Why is Korean food not as good as Chinese and Japanese?

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Spicy garlic shrimp near me

Garlic sold in American grocery stores look like this.

,Garlic sold in Korea look like this.

,Maybe itu2019s an exaggeration but Koreans love their garlic and garlic makes food that much better.

However I think garlic makes Korean food what it is to our kimchi down to our side dishes.

Italian food also has a love affair with garlic and itu2019s considered some of the best the world has to offer.

,I donu2019t know about you but garlic is some of the most tastiest morsels raw, preserved or cooked and when mixed into our dishes itu2019s the opposite of tasteless.

,We love to preserve garlic in soy sauce and it makes it extra special with rice dishes.

Itu2019s not limited to only garlic but a huge array of vegetables like garlic stems, whole fresh garlic, peppers, onions, etc.

Even seafood like fresh crabs, shrimps and much more!,Just look at this incredible bounty of side dishes, meats, fish, soup, and rice! The varieties are huge and change with every single season.

You can get free refills for any of the smaller side dishes and I donu2019t know what makes a meal taste any better then having things for free.

,Kimchi is not just spicy nappa cabbage kimchi there are so many varieties of fresh vegetables made both mild and spicy that makes a Korean like me cry in pure joy.

,Taste is key but also nutrition and just look how pretty mixed rice is in Korea! It just makes every meal more healthy and extra special.

,Korean pancakes in varieties of battered fish, skewered fishcakes, stuffed peppers, and stuffed zucchini.

,Of course there is Korean BBQ which is the best example of social and family occasions in Korea.

,As a granddaughter of a proud Korean cuisine expert all I can say is that I wish you can try what my family has to offer.

We make our soy sauce and fermented sauces all from scratch which takes us years to age.

,Itu2019s nothing like the stuff they sell in grocery stores believe me and even when we live in an era of such conveniences sometimes preparing stuff the good old fashioned way is just way better.

,My grandmother keeps soy sauces older then me and Iu2019m over 25 years old so you can just imagine how fine that soy sauce has aged like wine.

,Korean food is different in each region and if you think only spicy, tasteless stuff represents the entire cuisine thatu2019s just crazy to compare.

Korean food thatu2019s served in a majority of restaurants I admit donu2019t do the best dang job they can possibly do.

Kimchi will taste different in each restaurant and each household so will the sauces.

,My grandmother has 50 years of kimchi making experience and that makes her kimchi different from other kimchi out there.

She washes all the vegetables by hand, salts them with high quality sea salt that we leave out to age for 3 years, then she washes the kimchi after a day to remove access salt then prepares her kimchi sauce which has well over 8 other ingredients combining seafood with high quality fruits and vegetables.

She even goes the extra step in making sure to add fresh spring water to her kimchi and it makes it completely different.

She needs at least 2 days to prepare all the kimchi and itu2019s a family affair to help her.

We then have to wait at least 3 weeks before her kimchi is ready to eat and believe me itu2019s worth the wait.

,When we put so much effort into our food I think Korean food actually made with so much time set ahead thatu2019s what makes it Korean food and Iu2019m no expert in Chinese or Japanese cuisines but itu2019s not fair to dismiss Korean food completely.

Maybe you really donu2019t have great Korean restaurants near you but if you can do go to a better place and maybe your better satisfied.