What is the best non-pork substitute for spaghetti carbonara?

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Pork carbonara

Wellu2026 There is no substitute, tecnically carbonara is a certified dish so, if you donu2019t use guanciale (porku2019s cheek) whatever you do can not be called u201ccarbonarau201d.

,However, you are not really forced to do carbonara, are you? so, bring in your fantasy, with pasta.

Here are a few suggestion (Iu2019v tried some, but not all):,Swordfish,Eggplant,Duck or chicken,Fava bean,Fresh Tuna,mushrooms,Just remember:,Donu2019t call it u201cCarbonarau201d,Donu2019t make a u201cfrittatau201d with your eggs,Donu2019t overcook your Pasta,Never add milk cream.

,Enjoy your meal.