Why does Chick-fil-A give free food to the police, who can afford to pay for their lunch, but not to the needy, who canu2019t?

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Food for the Hungry jobs

In high school, I worked one summer at a convenience store/gas station.

Incredibly boring job.

,The convenience store offered free car washes for marked police cars.

Cops would come in every day to run their cars through the car wash.

Theyu2019d walk into the store, ask for a car wash code, Iu2019d punch them in a car wash in the little control module next to the cash register, and hand them a code without ringing it up.

,We did that for the same reason Chick-fil-A gives cops free food, and it has nothing to do with helping the hungry or supporting the police.

It was pure 100% selfishness, nothing more.

,If a place becomes known as a spot where cops hang out, criminals stay away.


Itu2019s that simple.