How old was Princess Diana when she died?

How old was Princess Diana when she died

She was 36.

Prince death 2022

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth performed her first duty since Prince Phillips death.

She officially opened the 2021-2022 session of the British Parliament.

Do you have a comment?Yes; you must live somewhere between the Far East and the international dateline due to the time of day here in the UK and your u2018yesterdayu2019 when itu2019s just past 6pm in the UK.

,I think she did well to come out at all in view of recent events.

No-one would have blamed her if sheu2019d handed the baton to Charles this time.

Sheu2019s 95 and Charles helped her stay steady, but most people donu2019t even live that long and struggle to walk even if they do.

As ever, she did her duty, even though many would have been fine with her having a day off this time.

Still, sheu2019s at an age when she might be wondering if this is her last state opening.