Why arenu2019t fast food chains sued for false advertising?

Fast food false advertising lawsuit

Actually people sue fast food restaurants pretty regularly for false advertising.

,Here are just a few examples.

,Woman sues KFC for $20 million over false advertising.

A woman sued KFC saying: u201cThey say it feeds the whole family u2026 Theyu2019re showing a bucket thatu2019s overflowing with chicken,u201d the 64-year-old widow griped.

u201cYou get half a bucket! Thatu2019s false advertising, and it doesnu2019t feed the whole family.

Theyu2019re small pieces!u201d,Lawsuit over Subway footlong subs was a racket benefiting only lawyers, judge says.

Back in 2013 nine Subway customers brought a case against Subway claiming the footlong sandwiches werenu2019t a foot long.

Each got $500 for their trouble, but the lawyers tried to milk a half million out of the lawsuit.

,McDonaldu2019s was sued by a mother in California and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) for using deceptive advertising to lure young children into its restaurants to buy Happy Meals to get free toys.