What are some good Cantonese side dishes to accompany rice?

Braised Abalone

Char siu <3,Chinese steamed egg,White cut chicken,Sweet and sour pork,Steamed oysters,Stewed beef brisket,Steamed spare ribs with fermented black beans and chili pepper,Steamed ground pork with salted duck egg,Blanched vegetables with oyster sauce,Gotta have the vegetables,Dace fish balls,Steamed fish (personal favorite),White boiled shrimp,Seafood with birdu2019s nest,Crispy fried chicken,Fried tofu with shrimp,Braised abalone,Sea cucumber,Any dish from dim sum (love the egg tarts),And the list goes onu2026

German food culture

There used to be a certain stratification when it came to u201cwho eats whatu201d in Germany when I lived there.

,Basically, you could guess at a personu2019s level of education by hearing about their food choices.

,Eating German food in Germany is already a sign of a certain mindset, and I found that people with university degrees were a lot less likely to choose German food.

,But even within the German foods spectrum, you get giveaways.

,Like:,conspicuous sausage eaters are rarely academics,those who prefer whole grain bread are often also vegetarians,Spu00e4tzle fans, when male, are often nerds,charcuterie and bread are the trademark dinner of the regionalistically inclined,Rouladen appears to be a dish nobody actually ever makes, but everybody likes.

Like a legend.

,Spanferkel s something you eat as a dare, or to prove your Bavarian ancestry,Weisswurst is only for tourists, and people from Bavaria when they have guests,Eating German food is seen as a weakness, indulgence, or sign of narrowmindedness, which is why it happens only secretly, or in a trusted circle.

The modern German eats Italian, French, or Scandinavian food.

Better still, things from Americau2019s deep south.