Why is the venti size at Starbucks called a venti?

Starbucks venti size

In Italian, venti means 20.

A venti cup at Starbucks holds 20 fluid ounces.

Coincidence? I think not.

Starbucks Tall size ml

Depends,Starbucks is expensive,Lets assume you have a Frappe for Tall size ( 280 ml) which will cost approximately Rs 600/- and above for both.

,If you increase your size, It will be around Rs 750/- and above.

,And All the snacks and cakes starts from Rs 300/- and all are not worth buying.

Veg sandwich they sell for 300 can be bought for Rs 50/- in Small stall.

,If your taking a girl for date in Starbucks, I suggest you to take minimum of Rs 2000/- Also i advice you to buy only coffee in star bucks and take her out to some good restaurant.