How do I file for a divorce in CA? My wife is a Filipino and I do not like to migrate in the US (Im also a Filipino, Green Card holderpermanent resident in America). We got married in Philippines in 1982 and was living separately since 2004.

How to file divorce in Philippines

What you said didnu2019t make sense to me.

You are in Philippines, living separated from your wife since 2004.

Unless you left the US within the past year, you have already forfeited your green card/US permanent residency.

Also you did not say anything about your wifeu2019s residency situation.

Unless you and your soon to be ex wife have registered your marriage in the US, there is no need for a CA divorce case.

You can get divorced in Philippines and send a copy of the divorce decree to your wife (assuming living in the US) She can use this if she wants to get married to someone else in the US.

This is a gut feeling answer.

Your best bet is to discuss this with a divorce attorney in Philippines to be 100% sure.

Stand on legalization of divorce in the Philippines

I think divorce should be legal everywhere.

It doesnu2019t make sense to me to force people to stay in bad marriages.

,I also tend to think that if divorce is impossible, people have less impetus to work on their marriages.

If someone is chained to you for life no matter how dreadful you are, people are more likely to take their spouse for granted.

Divorce in the Philippines tagalog

100% marriage rate.

Sounds great right?,Well.

,Not if it is because it is illegal.

And if you live in the Philippines, it sure as hell is illegal.

,And before you get mad Tagalog Squad: I still love the country.

I lived there and would live there again.

,But - illegal to get a divorce? Cmon.

,We should split it halfway down the middle with the United States.

Our 50% divorce rate.

,25% and call it even :)

Divorce in the Philippines debate

Simple answer: Well from what i have seen the Philippine people are primarily Christian more or less so i would stand on Godu2019s word and not say divorce should just be for Irreconcilable differences which has no grounds but focus on the reasons Christ gave for divorce: adultery, abandonment, and secular reasons abuse of any kind or criminal acts as your asking for a huge moral debasement if couples can divorce for no reason at all.

Look at the western societies and how divorce with no merit is destroying them!!,Peace,,Mark Please follow: Marku2019s Family Ties

Divorce in Philippines cost

There is no divorce in the Philippines yet but the Senate is reviewing it.

We only have Annulment w/c may cost you around P150,000 for maybe about a year of process

Divorce in the Philippines essay


I think it was this photo that really kicked it off for me.

It never came as a single moment of betrayal, just a slide down into increasing despair.

,So a little context here, I was historically what you could call a law-and-order Democrat.

Back in the day, I enthusiastically consumed shows like COPS, played video games like Americau2019s Army, and grew up in both purple Ohio (back when it had 23 or so electoral votes) and Maryland wherein I agreed wholeheartedly with my teachers on civic duty and service to nation.

That whole u201cit is our democratic duty to go voteu201d shpeel u2014 I was very much into it.

You can say I was a very patriotic kid and very enthusiastic about democracy.

,Slight problem.

I was also busily being indoctrinated by those evil Chinese commies.

Over subsequent summer breaks starting in 1996, I was brought over to China and forced into a brainwashing facility known as u201cmy grandparentsu2019 homeu201d wherein I was subject to Communist state media blasting the following into my impressionable kid brain:,It was horrible I tell you, just horrible.

Jokes aside, I had a view into a u201cclosed countryu201d that was rather enlightening.

My maternal side consisted of a bureaucratic Beijinger family that emphasized civic duty; a nice little u201cparadoxu201d coming from a former landowner family that got everything taken away during the communist revolution.

My paternal side came from the countryside wherein I mistook the exposed u201chorse stableu201d u2014 it was actually the single room house where my dad was born.

My parents would bitterly clash on a lot of things, and I think their differing backgrounds on what is required for success in life ultimately got them to divorce.

,Their fundamental differences in political thought have long bred in me a contrarian mindset.

This was further reinforced in school wherein Freedom of Speech and Critical Thinking were concepts that we were proud of.

In turn that made me even more of a patriot while embracing that contrarian voice.

I thought and still think that it is always worth questioning oneu2019s own stances, because there is no limit to how wrong one can be.

My parents were also keen on encouraging me to think this way, as this was largely seen as one of the ways America is great.

,So 9/11 happened (2001 for the kids in the audience).

I was in middle school and I felt the rage along with everyone in the country.

How dare they attack us? We should make them pay! My friends and I eagerly cheered for the invasion of Afghanistan.

It was cool for us that our nation was so strong and capable, our armies invincible.

But that contrarian voice was beginning to chirp up.

,Then 2003 came along.

Colin Powell held that vial of detergent up at the UN and spoke of WMDs.

Unfortunate for him and the many neocons encouraging us to invade Iraq, my friends and I were critical thinkers [insert gasps of awe].

Weu2019d laugh at how thin the evidence was for WMDs.

We werenu2019t sure there werenu2019t WMDs (after all, what if there are sensitive secrets that canu2019t be leaked?), but the justifications on TV were worth the ridicule.

Nevertheless we entered the war, and among my coterie of YGO-playing patriots, two of us would end up serving in the war (one marine, one air force).

I was considering it, but ultimately thought enlisting wasnu2019t the way I was going to contribute to the nation.

In the end the answer to that for me was the defense industry.

,Those who are used to my answers are probably wondering how I ended up in the u201cwumaou201d camp when I sound so American patriot that I must wear the stars and stripes on my underwear with bald eagles screeching wherever I go.

Wellu2026,Growing up I was also bullied, chief among which was my Chinese American identity.

There was always a disconnect between what other kids said about being Chinese and my genuine experiences of China.

And of course, my teachers and classmates would do nothing to help, and this in turn led to some sleepless nights where I contemplated shooting up the school.

Thankfully there were no guns in the house.

Thank god.

,This is how I know what itu2019s like to be bullied and how the dynamics of bullying work.

Itu2019s what has shaped a lot of my personal political stances, as once you are a victim, you see other victims and you empathize with them.

Itu2019s the basis to my stance on LGBT and civil rights.

And for someone who sees the obvious contradictions between the US image of China and the reality of China? It too serves as my basis for supporting China (though family also is a very strong factor).

For an American patriot, I was OK though with the disconnection u2014 yes, I suffered, but maybe the next generation wonu2019t.

We can solve it with persistent relations and more sharing.

The internet can help.

,Oh my sweet summer child, how wrong I was.

2008 was a rude awakening.

,So the whole Tibet riots happened in Lhasa.

That was when I went u201cokay, let me apply critical thinking and look back in history.

u201d And so I started doing research.

I read the proposed constitution of the Tibetan Government in Exile and laughed at how the entire parliamentary process could be vetoed by the Dalai Lama.

I saw how disputes over Tibet and its land came to be from McMahonu2019s arbitrary lines in the sand, the unilateral nature of British u201cdiplomacy,u201d the nationalist sentiments of Indians, the many attempts between the TGIE and the CPC to find an accord, or barring that to at least get the Dalai Lama to come visit, the CIAu2019s paradropped insurgents and their clear record of Tibetans wanting to be free of their theocracy and join world communismu2026 I saw there a sad story of how ordinary Tibetans suffered, and how actors greater than them have been dominating public opinion, how the previous Panchen Lama did far more to push for the voices of ordinary Tibetans than the Dalai Lama ever has.

,Then I turned on US news and what did I hear? China bad, Tibetans oppressed, Dalai Lama is a saint, Free Tibet now!,Where was India? The British? Where was the Panchen Lama? What about this declassified document: https://www.



pdfWhere was the critical thinking in our beloved free press society? Did we not declassify documents so the truth could get out and weu2019d learn our lessons? Were we not taught to question the motives of people, to apply game theory to explain the rational actions of state actors?,It was at that point that I realized that this wasnu2019t a Democrat vs Republican issue, it was a Cold War propaganda issue.

It was the entirety of US society having been fooled by anti-communist propaganda for so long that they took it as incontrovertible truth, even when the CIA contradicted the narrative.

I realized that I had spent an inordinate amount of time researching about Tibet largely because there was so much falsified information out there.

I became aware of the difficulty in surmounting that anthill of propaganda and who made it in the first place.

That led me to the Free Tibet folks, their headquarters in California, the support theyu2019ve been given through the US and UK governments.

,Then I found out about Falun Gong.

You know, this one.

,The one that US left-leaning press finally found out about 12 years after me, and only because they started to become one of the mainstream voices of the alt-right and Trumpism.

Because you know, back when it was just a quaint little anti-communist New Age religious group with a leader who had weird but u201charmlessu201d things to say? Completely ignored.

Before then, they were just a tiny group (really around 3 protestors) in NYC raising weird signs about organ transplants.

That and they had a newspaper where all of the Chinese newspapers were freely given out at the local Asian supermarket.

,They are now a massive media conglomerate with services in over 16 languages.

They have by far the most popular Youtube channels on China and a stranglehold on the algorithms there, which even have spread out to here in Quora:,realchina? Really? This kind of unabashed authority claiming is what people unironically pay attention to?As someone who was taught to look for media framing techniques, the pyramid article structure, the true, investigative articles buried in A18 compared to the propaganda articles featured on A1, the context of the bully pulpit and the trustworthiness of government through cases like Watergateu2026 it sure as hell looked suspicious why all of these anti-Chinese voices seemed to wholeheartedly embrace even the most naked of framing techniques.

And despite that, how uncritically people accepted their narratives!,And then it clicked for me.

What if there were other cases like this? What if itu2019s not just Chinese that are under attack in this manner?I started to pore through more contemporary history.

Afghanistan started to look a lot less like a place of terrorists, and a lot more like Tibet, just with the seats exchanged.

Iraq was still Iraq, but Syria had entered into view, and the excuses over WMDs were starting to repeat, only now I dared to look outside of US news media (and u201cgood contrastsu201d like the BBC).

I started to hear voices, not the usual talk shows like The Late Show or US news like CNN or NPR, but people from those regions.

I started to notice patterns in how people talked about the US from those regions, at how so many of them were uncritical fans of a US in their heads that didnu2019t match what I was living.

And of course, the people who didnu2019t think the US was that shining city on a hill, and how secular Syrians depended on the imperfect government, how moderates didnu2019t exist in any significant quantity and the US was instead funding Al-Qaeda (rebranded as Al-Nusra), how the chemical attacks were likely initiated by those u201cmoderatesu201du2026,There was a lot of despair in how much time I had to spend researching, learning the truth.

And as someone whose old SAT essay was about Orwellian control, it struck me as to how I felt I was the one living in an Orwellian nightmare, where the truth was held out of reach not by negative censorship (wherein information is withheld), but by constant disinformation and a glut of lies that drowned out the historical record.

That yes, I can cite that CIA document for anyone interested in Tibet and it is publicly availableu2026 but does anyone care when it is not repeated throughout The News?,Truth seemed awfully relative.

I had discovered u201cFake News,u201d but unlike the Trumpsters, I found it through questioning my own positions, not by reinforcing my adherence to my team.

From there itu2019s been one long slide into oblivion.

,I found out about how weu2019ve been lying about Martin Luther King, Jr.

by not citing anything controversial of his.

I found out that Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party werenu2019t violent protestors so much as calling for a revolution.

Black America looks like a defeated minority to me, a group of people who would have been internationally celebrated as freedom-loving dissidents had they been born in China instead.

,I found out about how weu2019ve been lying about Cuba and howu2026 white the Cuban Americans that hate Cuba look, and howu2026 not white the Cubans who support their government look.

The Cuban Missile Crisis and subsequent US sanctions reek of a sort of imperialism that makes me laugh whenever we talk about little Taiwan sticking it to big bad evil China.

The whiplash is insane.

I donu2019t know how people do it, when the US is the pariah state of the world for its actions against Cuba, and yet we insist that we are the good guys, even though we unequivocally think of China as being evil vis-a-vis Taiwan precisely because of how many countries (u201cthe Free Worldu201d) are against China.

,I found out about the boricua plight from my own Puerto Rican friend, how the Insular Cases make them a permanent second class citizenry, how we gunned down their independence movement and never apologized for it, how we abuse referendums to make it appear like boricua are treated fairly and want to join us out of how good we are to them.

And yes, how white the US supporters look, while how not white the revolutionaries lookedu2026,I found out about the sterilization programs, the long history of culling minorities.

No, we donu2019t call it genocide, even though we happily call far less in Xinjiang precisely that.

,I found out about the forced relocation of natives away from islands we used for nuclear testing.

The massacres we committed in the Philippines to silence opposition.

I found out about how thoroughly we bombed North Korea, how many civilians died there.

Intentionally so.

,I found out about how many civilians were murdered through our intelligence and assistance in Indonesia.

Again, intentionally so.

,I found out about Chile and Allende and that man named Pinochet, the banana republics, the true meaning behind A MAN A PLAN A CANAL PANAMA.

Those countries to the south of us started to exist in a political sense, and our interactions are at best categorized as the ends justifying the means.

,There comes a time when the mistakes donu2019t look like mistakes anymore, they look like the rule.

There comes a time where my hope looks like foolishness and cover for the nefarious.

There comes a time when that joke isnu2019t really that funny anymore.

,Man, those evil Chinese commie brainwashing lasers really got to me! I should get these inconvenient thoughts checked out.

Wouldnu2019t want to critically think too hard hereu2026