulator session for before they are allowed to fly there.

Some airlines may also restrict new pilots on certain routes until they have more experience.

Obviously, you canu2019t get that flight then until youu2019ve fulfilled the requirements set out.

Seoul to Tokyo flight time

Consolidators tend to have the best fares on this route.

I dont know any Korean consolidators but I am quite sure they exist!