What do most people get wrong about astrology?

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September 9 zodiac Cusp

Oh wow, a book! Okay, first of all, thereu2019s a huge difference between that cotton candy fluff youu2019re reading in the u201cyour stars todayu201d column online or in the newspaper (or however they put the title of the columnu2014or the magazine column saying pretty much the same thing based on the monthu2014and what actual astrology is.

,Consider this, if you will: There are approximately 7,700,000,000 (7.

7 billion) people in the world as I write this.

There are 12 signs of the zodiac (no, not 13, but Iu2019ll get to that too).

Out of the 12 signs of the zodiac, this means youu2019re among an average of about 641,666,666.

6666667 people born in any one sign.

There are an average of 29.

5 days in any month, which means thereu2019s a current average of 21,751,412.

42937853 people born on the same birthday you have, regardless of what day you were born in what month in what year.

This calculation is based solely on the rough number of people currently alive.

,Secondly, no, there is not now, nor will there ever be a sign for Ophiuchus.

The zodiac path through which the ecliptic of the Sun passes pretty much at the center of that path is based on the zodiac constellation family related to the same signs, regardless of whether weu2019re speaking about the constellation names in their Latin form based on the Sidereal zodiac or the more common names you might recognize from the Tropical zodiac.

,Ophiuchus does not belong to the zodiac family of constellations.

Despite that the Sun passes through a small portion of Ophiuchus in its travels, itu2019s irrelevant since Ophiuchus belongs to the Hercules family of the constellations just as Cetus belongs to the Perseus family of the constellations.

There are 88 commonly known constellations.

,The ecliptic path the Sun follows, because of precessionu2014the wobble of the earth about its axis at an average variance of 21.

5u00b0 to 24.

5u00b0u2014is also the reason why thereu2019s a difference in when the Sun moves to the next zodiac sign based on the Tropical zodiac as compared to the next zodiac sign based on the Sidereal zodiac with the Sun, Moon and planets passing on this path in front of the constellations.

That difference is the same average variance of 21.

5u00b0 to 24.


Thereu2019s another piece to this puzzle: We were taught there are 24 hours in a day.

That is not exactly true.

Thereu2019s an average of 23 hours 56 minutes 04.

91 seconds in a day; but on the 21st of September each year, the Sun based on Sidereal time and the Sun based on Universal time is at the same u201cstartingu201d point againu2014at 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds.

,Regardless of the date you were born, the exact time and the exact place you were born, your astrological chart has every single sign of the zodiacu2014even if you canu2019t see each sign because of whatu2019s called interception.

Your astrological chart based on Western astrological principles and the Tropical zodiac will be laid out in the same 360u00b0 circle known as the wheel.

If you look at the wheel as if itu2019s a clock, where the 9 is on the clock, thatu2019s known as your Ascendant.

Thatu2019s where you start to show the world who you are on first impression.

Astrology is not religion, nor is it a belief system, superstition or fantasy.

The formulas developed to create what are called the houses of the wheel require physics since there are different house systems depending on the school of astrology and the preference of the astrologer.

I use Placidus for some work, Koch for other work.

A Scandinavian astrologer tends to favor the Equal House system since the latitudes for Scandinavia hover near 60u00b0.

The lines between the sections of the wheel known as houses are called cusps.

There are no cusps related to the Sun sign.

,Aspects of the chart are examined based on geometrical angles, but the placements of these planetary bodies are calculated using data from the JPLu2014Jet Propulsion Laboratories, just as astronomers use with The Astronomical Almanac from the US Naval Observatory and the Royal Greenwich Observatoryu2014and require trigonometry to establish accurate placement.

This is why most astrologers, including me, are probably grateful we have computer programs to do the calculations for us.

,Every astrologer is different and based on his/her education, the school s/he follows and the experience, the analysis, interpretation and focusu2014whether based on a spiritual focus, a focus on asteroids, a psychological focus or one on the humanities, or the exoteric focus I use that will encompass individual astrology not only related to the natal chart(s) but views of the coming month, year or a particular event, relationships not only based on synastry (comparison) but on composites that may or may not include synastry as well.

I am among many who also work with mundane astrology, examining local, national, world events whether by collective perspectives of humanity or natural events like volcanoes and earthquakes.

There are also astrologers who work with finance as the main focus.

I am an astrologer who forecasts.

I donu2019t u201cpredict.

u201d IMO, prediction is based on fate.

I analyze, interpret and make conclusions or offer guidance based on these two components, free will, fate and what I call H.


, the Human Element or another variable we can call the unknown.

What you do with it is on you, not on me.

Only you can determine what you will do with the information, just as a stock market analyst can advise you but you and only you can decide whether youu2019ll follow through.

,Western astrology does not work with pujas or gemstonesu2014and from what I hear, not all Eastern astrologers work with them either.

Some do, some donu2019t.

Some astrologers work with what are called harmonics while others will consider midpoints, antiscia and other areas of specialization you might never have known about.

Still others will concentrate on asteroids.

,If you study astrology for one year, consider yourself as having studied and learned a taste of whatu2019s here.

What I knew in my first ten years of study and work in this field is nowhere even remotely close to where I am today.

What I learned back then has been modified, altered, deleted or reconsidered based on the experiences Iu2019ve had since then either working with my own chart or with those of others.

,If you think you can study astrology and develop an understanding of your chart and of those you love, once your emotions are involved, you may find the challenges increase the more you knowu2026and you can easily discover more often than not that youu2019ll be wrong in what you thought would happen.

,I guess thatu2019s about all for now.

I hope it helps.

My apologies for the here and gone again.

My family and I are dealing with a loss, and Iu2019ll be harder to reach this week.

My apologies.