Why are there no Dunkin Donuts stores in California?

San Diego airport zip code

There are Dunkin Donut stores in California.

Go to DunkinDonuts.

com and type in various zip codes and you can find them.

n Back in 2015, they announced they were opening 1,000 stores in California.

From Wikipedia Dunkin Donuts page: Dunkin Donuts - WikipediaWestern U.


expansion[edit]Since 2014, an increasing number of Dunkin Donuts shops have begun appearing in California.

Traditionally, California has been the stronghold of sister brand Baskin-Robbins, which was founded in Glendale.

Dunkin Donuts signed agreements to open 18 shops in Orange County, along with eight more shops planned for the North Inland Empire, including the first location in that region that opened in Upland in early 2015.

,By December 2015, more than 20 California shops were opened, including locations in Barstow (at Barstow Station), Downey, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, Modesto, Ramona, San Diego (at Embassy Suites), Santa Monica, Upland, and Whittier; along with a shop on the Camp Pendleton military base and a location inside the LAX Airport.

The San Diego Embassy Suites shop, shared with Baskin-Robbins, was the companys first co-branded location in California when it opened in March 2014, while the Santa Monica shop was the first to open in the Los Angeles area in September 2014.

Going forward from 2015, the company expects to begin opening what could eventually total more than 1,000 shops in California.

,On January 16, 2013, Nigel Travis, Dunkin Donuts CEO, announced that the Dunkin Donuts franchises would be available in California beginning in 2015.

,In July 2013, Dunkinu2019 Donuts announced that it has signed its first Southern California multi-unit store development agreements with four franchise groups for a total commitment of 45 new restaurants.

The first standalone restaurants were expected to open in 2015 in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

,The chain also planned to expand into more stores in Texas by 2015.

,On March 10, 2014, the first Dunkin Donuts/Baskin-Robbins combination store in Southern California opened in Ramona.

,This is Dunkin Donutss third California shop to open, following shops in Barstow and on Camp Pendleton.

Since March 2014, Dunkin Donuts has opened several additional locations throughout California, including the Los Angeles area.

In 2016, Dunkin Donuts shops opened in the San Francisco Bay Area in Walnut Creek and Half Moon Bay,Dunkin Donuts shops opened in the San Francisco Bay Area in Walnut Creek, Half Moon Bay, and American Canyon in 2016, as well as South San Francisco and Fremont, in 2017.

,I guess you didnu2019t bother to check first.

Airport code list

For fun, I wrote a Python script to do the following:n(1) Take the list of airports from http://www.


org/ and remove all the airports listed as Bus service or Rail service or Van service or All airports.

n(2) Plug the remaining airports into http://www.


com/geocoder/ to get their GPS coordinates.

n(3) Finally, compute the distances between pairs of airports by plugging their GPS coordinates into the haversine formula http://stackoverflow.

com/questions/4913349/haversine-formula-in-python-bearing-and-distance-between-two-gps-pointsBelow are my results for airports that are less than 5 km away from each other.

(Ive done some manual pruning to remove heliports, results that show up due to incorrect/inaccurate GPS coordinates, and airports that correspond to multiple airport codes.


9 kmnKCL airport http://en.


org/wiki/Chignik_Lagoon_AirportnKCG airport http://en.


org/wiki/Chignik_Fisheries_AirportnBoth airports are in Alaska.


5 kmnKKU airport http://www.


com/airport/KKUnCLP airport http://en.


org/wiki/Clarks_Point_AirportnBoth airports are in Alaska.


6 kmnORG airport http://en.


org/wiki/Zorg_en_Hoop_AirportnPBM airport http://en.


org/wiki/Johan_Adolf_Pengel_International_AirportnBoth airports are in Suriname.


1 kmnWRY airport http://en.


org/wiki/Westray_AirportnPPW airport http://en.


org/wiki/Papa_Westray_AirportnBoth airports are in Scotland.

ICAO code list

Kindly note that you are asking about two different things.

,As we or you are aware that the aviation industry has become or grown into a gigantic issue that needs constant supervision and constant watch in order to avoid mishaps and accidents.

,In any case the IATA codes are the original city codes that were assigned by IATA and the host country about fifty or sixty or seventy years ago and these codes are 3 letter codes such as LON for London and BOM for Bombay.

,Referring to the ICAO codes these are 4 letter codes and used for operational purposes.

,Some details given below.

,ICAO codes are also used to identify other aviation facilities such as weather stations, international flight service stations or area control centres, whether or not they are located at airports.

Flight information regions are also identified by a unique ICAO-code.

,For example, the IATA code for Londons Heathrow Airport is LHR and its ICAO code is EGLL.

,Finally to your question you can write it any way you want the airline staff would know it for sure they are the smartest people you know.


including me.

,Or if still in doubt you can just call them and they should tell you, or ask your senior colleagues.

I would write BNE first.

Laguardia airport

I lived in Manhattan for about 8 years, and frequently took domestic flights out of LGA.

,Youu2019re absolutely right, Laguardia does not have modern airport facilities - it is not have high end lounges, high end shopping / restraunts, nice bathrooms, etc .


,That said, itu2019s also important to understand the purpose of the airport.

According to Port Authority rules, all flights to and from LaGuardia HAVE to be less than 3 hours in duration.

It serves as a short haul relief airport to the two major international airports in the metro, namely, JFK and Newark.

LGA is technically an international airport because pre-cleared flights from Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa can land in LGA but it does not have any customs or immigration facilities, so non-pre-cleared flights canu2019t land there.

,As such, usually when you are taking off from LaGuardia, you probably donu2019t have checked-in luggage; you show up say, 45 minutes before the flight, and go straight to your boarding gate.

When you land, you go straight to ground transport.

It also happens to be substantially closer to Manhattanu2019s east side (midtown east and UES) than JFK, which is important for short-haul trips.

,So yes, in an ideal world, it would be nice if LaGuardia was upgraded to a brand new swanky airport.

But if I had to list the top 10 infrastructure projects on which the city/state should be spending billions of dollars, LGA would not even come remotely close to making that list.

,I honestly donu2019t understand why people are so obsessed with LGA being a third-world airport; clearly these people have never had to take the 6 train, or a crosstown cab, or a cab across the Brooklyn Bridge, or the L train, or a gazzilion other things in NYC which are u201cthird worldu201d.

Wiki oak airport

Original Question:Do gun free zones work?,Research on this question and many challenges to this law appear to argue against gun free zones, in part based on the Constitutions Commerce Clause and mass-shootings [defined: Commerce Clause] Also see statistics for mass-shootings below.

,In most cases the shooter never survives, either because he kills himself, or is killed by authorities.

More common is that when deadly force is encountered, the shooting spree ends abruptly.

There are not many shoot outs between the killer and the armed resistance.

,Schools do a very effective job of keeping students from bringing weapons in to a school.

Even this strict adherence to no guns permitted fails on occasion, but history shows this is usually not the case.

The student can go back out to his vehicle and re-enter the school.

,I have been in many schools in Atlanta, GA (USA) and some have armed security or resource officers present.

Direct access to class areas and school offices is screened first.

Some schools I have been in use metal detector pass throughs as at airports.

,President Obama wants more resource officers.

I agree.

He feels armed protection is needed.

The public agrees.

Gun free-zones do not protect children and staff as well as they could.

,nLAWnThe Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA, codified at 18 U.



u00a7 922(q)) is a federal United States law that prohibits any individual from knowingly possessing a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone as defined by 18 U.



u00a7 921(a)(25).

Its formal title is the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and is sometimes referred to as the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1995, possibly in reference to S.


[wiki],nRULINGSnThe Supreme Court of the United States held that the original Act was an unconstitutional exercise of Congressional authority under the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution in United States v.

Lopez, 514 U.


549 (1995).

This was the first time in over half a century that the Supreme Court limited Congressional authority to legislate under the Commerce Clause.

[wiki],SOME STATISTICS:nGun-free zones: .



the shootings in gun-free zones invariably result in far higher casualty figures -- Sikh temple, Oak Creek, Wis.

(six dead); Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.

(32 dead); Columbine High School, Columbine, Colo.

(12 dead); Amish school, Lancaster County, Pa.

(five little girls killed); public school, Craighead County, Ark.

(five killed, including four little girls).





Dallas airport

Love Field was originally a cotton field way outside of Dallas where an airfield was constructed by the US Army to train pilots during WWI.

It was named for Army 2nd Lieutenant Moss Love who was killed during flight training there.

,The Army sold the site to the City of Dallas in the 1920u2019s and itu2019s been a commercial airport since then.