What are your thoughts on the New Clark City of the Philippines?

Clark Philippines

My concern is that this is a big project and a project that may get delayed due changes economic issues that will arise before the building is complete.

Basically a downturn in the global economy could cause the development project to be frozen.

If that does happen, it may be years later that the project could start.

,Personally, I love the concept and I would like a new city such as this being built in Luzon.

List of busiest airports in philippines

Fuel costs have very little to do with it.

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is not an oil producer, and Emirates purchases its jet fuel on the open market.

The Sydney-based Centre for Aviation (CAPA), which deals in aviation market intelligence, says what Emirates pays for fuel is roughly in line with what European legacy carriers do.

,So why is Emirates so profitable? Five big reasons.


Anyone who has had the chance to compare what it is like to fly with many different airlines will immediately be able to tell the difference.

So far, Iu2019ve flown with airlines in the Middle East, Asia, the Far East, Europe and North America, and from personal experience Iu2019d rate airlines based in the Middle East (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways) a touch above those in the Far East (Singapore, Cathay), with European airlines next (BA, Lufthansa), and North American airlines right at the bottom.

nnWith Emirates, it starts with the way passengers are greeted as they board (smiles and a choice of newspapers as you enter), hot towels soon after takeoff and a light snack within the first hour.

Emirates also has free wi-fi and the ability to send texts/emails via the personal entertainment screens on many of its aircraft, plus excellent meal choices and an attentive crew.

People I know who have flown business class on Emirates say the comparison with other airlines is even more pronounced.

nn,u200bu200bn,u200bnOne personal anecdote that captures the difference best for me: Many years ago, my wife flew Toronto-Dubai-Mumbai with my then 8-month-old son.

The first sector was on Air Canada; the second on Emirates.

At one point on the Air Canada flight, my wife buzzed for a stewardess and asked if she could warm the babyu2019s milk in the microwave for 20 seconds.

The curt response? u201cI have 300 passengers to serve.

Wait until Iu2019m done.

u201d nnContrast that with the Emirates sector where the stewardess, without prompting, came by with a bag of baby supplies, asked if she could help with anything, and even offered to carry my son for some time if my wife wanted to get some rest! We later found out Emirates actually trains some of its crew as flying nannies.

,Customer satisfaction.

This is linked in part to the previous point, but includes the entire experience with the airline, on and off the ground.

Emirates is ranked among the Top 5 in the world by Skytrax, whose World Airline Awards is an important benchmarking tool (It was #1 in 2013, now at #4 in a just-released 2014 list).

Total number of North American and European airlines in the Top 10: Zero.

nnCompare that with how US airlines are perceived.

The Reputation Institute, which gauges the emotional connection and reputation of U.


businesses with the general public, ranked U.


Airways and United as u201cweaku201d, while Delta and American Airlines were ranked u201caverageu201d.

The only one ranked u201cstrongu201d by Americans was Southwest.

,A younger fleet.

Emirates has one of the youngest fleets in the world, with the average age of aircraft pegged at 6.

4 years.

Compare that with the global average of more than 13 years.

nnThis is an important stat because newer aircraft like the A380s and the 777s burn less fuel and have engines that are 30-40% more efficient than aircraft from 15 years ago.

The A380 burns up to 20% less fuel per seat than its nearest competitor, in part because it uses a range of lightweight materials that account for about one-fourth of its structure.

nn,u200bnEmirates President and CEO Tim Clark has admitted that the splurge on A380s was a gamble, writing in the airlineu2019s publication OpenSky: u201cWe were bold ordering this double-decker when we did, and in the numbers that we did, but my goodness, it has proved to be a gamble worth taking.

Our customers love it, and it is one of the most efficient aircraft to operate today in terms of fuel burn per passenger.

u201d,A major international hub.

At 4,100 sq.


and a population of just 2.

1 million, Emiratesu2019 home base Dubai isnu2019t a particularly large city.

Given that, it is amazing to see how it has transformed itself into a global aviation hub.

nnFor January to August 2014, Dubaiu2019s passenger traffic stood at 46.

4 million, seventh highest in the world, and rising.

For perspective on the numbers, compare that with London Heathrow, the worldu2019s third-busiest airport, which had passenger traffic of 49.

1 million for the same period.

(EDIT | 5 May 2015: Dubai is now the worlds third-busiest airport, according to the latest ACI numbers).

nnWhy is the strategy to become a global transit hub important to Emiratesu2019 bottom line? It means increasing numbers of people from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia are flying the airline even though they have no plans to visit the Middle East; Dubai is merely a stopover.

Long-range aircraft like the A380s make this possible, and is the main reason why Emirates is ordering so many of these planes.

nnEmirates uses this as a growth strategy, unlike North American carriers who have opted for cost-cutting, fees and consolidation for profits.

,It is cost-efficient.

All of the above ties in finally to a critical metric used in the airline industry, Cost per Available Seat Kilometre (CASK).

nnWhat exactly is CASK (or CASM, for those that use miles)? Airlines have certain fixed operating costs (e.


fuel, maintenance, labour), whether or not they fly with a full passenger load.

CASK allows the industry to compare the efficiency of various airlines.

It is obtained by dividing the operating costs of an airline by available seat kilometres (ASK).

Generally, the lower the CASK, the more profitable and efficient the airline.

nn,u200bnu200bEmirates has a low CASK compared to major world airlines.

Why?nn,Newer, fuel-efficient aircraft means less is spent on this critical component.

(Fuel is 39% of Emirates cost base).

,Lower maintenance costs since the fleet is relatively young.

,Lower labour costs than in North America and Europe because Dubai has no income taxes and attracts workers from the Indian subcontinent, the Philippines and other countries where wages are generally low.

,Wide-bodied aircraft means more seats available to generate income.

,Long-range aircraft means more kilometres flown per passenger.

The cost of producing a seat-kilometre falls as average sector length increases since the fixed costs are amortised over more seat-kms and variable costs such as fuel are more efficiently consumed in longer flights.

,Lower taxes than what North American/European airlines must pay.

,nEmirates, thanks to its aggressive push into new markets, says passenger demand is keeping pace with capacity growth (with both around 15%), and passenger load factor at about 80% (not under 70% like the question assumes).

,Is it any surprise that Emirates is profitable?n,

Pen city code

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DOH Airport code

All the airports in the world are denoted by 3 letter codes assigned by IATA .

,EWR is the 3 letter code used by Newark Liberty International Airport in New York ,USA,DOH is the 3 letter code used By Doha Hamad airport in Qatar.