What are some good pasta recipes without red sauce?

Carbonara with white wine and cream

There are many other sauces that go great with pasta.

nThe simplest one would be aglio olio which is just olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes.

Shrimps added to aglio olio are just perfect with spaghetti when topped with a sprinkle of herbed toasted breadcrumbs called pangritata.

nThe pesto is another one which goes well with fusilli, rotini and spaghetti.

The most popular genovese pesto has basil, pine nuts, garlic, and parmesan.

Add in sundried tomatoes for a kick.

Try the pesto calabrese with ricotta, chilli flakes and roasted red peppers.

Or the pesto noci with walnuts and parsley.

Or the trapanese pesto with tomato, almonds, and pecorino.

nThe white pasta sauces are also an option.

Try carbonara made with eggs, pancetta, black pepper and parmesan.

A carbonara with flaked salmon or asparagus sounds great.

Or alfredo which is simply butter, cream, garlic and parmesan.

Add in pancetta, peas and mushrooms to make it funghi e piselli.

And the ubiquitous mac and cheese made with essentially a mornay sauce- cheesy bechamel- could be great especially with lobster, bacon or asparagus added.

nAn especially rich luscious sauce would be the pasta norcina, where mushrooms and sausage are made even more decadent with cream and truffles.

nIf you dont dislike the flavor of a tomato sauce but just want to try something new there are many additions to make it more interesting.

Add in pancetta to make it amatricana.

Or chilli flakes to make it arrabiatta.

Capers, anchovies, olives and chilli flakes would make it a puttanesca.

Eggplant and aged ricotta would make it pasta alla norma.

Add in more vegetables to make it the spring classic, primavera.

Vodka and cream when added make the classic penne alla vodka.

nA ragu sauce would be good for thicker pasta like papardelle.

Make it with minced meat, white wine and pancetta for bolognese, or diced meat and red wine for a neapolitan sauce.

nA garlic tomato parsley and white wine sauce is popular for seafood as the pasta alla vongole with clams.

Add in a pinch of saffron to make a more fragrant sauce for a seafood pasta.

nI also like the fresh no cook pasta sauces like, pasta alla checca with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

Or orechiette pasta with ricotta cheese, peas and artichokes.

A simple sage butter sauce goes well with filled pasta like ravioli and tortellini.