What is the greatest American dessert?

Food Network Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

What a great question! American cuisine has often been derided by those who come from more advanced culinary traditions, but dessertsu2014like breakfastsu2014are areas where really good food shines.

Bear in mind, quality can vary considerably, but here are some ideas:,Ice cream.

Especially from specialty creameries, outstanding ice cream may be found in many places, often with unique flavors.

Try an ice cream sundae (invented in Ithaca, New York) or a banana split, or a chocolate malt, or an ice cream soda, oru2026,Pie.

Nothing is as American as a good pie.

Apple, cherry, pecan, strawberry rhubarb, key lime, banana creamu2026 Many old school diners still bake their own pies.


While Continental cakes are well represented in the US, some are American specialties, like Red Velvet Cake or German Chocolate Cake (named not for the country but for the American company that made the chocolate, the owner of which was a Mr.


Angel Food Cake and Devils Food Cake both are American in origin.

,Brownies (and Blondes).

Some places elevate the brownie to haut cuisine.

These chocolaty, gooey treats can be amazing.


Especially homemade, in a wide variety of flavors.

Rich and decadent.


No cookie is more American that chocolate chip; some places make incredible versions of this classic.

Other cookies are very American: oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, peanut butter.

,Cupcakes originated in the US.

Due in part to competitions on the Food Network, bakers have created increasingly imaginative and delicious versions of this dessert.

,There are many other great American desserts.


Rich butter cookies

I hate it when you tell me I cant join your club.

,Sorry, you say.

This club is only for kids with brown eyes.

,My eyes are a rich jade green, bright and shimmering.

,Sorry, you say.

This club is only for boys who like red and girls who like blue.

,I am a boy.

Red is too hot, too angry for me.

I prefer a calm, chilled blue.

,Sorry, you say.

This club is only for kids who believe in dragons and unicorns.

,I see these majestic, elegant creatures etched into my picture book.

I know they are not real.

,Sorry, you say.

This club is only for kids who got a perfect score on the spelling test.

,I spelled three words wrong.

I can read.

I can write.

I cant spell.

,Sorry, you say.

This club is only for kids who are the captain of a sports team.

,I defend the soccer ball from the goal and boot it far away anytime it nears me.

I jump higher than anyone to retrieve the rebounds.

I listen.

I take orders.

,Mom, they wouldnt let me join their clubs at school, I said, over my afternoon snack of peanut butter cookies, green apples, and creamy milk.

,Its okay, she told me.

It will be better as you get older.

,Will it? I asked.

Will it?