What was a typical dinner that your mom served in the 1970s and 1980s?

Old fashioned sausage balls

My mother made meals for 9 children in those days.

So they were very traditional, and mostly quite simple.

On Sundays my father cooked dinner.

,Every meal had three courses.

We always started with soup.

Some soups were from a can, in which case they were usually tomato or vegetable soup, or a mix of the two.

But she also made great pea soup.

A meal in itself.

It took over a day to make that soup.

She made it the traditional way.

When that soup cooled off you could cut little chunks out of the soup.

She also made white bean soup.

And imagine the 7 sons sitting in the living room after eating that soup.

Have you seen Blazing Saddles? nThe Sunday soup was started on Saturday.

It was a broth from veal.

It was on the stove for at least 12 hours.

And my mother made marrow balls to put in the soup.

The marrow came from the piece of meat that the broth was made from.

It always also contained a piece of bone.

,The second course was the traditional farmers meal.

cooked potatoes, two types of cooked vegetables, and some type of meat.

Pork chops on Sunday, sausage or meatballs on weekdays.

Always served with a meat sauce.

Most of the vegetables were from our own garden.

So peas, various types of beans, cauliflower, kohlrabi, celeriac, asparagus (only on Sundays) The potatoes also were from the own garden.

But we couldnu2019t grow enough for the whole year, so they were also bought on the market.

usually in big burlap sacks of 50 kilograms.

All vegetables were frozen after harvest, or home canned in glass jars.

The potatoes were kept in the cellar.

nWe had a freezer of at least 200 litres.

Before we had our own freezer my mother rented a drawer in the towns community freezer house.

nOn Fridays there was never meat, but fish or eggs instead.

The Friday meal was mostly mashed potatoes, onion sauce, beans and an egg.

nOn Sundays, when my father cooked, he always made fries.

He did that the old fashioned way.

A big pan on the stove with oil and a basket to put the fries in.

While he was making the fries, me and my younger brother got a fry before the meal pricked on a fork.

To keep us quiet probably.

,The third course was desert.

Sometimes simple yogurt with fruit sauce.

The yogurt from big litre bottles, and the fruit sauce was home made from berries or plums or cherries.

Sometimes my mother made buttermilk with raisins or dried plums.

Sometimes she made rice-pudding.

But only on Fridays.

She also sometimes made real custard pudding.

But often we had something very typical for the Netherlands.

We call it vla.

Itu2019s a thick-fluid dairy product that comes in flavours like chocolate or vanilla.

Sometimes on Sundays we had ice cream.

Pioneer Woman sausage balls

The same as it was when Georges Burou pioneered the male to female procedure; that is, the surgery is utterly cosmetic, and leaves one a biological neuter.

Even if the external appearance of the individualu2019s genitals is close to that of the sex theyu2019re aiming for, these genitals are an approximation only.

To wit: a u201cneopenisu201d cannot ejaculate, cannot become tumescent as there is no corpus cavernosum, and lacks the venous and neural structure of an actual penis.

There is of course no prostate, no seminal vesicles, no testes, nothing.

Itu2019s a sausage made from pieces of your skin.

,The u201cneovaginau201d cannot stretch, self-clean, lubricate, contract, lacks the complex neurological interplay of the clitoral structure, has no cervix, no uterus, no supporting ligamentary structure, none of the musculature of an actual vagina; it is, to all intents, the surgical equivalent of a sock behind the approximation of a vulva.

These surgeries are not only rubbish and biologically pointless (effectively removing trans people from the gene pool theyu2019re distinctly counter-evolutionary if you believe that sort of thing), they are very expensive and unsurpisingly totally irreversible.

,That they are pushed by greedy clinicians and spineless authorities as a solution to anything is a disgrace.

Itu2019s little wonder that discussing the shortfall of these surgeries is considered taboo and u201ctransphobicu201d; the cognitive dissonance associated with discovering that your penis inverted and your balls cut off doesnu2019t make you a woman must be hideous.

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