How did the Rapa Nui people in Easter Island protect its Austronesian heritage despite far away from Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia and under Chilean administration?

How far is Indonesia from Philippines

With difficulty, would be the short answer.

,Itu2019s probably worthwhile to point out that the indigenous Rapa Nui people are Polynesian, which is a sub-group of Austronesian people.

Thus, people with similar cultures are found in places like Tahiti and other Polynesian islands - closer than the Philippines or Indonesia by a decent margin, but still quite a way away.

,Prior to any colonial administration, of course, maintaining the local culture would have been reasonably easy.

Subsequently, the Chileans (and others) handled matters the way many other colonial powers have around the world - that is to say, badly.

,That said, there have (as far as I recall from a visit to the island several years ago) been laws passed guaranteeing a level of freedom to use the indigenous language and follow at least some local cultural practices on Easter Island itself.

There were - Iu2019m not sure if there still are - also laws regarding how easy it is for a person from metropolitan Chile to migrate to the island without any family connections there, which serves to protect the local culture a bit more as well.

Tourism can theoretically help here, too, as visitors from elsewhere would typically want to experience the local flavour rather than the same culture as Chile (or even of the rest of Polynesia, for that matter).

How far is Taiwan from Philippines

Who is the most adventurous person who has ever lived?Nobody knows their names and they are not one but many.

I nominate the ancient Polynesians.

Some time around 3000 BCE, the ancient predecessors of todays Polynesian peoples started sailing east from what is today Taiwan.

This is adventurous in itself, setting out with your family and possessions out into open ocean in stone age technology canoes.

But the Philippine/Indonesian/New Guinean archipelagos are fairly dense with land masses and many of the islands are very large so that you dont have to sail very far to spot some new land.

Fishermen no doubt stumbled across new islands all of the time.

,But about 1300 BCE they had spread to the end of the Melanesian Islands and after that stuff gets really far apart.

Go ahead, Google Earth the Marshal Islands.

Now look how far away the Hawaiian Islands are.

Look how empty the ocean is out there.

There is no way that they could have found Hawaii (or for that matter Easter Island) except by just sailing out to sea and hoping that they would find land IN A CATAMARAN MADE FROM HOLLOWED OUT LOGS! You wonder how many just sailed out and never found land.

Just died of dehydration on the open ocean.

Even if you knew that Hawaii was there, you would just have to be off course by a half of a degree and .



no land til Alaska.

Those are some seriously ballsy sailors.

How many hours Philippines to China


nSee the map (marked green),Some facts about my trips:,The 50th - jubilee - country is going to be Israel (January 2018).

,The longest stay - China (two months),The longest trip - 3,5 months (China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand),The longest trip by car - 1,5 months (from Moscow to Hungary, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland),The shortest stays - Poland (a few hours by car) and Dubai (a couple hours of walk in the evening).

,The most visited: Austria (5 times), Thailand (4 times), Italy, USA, Germany (3 times each),The most expensive trip - 1,5 months (USA, Venezuela, Colombia),The most adventures trips:n- 2,5 months (Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia)n- 1,5 months (USA, Venezuela, Colombia),The most boring one: 3 days in Helsinki,The latest trip (but not the last I hope) - 2 weeks in Andalusia, Spain.

,My favourite cities: all small towns and villages in Austria, Prague, Sevilla, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, Bordeaux, Istanbul.

,Cities much praised but I wasnu2019t so impressed: Paris (crowdy and dirty), Vienna (pompous and a bit boring), Maiami (heavy traffic and not very much to see), Venice (absolutely touristy, crowded, expensive and overrated),Cities with largely bad reputations I liked: Milan, New York, Bangkok, Shanghai,Cities definitely worth visiting and largely overlooked by tourists: Budapest, Kiev, Tbilisi, Moscow,Countries definitely worth visiting and largely overlooked by tourists: Laos, the Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia,Great cities Iu2019ve never been to and I want to go: Rome, Florence, London, Tokyo,My plans for 2018 if Iu2019m lucky: Israel, Berlin (or Milan with the lakes), London, Sweden (car trip), South Korea, Argentina.

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Vietnam, Malaysia, and Philippines all renounced claims of territorial waters more than 12 miles from any islands in 2009.

China also submitted a brief to UNCLOS in 2009 but just repeated the dashed line map refusing to clarify whether it is a claim of all waters within the line as territorial.

That is a fundamental difference which has led to the freedom of navigation issue, and the outlines shown in the map are not all the same kind of claims.

,As Khanh Tran Trong said, the Vietnamese claim is of named island groups and not expressed in terms of limit lines.

How far to the east Vietnam claims the Spratly Islands is a good question and I am interested in any sources you can find.

However, this maps blue outline enclosing large areas of sea with no islands, does not correspond to any Vietnamese claims I know of.

,It does not correspond to EEZ claims either, which is different from territorial waters.

Vietnam, Malaysia, and Philippines all claimed the normal 200 mile EEZ from mainlands in 2009, and the blue outline extends well beyond 200 nautical miles from mainland Vietnam.

The Vietnam EEZ claim extends into the main shipping lanes, but is a claim to seabed resources and perhaps to regulate fishing, not a claim of any right to interfere with shipping.

,This map from Wikipedia shows the Chinese dashed line along with the other countries EEZ claims of 200 nm or midline (whichever is farther) since 2009 but not the other countries island claims.


Philippines to China

How does one describe a relationship of a lesser state with a greater state?,(a) sell out,(b) acts of subservience,(c) diplomacy and amity,(d) equality,In the recent past before this path to uncharted waters by Duterte (well not that bold or daring maybe), Filipinos always believed that notwithstanding pronouncements of Philippine independence, this Asian country was never really free from American control - politically and economically.

Most of us grew loving the United States, from M&M chocolates to Leviu2019s 501s.

We love the NBA and MLB except that the flight of American war jets during the EDSA revolution against Marcos was too much of a big brother act.

,Fifty years of American colonialism, introduction of Protestantism and public education plus the so called post independence years, were never called a sell out although if one would labour to define what a sell out is, the likelihood of Filipino subservience to Americau2019s strong arm tactics is like to fall within the definition of a sell out.

Inevitably, the acts are tantamount to political and economic subservience.

True to a satire once written, the Filipinos remained as Americau2019s Little Brown Brother.

,The 1985 Philippine constitution made possible by the widowed housewife of the slain aspirant to the presidency provided that the country can determine its fate as a sovereign.

The highest law of the land empowered the president as the chief architect of foreign policy - an independent foreign policy.

He can perform acts in the best interests of the Filipino people.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte, a city mayor from Davao in the distant south of the Philippines won the elections overwhelmingly over Roxas and Poe, clear and undisputed Am-guys.

,During the 2016 elections, the presidential candidate was visibly irked by the US Ambassadoru2019s statements which favoured another candidate.

This was construed as political interference of America in another sovereignu2019s political affairs.

When President Obama threatened to curb the fulfilment of the incumbentu2019s campaign promise to destroy the machinery of illegal drugs in the republic, the new Philippine president responded with a mouthful of slurs erupting like mount Pinatubo.

The world was shocked.

We were torn between speechlessness and pride.

This little brown Filipino from the south was not to be boxed in as Americau2019s Little Brown Brother.

,With Duterte at the helm, old and deep wounds covered by historians surfaced.

He was not only a president.

He was a student of history.

He uncovered and presented before the nation the documented slaughter of Filipino Moslems and the theft of the Balangiga Bells of Samar during the American occupation.

,Hello Agoncillo, where are you?,America was silent.

Its covering of moral ascendancy propped up for years by books and media was being stripped before the Filipino nation.

,The Tall White Brother was at a times a bully.

,Then, China comes with its billion dollar diplomacy for bridges, roads and infrastructure and military support with a friendship which historians seemed to have forgotten and failed to highlight as part of its Asian heritage.

We are after all not only lovers of McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken but we cannot also live without the u201clowlyu201d Mamonluk, Eng Bee Tin hopia, fried rice with chorizo bilbao, steamed chicken feet and all other types of culinary delicacies.

Arenu2019t these essential parts of our heritage not been expressly written on purpose by the powers of the occupying force?,Is veering to China, a SELL out?,Itu2019s about perspective.

,A better word could be a return.

Or a re-connection.

,Hopefully this would not to be a journey back to imperialism and communism.

Distance between Philippines and Hong Kong

You cant fly non-stop by helicopter to your Hong Kong or Philippines heres why:,The longest distance a helicopter could fly non-stop is held by Lockheeds Cheyenne at 1,971 km.

Its speed is only around 362 kph,Distance between Singapore and Hong Kong is 2,589 km - you will need to stop to re-fuel (Likely to stop at Bangkok 1,781km (4 hours 56 min flight time) + time to refuel (1 hour) + BKK to HK 1692km (4 hours 41 min flight time),Distance between Singapore and Philippines (Manila) is 2,391 km - your problem is there arent any re-fueling stops in the pacific ocean - so you may need to take a longer route - hopping through Indonesia to get closer to Philippines.

,Distance between Singapore and Jakarta is 885km (about 2 hours 27 minutes flight time not counting clearance from aviation authorities).

,Distance between Singapore and Sumatra (Palembang) is 478km - this would take about 1 hour and 20 minutes flight time (not counting clearance from aviation authorities)

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Absolutely Yes.

,Malaysia is the most racist country in the world, the constitution is racist, government policies racist, political system racist, country administrative system racist, allocation of national resources racist, education system racist, it will be difficult to find any system that is not race based or racist.

An African black once confessed l did not realise l am black until l come to Malaysia.

,Racism, racial discrimination, racial suppression, Malay supremacy, denied of opportunities to Chinese and minority races, resulted in suboptimum performance in every sector, government administration, countryu2019s policy formulation and strategic decision.

,In this cutting edge technology and knowledge base economy, if you do not utilise the top 1% talents of the country, worst drive them away, denied them opportunities to empower and contribute, how far can the country goes? K.

Y Lee of Singapore managed to attract talents from all over the world to enable Singapore become most successful country in the region.

,Yes, Malaysia is performing relatively bad compare to countries in the region despite having abundant natural resources, is mainly due to racism, racial discrimination, racial suppression and resulted in massive brain drain.

Malaysia was on bar with S.

Korea during the 1980, both countries set on milestones to develop at almost same time and S.

Korea is ways ahead compare to Malaysia today, whereas others regional countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Philippine, Indonesia, Cambodia were far behind Malaysia 20 years ago have catched up if not exceeded Malaysia today.

,You do not hold high expectation for the most racist country on earth, do you??? It is natural they are rotting and on trajectory to failure and loser soon.