Do egg whites or egg yolks contain the dead chick?

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Baby Chick

If you buy your eggs at the grocery store, they are unfertilized and there is no chick embryo to worry about consuming.

Some stores may sell fertilized eggs in the health food section, but they will be clearly marked so you can avoid them.

,If you buy eggs from a farm stand, you would have to ask if a rooster has had access to the hens.

If that is the case, the eggs may be fertilized and contain at least the very start of an embryo -- something you probably wouldnt be able to even notice if you cracked the egg open.

,Here is how you can tell if the egg is fertilized once you crack it.

Look for a faint white spot on the yolk.

If this spot looks like a tiny bulls eye, the egg has been fertilized.

If the spot is just an irregular blob, the egg was NOT fertilized.

If an embryo does start to grow, it would be attached to the yolk and would be pretty hard to miss.

,I once cracked an egg into a pan and was horrified to see a small, half-inch long embryo, but its the risk I take when buying eggs from a local farm with free range hens and roosters.