Whats the difference between UAE and Saudi Arabia?

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There are a lot of differences actually.

Both maybe in Gulf region, but are like two different worlds,,To begin with, Saudi Arabia is a unitary state, in other words, a very powerful central leadership in form of the King from the House of Saud.

Everyone else is subservient to the King and canu2019t even raise a finger at him if they want to.

There is no power-sharing arrangement in Saudi Arabia that gives anyone authority to disobey the King.

,Hence in other words, Salman is the Boss,Now before you ask me which Salman, well the one on left i.


the King, is not in his best health, and his son i.


the fellow on right, is the one who is more or less the guy who controls the country,UAE on other hand, is a non-democratic federal regime.

They call it u201cUnited Arab Emiratesu201d because there is more than one guy ruling here.

,Each of these region is an u201cEmirateu201d ruled by their respective hereditary u201cEmirsu201d who control everything in their regions from law, oil resources, revenue collection to name a few.

On a local level an average Emir in UAE is really powerful, on a national level the Emirs are part of a Federal Supreme Council and decide things like foreign policy, defense, and even decide the position of President and Prime Minister.

,Hence on a national level, UAE has no King, it has a President and Prime Minister, though they are chosen within the Council composed of themselves alone.

,Left: President of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-NayhanCenter: Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumRight: Deputy commander of UAEu2019s armed forces, and as per some experts, the de-facto ruler of UAE, Mohammed bin Zayed al-NayhanFor those who ask me if Deputy commander is more powerful than even President, no it isnu2019t, however the President is not in best of his health and the third person being his brother and at same time Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, he gets to be the one taking the major decisions.

,History is also witness to how both nations came into being.

Saudi Arabia was created by a series of conquests and wars, UAE on other hand was created by mutual cooperation and goodwill.

,,In terms of culture and religion, both places are strictly into Islam and there is zero doubt in that.

However Saudi Arabia strictly adheres to only one kind i.


Wahabbi version.

So in other words, all other versions of Islam are by and large prohibited.

So, what about Christians and Hindus (most of them arenu2019t natives here)? Your guess is as good as mineUAE is very much tolerant when it comes to religions like Hinduism, Christianity, and it even allows atheists.

As long as one doesnu2019t try to mock Islam or try to convert someone to any other religion , UAE is safe.

,There are Hindu temple in UAE, and they donu2019t allow idols here, but they do allow paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

,An Orthodox Christianity church,,Saudi Arabia by ethnicity, is more uniform by ethnicity.

There are more Arabic people living here than expatriates.

,UAE on other hand, only 11.

64% of entire population are of Emirati origin.

The largest ethnicity in UAE comes from a combined Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi population, and as things go, they are into every kind of jobs, from the smallest-paid wage workers to running companies.

,The guy on extreme left is M.


Yussuf Ali, chairman of LuLu International, and has his origins from Kerala, India.

As the humour goes, half of Kerala lives in Dubai.

,Note: Not everyone from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh lives like Mr Ali.

There is a sizable population who are living in much much worse situation because of their nature of jobs.

Come on, itu2019s not everyoneu2019s capability to become a businessman, right?,So in other words, ruling elites of UAE are a very small fraction of itu2019s ethnicity.

,,Women in Saudi Arabia, well letu2019s say that they are not in their best of the times yet.

Testimony of one man is equal to that of two women, any form of attempts to ask for more rights can lead to nasty incidents, to cut short, women are basically properties for the average Saudi male.

,In UAE, well the women of both royal and non-royal households are definitely binded by laws, however they are atleast 100 times more free than average Saudi woman,Mariam al-Mansouri, the first female fighter pilot of UAE.

,Judging by how Saudi Arabia had made driving for women legal only recently, it will take atleast another 30u201340 years at minimum to see a Saudi woman flying a fighter aircraft.

,,Saudi Arabia is infamous for itu2019s ultraconservative lifestyle.

Post the Grand Mosque Seizure, the country began a downward spiral socially.

Cinema theaters were closed (reopened recently), alcohol got banned (smuggling of alcohol happens for the elite, and anyone into this lucrative business is also risking strict imprisonment and lashes).

It isnu2019t uncommon to see things like this,If you are a non-Saudi in Saudi Arabia and wishes to have some kind of fun that is beyond alcohol or cinema theaters, you really need to find some new ways.

Saudis donu2019t grant tourist visas I guess.

,Saudi is also having a group called Committee for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), also called Mutaween (translation: Vice Squad), which is known for keeping a seriously good eye on anything that goes against the social order in the country, from sexual relationships to kind of clothing one wears to alcohol.

,Meanwhile in UAE, itu2019s much more fun.

Alcohol is totally fine if you drink at home alone and at same time not a Muslim (conditions applicable if you are from non-royal household alone) .

Entertainment is running fine and at same time if you are in UAE and have a really decent bank balance, you can be careful and have fun at same time,Itu2019s no surprise that tourism is a serious business in UAE,,Saudi Arabia is extremely ruthless and evil when it comes to foreign policy.

They wonu2019t really mind destroying nations they have a serious problem with.

Diplomacy by goodwill is something not in Saudi playbook.

,UAE on other hand, are not really into playing hardball all the time and prefer being somewhat less towards mindless violence.

If they have a problem, they will condemn you mostly, at times they may put sanctions on you, but no, they wonu2019t send their air force to bomb you or get you kidnapped and killed.

,,So both are like two different worlds.

In my opinion, UAE sounds far better a place.

,Edit:,As per a recent comment from Samantha Smith, Saudi Arabia has recently allowed similar changes as UAE , abolishing male guardianship and allowing women to work.

Also the recent Saudi ambassador to USA is a princess from royal family.

,In addition, the country has also been giving tourist visas.

Saudi to Philippines travel time

You wonu2019t be able to leave the airport anyway.

Saudi Arabia doesnu2019t issue tourist visas at all, and it definitely doesnu2019t issue visas to unaccompanied young women.

You probably wouldnu2019t be in much physical danger if you were allowed out, but you almost certainly wonu2019t be.

Iu2019m afraid youu2019ll just have to endure the 10 hour layover!

Jeddah time to Philippines

If you make it on time to a meeting or wherever, then it might appear as rude to the people from Venezuela.

,North Korea is a country where bizarre laws and regulations come as no surprise but Pyongyang, the countryu00b4s capital, has some that those who visit, should definitely know.

For example, visitors cannot use local currency (the North Korean won).

Theyre not even allowed into the cityu00b4s department stores.

,In Torino, Italy, it is against the law not to walk your dog at least three times a day.

,Capri, an island located in the Campania region, Italy, is a popular tourist destination.

However, if you decide to visit avoid wearing flip flops.

Flip flops and sandals that make loud noises are banned.

In Portugal, adding salt on a dish means that you didnu2019t like the food.

,Manila, the capital of the Philippines, banned all of Claire Danes movies due to her disrespectful interview while promoting the Brokedown Palace .

,There are many things women are not allowed to do in some Muslim countries (such as driving a car, voting, reading fashion magazines etc.

) but in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia they are even banned from using hotel swimming pools and spas.

,In countries like Russia or Romania eating at home before going to someone elseu2019s house is considered offensive.

,Ethiopia still follows a traditional calendar that is seven years behind the rest of the world .

,Greenland is unable to join FIFA because the ground there cant grow a grass field.

,In 1973, Bhutan instituted a policy to measure the nations Gross National Happiness (as opposed to the more typical Gross Domestic Product).

,In Thailand, the head is one of the most important parts of the body and it is seen almost as a sacred element.

It is considered offensive if one touches the head of a person.

,Argentina has the highest ratio of psychologists per inhabitant.

In Buenos Aires, there is even a district called u2018Ville Freud.

u2019,There is only one stop sign in all of Paris, and there is also a statue of liberty (like the one in New York).

You can actually marry a dead person in Paris and it is also illegal to call a pig Napoleon.

,In Samoa, there is a tradition called u2018fau2019afafineu2019, which means that the youngest son is raised as a daughter if you have too many sons in the family.

,Nauru is the smallest country in the world (21kmu00b2) and has no capital city.

,In Norway manners are mandatory.

Especially when it comes to food.

You always have to use the knife and the fork even for the usual stuff.

10 am Saudi time to philippine Time

Having spent 10 years each in both UAE and Oman, I can speak about these 2 countries,,First, you cannot compare the ground realities of UAE and Oman.

In UAE, the number of expatriates is almost 9u201310 times the local population.

So, UAE needs expats to be there to sustain and develop a nation more and more globalised and developed tourist place.

,In Oman, the local Omanis comprise almost 60% of the 4u20135 million population.

From 1970, the Sultan put more emphasis on education, so we have tens of thousands of qualified Omanis entering the job market.

The unemployment among youngsters is very high.

So, the government is bound to give them jobs.

Of course, like Canada or Australia, locally studied or citizens get priority in employment.

Or the nation cannot progress socially.

Omanis, have become more productive and professional in attitude.

There maybe some cases where they still need to improve, but employers must train them.

Omani youngsters ask us all.


u201cthis is our country and we need to live and work here, you are expats who came to work here.

We Omanis donu2019t have any other place to go.

So expats must plan to go back either today or tomorrow.

u201d Now, employers are in Catch22 situation.

Unless trained, Omanis canu2019t grow up from being only taxi drivers, debt collectors and cashiers.

Recent rules stipulate that all expats in sales or purchase positions must leave when visa expires.

So, employers are duty bound to improve Omanisation.

,I am speaking from over 30 years of working experience.

My answer is not focused only on Indians in Gulf countries, but in general for all expats.

Itu2019s time that expats in Oman start planning a life as entrepreneurs who can provide jobs in service sectors for jobseekers.

or maybe go back to chase their dreams.

India, Bangladesh, Philippines etc have booming economies.

This is a bitter pill to swallow, but reality hurts some.

,i have tried to be fair in my analysis.

If I offended anyone, I didnu2019t mean to.

,Best wishes to all.

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