Is Perth really so isolated in practice? It has a large international airport with regular flights to Sydney, Singapore, Doha & Johannesburg. Why is it labelled like Honolulu & Anchorage as the most isolated city in the world?

Distance from Singapore to Perth

Perth is described as an isolated city because itu2019su2026wait for itu2026isolated.

,I know, right?,This is one of those things which really is quite hard to grasp unless youu2019re from Australia, to be frank, so while the OP is free to consult Google Maps, I can understand the reaction of u201cthis does not computeu201d.

,Perth to Sydney overland is some 3,800km and change, and would be (according to Google Maps) roughly 41 hours of driving, assuming all the borders are open - so itu2019s probably an easier route to do west-to-east right now.

In a purely distance sense, thatu2019s the same as a drive from Lisbon to Minsk, give or take.

You can apparently make that trip in something more like 36 hours, rather than 41, but you get the point.

,Perth to Adelaide, if youu2019re after a closer capital city, is 2,600km near enough.

Thatu2019s a touch under the distance from Lisbon to Berlin.

,The difference between a drive from Perth to either of those cities and one from Lisbon to either Minsk or Berlin is that thereu2019s no other major settlement for a lot of the Perth trips.

Weu2019re not talking u201cOh, itu2019s too far out of the way to make the detour to Paris, so weu2019ll stop somewhere elseu201d.

Weu2019re talking nothing in either direction at times.

,Even a drive on the inland route (which is apparently a bit faster) from Perth to Broome is just over 2,000km.

Thatu2019s roughly Lisbon to Brussels for comparison again, and youu2019ll note that Broome is hardly Brussels, regardless of your views of the Belgian capital.

,That, needless to say, is isolation.

Yes, there are (under normal circumstances) regular flights to the eastern seaboard and international hubs.

That doesnu2019t mean that Perth isnu2019t in the middle of practically nowhere.

,Again, itu2019s relatively normal for someone not from here to find that nearly impossible to grasp.

When weu2019ve had relatives visiting (here on the east coast) from Europe, weu2019ve occasionally taken them to a smallish seaside town about 90 minutes-2 hours north of here, depending on traffic.

They find it weird that you can drive for that length of time and not be at an international border and indeed still be in the same region of the same state as when you started.

The concept of the Nullarbor Plain is one they canu2019t quite fathom.

Australia to Singapore flight duration

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