Is it illegal to sabotage a job? For example, if you work in customer service, and you send customers emails swearing at them andsaying theyu2019re buying from an awful company, would this be illegal?

Customer service email examples

You mentioned illegal where is the law it relates to.

Your company can charge you for deliberately damaging the reputation of the business,But more likely they will fire you and any references will reflect your action.

,So what we learn from thisu2026,Dont do stupid things if you dont like the job leave in a professional way,Good luck,I had a colleague working with me side by side installing the new fax machines with video camera in 1983 and he got upset with a customer and started sending bad faxes to test with bad language.

The lady on the other side played a game and wound him up more do it just got worst.

I happen to pick up his vibes seen what he was doing and immediately stopped him.

I apologized to the customer and she was fuming.

So she went straight to the CEO with the full evidence.

,The cto approached us and I was a well respected engineer so he asked me what happened I gave him my side and then he listened to my colleague and he was fired immediately.

,So not a good thing no sireeeee

How to reply customer complaint email sample

You can directly call hungama customer helpline and register a complaint log, to stop BSNL hungama games, movies on demand, music on demand service etc.

,You can also send an email, mentioning clear details to BSNL hungama support.

,I got proper reply email that the hungama plan is deactivated within 2 days.

So, I recommend to approach bsnl thru email.

Professional email response templates

Have a coherent set of answers to these questions:,Who you are,Why are you writing this email,Whatu2019s in it for the recipient or why they should take any action,With these questions answered, you will be much more clear in your articulation and presenting your point u2013 these are also three main things that your recipient would like to know, when receiving an email.

,Create a clear visual structure.

These are your allies:,numbers,bullet points,breaks;,Formulating your message into short sentences and structure it with forms listed above makes your email much easier to read and understand than unrestricted stream of thoughts.

Blocks of text are really hard to read.

,Present specific information,Actionable info that gives the recipient clear information about the subject is much more appreciated than asking open questions, using numbers that arenu2019t clear, or giving an unspecified time range.

,Feel free to review, restructure and rewrite, if needed.

Donu2019t be scared of cutting.

,Even more experienced writers always start with a draft.

At the end of writing, read it all again and evaluate it.

Is it clear? Is it concise? Does it present the message in an understandable way? Be honest in your review.

,Remember, most often emails are tools, not love letters.

Make it as useful as possible and cut the unnecessary parts.

Your recipients will be grateful.

Customer service responses examples

It can include that and more sometimes.

The job of public relations is to present theyu2019re company in a favorable light not only to customers but to everyone the general public and the press.

Technical support email example

Absolutely, if and only if three conditions are met:,You dont want to upgrade to Windows 10,You are willing to learn an approach to computing that is 150 degrees (no, not quite 180 degrees) away from Windows and the Windows ecosystem,You recognize that without updates, Windows of any version is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks; this is not so with Linux, which is just secure enough that running out-of-date distros is, though risky, far less risky than doing the same thing with Windows.

Fact is, Linux is almost entirely invulnerable to viruses and malware.

It is NOT invulnerable to bugs in the software code, improperly configured security, or just plain old dumbass errors moves by incompetent or inexperienced sysadmins.

Simple example: logging in using SSH as Root.

Pure, 100% dumbass.

,But, if you work in a corporate environment, even in a small business environment, you may have no choice; you just cant be the sole outsider in a networked environment.

It doesnt work; it would force you (as boss) or your boss to hire technical support staff who can do both Windows and Linux.

I should tell you that Linux techs dont exactly grow on trees, the way Windows tech support specialists do.

And in a medium or large scale corporation, its simply impossible.

,In a very small business, with very willing employees, who all commit 100% to the changeover, sure; or if youre the only technically inclined person in your home and you just do it, over peoples initial objections, you might get away with it.

And as an individual? No problem.

,If you do want to migrate a lot of people over to Linux, use Linux Mint (with the Cinnamon or XFCE desktop environments) or Zorin OS.

They are both very similar to Windows in terms of navigation of the Desktop Environment.

At least, theyre similar to Windows 10; its been so long since I have used Windows 7, I cant be sure how much similarity there is between it and the two Linux distros.

,The three hardest things to adjust to in Linux compared to Windows is (1) no Registry (2) a very different drive and partition identification method and (3) a command-line interface that is very different from the DOS shell and Powershell.

,But for regular users who just surf the net, watch Netflix and read their email from a web-browser, Linux is 95-98% no different from Windows -- that is, the two Linux distros I mentioned earlier.

,I hope that helps.

,(Minor edits added 11-11u20132020),Thanks for the A2A

Amazon customer service email samples

In my recent experience, YES it does.

I submitted a very factual negative review.

I later received a message saying that it could not be posted because it did not adhere to their guidelines.

I read the guidelines and could find no way in which it didnu2019t adhere.

I called customer service; they couldnu2019t figure it out but suggested I email u201ccommunitiesu201d for an explanation.

The explanation I received was this: u201cWe couldnu2019t perceive a connection between the image and the product you reviewed.

To meet our guidelines, the image must be relevant to the product.

u201d It was an absurd explanation.

My review was about coffee beans that were advertised as being size grade 16, 17, and 18 (size grading is one of the quality factors in unroasted coffee beans).

The package that arrived was labeled as 15, 16, 17, 18.

The beans themselves were in actuality mostly smaller (13, 14, 15).

I submitted 4 photos with my review: 1.

) a screen shot of the original listing, 2.

) a photo of the label of the bag of beans, 2.

) a photo of the unopened bag of beans with a penny in the photo for size perspective, and 4.

) a photo of a random pile of the beans, one average size being measured by my micrometer (at #13).

These photos couldnu2019t possibly be more directly connected to the product I was reviewing.

The explanation for rejecting my review is absurd.

I have submitted 46 reviews since 2002, mostly positive.

My reviews have been viewed over 30k times and earned 68 u201chelpfulu201d votes.

While this small sampling of reviews is hardly a scientific study worthy of proving a pattern, Amazonu2019s absurd rationalization for blocking the review makes me very suspicious.

Positive reviews seem to get published without delay and without scrutiny.

By blocking negative reviews or using criteria which is only applied to negative reviews, Amazon is inflating the reviews of products for sale on its site.

It is false advertising of the worst kind because we all think weu2019re getting objective information from real purchasers o the product, not just those who have something nice to say! Consumers trust the review process when the reviews seem legitimate and we assume that all legitimate feedbacku2014-positive or negativeu2014-can be found there.

Now that I know Amazon blocks negative reviews without justification, I know to ignore ALL product reviews I find on Amazon.

,The FTC is going after companies who conspire with sellers to inflate ratings on Amazon.

They need to be looking at Amazonu2019s own practices to stop such fraud from happening in-house as well.