How do I search trademark names?

Trademark search

Well almost all countries today have virtual database which you can go through.

,Here in India these are the simple steps in which you take a trademark search?,1) Visit http://ipindia.


in and select Public Search,2) On the next page select Trademark,3) On the next page select class details,4) On the next page, please enter the kind of goods and services and click on search.

,5) Thereafter, scroll down for search results.

You will get the corresponding class for your goods and/or services,6) Now go back to the public search window and select the search type.

,7) From the second drop box select appropriate option and enter the word mark.

Make multiple searches with different combinations.

You have three options.

The best way is to select u2018containsu2019 and as input insert parts of mark.



If your mark is u2018Zealotu2019 then make multiple searches using u2018zeau2019, u2018lotu2019, u2018zealu2019, u2018alotu2019 etc.

, Also make a phonetic search.

,Go through the search results to see if any of the marks is similar to yours.

,Written by Advocate Bhavik Salia

USPTO trademark search

Boss sounds like a famous clothing trademark.

,Are you selling a related product?Is there a viable relationship between your product and any of the other BOSS trademark registrations?,HUGO BOSS files a lot of trademark oppositions.

Take a look at this TTAB list of BOSS trademarks opposed:,USPTO TTABVUE.

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Inquiry SystemIs the FIRE BOSS PREMIUM trademark a problem?The FIRE BOSS PREMIUM trademark might be the least of your worries.

Look at all of the BOSS oppositions at the above TTABVUE link.

If you need a legal opinion, hire a trademark attorney with experience in prosecuting applications.

,Goods and ServicesIC 001.

US 001 005 006 010 026 046.

G & S: chemical compound used to add abrasion resistance to conveyor belt products.

FIRST USE: 20031000.

FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20031000,Standard Characters ClaimedMark Drawing Code(4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK,Serial Number76565702Filing DateDecember 17, 2003,Current Basis1A,Original Filing Basis1A,Published for OppositionOctober 5, 2004,Registration Number2914369,Registration DateDecember 28, 2004,Owner(REGISTRANT) FENNER DUNLOP HOLDINGS, INC.

CORPORATION DELAWARE 8720 Red Oak Boulevard, Suite 510 Charlotte NORTH CAROLINA 28217,(LAST LISTED OWNER) J.




Santaniello, Esq.


SECT 8 (6-YR).

SECTION 8(10-YR) 20141125.

,Renewal1ST RENEWAL 20141125,Live/Dead IndicatorLIVE

Trademark Electronic Search System

Perhaps for different goods and/or services.

There are different reasons why someone abandons a trademark.

Its always good to do a comprehensive search (this includes sources other than google) before you invest in using a name that could be in conflict with another previous user with common law rights.

Register trademark

You may want to specify the reason for doing so.

In many cases it is wiser to set up a Delaware corporation than those expensive, heavily-taxed California corporations.

Most startups are actually incorporated in Delaware.

(including California startups and overseas startups wanting to do business in the US)n nSecondly, you want to select the type of incorporation that you need; LLP, LLC, C type Corporation, or S type corporation.

They have different type of structure, different state and federal fees and tax filing practice, different administrative requirements and different personal liability limits.

You also need to know that you will be required to file corporate taxes (Even if you are losing money and dont awe tax, - you still need to submit the paperwork to support that) so you should have an accountant in any case.

,I am not an accountant but a good CPA (Certified Public Accountant) can advise you on which type of incorporation is right for you and where is the best place for you to incorporate.

,In any event, having a Trademark, Registered Trademark, Service Mark, Copyright or Patent do not require you to be a corporation.

You can be a sole proprietor.

You can always transfer the ownership of such intellectual property, to a future corporation that you will open, or to a company (or person) who buys the trademark/patent/copyright from you.

,Additionally, you should know that you dont need to be a US company or even resident (not even a visit) to register a trademark, patent or copyright in the US.

You can do it yourself, hire an attorney or you can use services of companies like http://www.


com to do that remotely.

I cannot attest to the quality of their Trademark, Copyright and Patent search though.

Obviously the search is one of the most important things, because your application may get rejected or challenged if you are registering something that someone else had already registered.

Use http://www.


gov to do some of the research.

,This is not a legal or professional advice; I am just pointing out the alternatives for you.

Personally, I can only advise you to do as I do: seek the advise of a top notch attorney and brilliant accountant so that later you dont pay for early mistakes.

As I mentioned though, incorporating and dealing with this headache is usually not urgent if you are just starting a business and need a Trademark.

It becomes a necessity once you have partners/investors or need to issue stock.


I will be absolutely blunt.

She disgusts me.

,In form I find her utterly repulsive.

,In spirit I find her reprehensible.

,I will readily agree that being fat does not make one a bad person.

If someone is okay with themselves being fat and has no desire to change thatu2019s her free choice to make, and just because itu2019s not the choice I would make doesnu2019t mean she should be mocked for it.

,But what Tess does is go way beyond combating fat-shaming.

She promotes and lies about a terribly unhealthy lifestyle and pretends itu2019s perfectly fine, has no ill effects, and that anyone who takes issue with obesity is afraid of fat people, which is utter malarkey.

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All of them dislike smoking, advise you not to take up smoking, and wish to quit if they had the strength of character to do so.

And they shouldnu2019t be teased or laughed at for being smokers.

They are decent people who happen to have a vice.

But not a one of them would every promote a u201csmoking lifestyleu201d or pretend it is anything other than a long slow way to commit suicide.

,In my eyes there is little difference between the body positivity movement and promoting smoking as an acceptable lifestyle.

,Itu2019s one thing to accept people and their oh so human vices.

Itu2019s another to claim vices are good.

,Whatu2019s more body positivity zealots (I donu2019t know if Tess herself does this so I will not levy the charge on her directly) are rampaging hypocrites who turn around and shame women for not being fat and shame men for finding thin women attractive.

I remember a promotional campaign not too long ago claiming that u201creal women have curves, only dogs like bonesu201d, and wondered what kind of cunt thought that was acceptable? How would the very women who made that promo feel if compared to humpback whales?,The whole body positivity movement, the raging hypocrisy of it, the lies and double standards, and Tess as a figurehead of it, disgust me.

,Now Iu2019m not going to go out of my way to make some fella or gal feel like shit just because s/heu2019s fat.

I can keep a civil tongue in my head and thereu2019s no need to be rude just to be rude.

But that is mere common courtesy.

,Further if you want to simply accept your vices, obesity, smoking, drunkenness, chronic discourtesy, etc, and recognize that they are indeed vices, so be it, so long as it doesnu2019t cause undue harm to others.

Frankly itu2019s in some ways healthy to accept yourself even with your vices (so long as you donu2019t let the vices control your life).

You shouldnu2019t have to be a saint to feel good about yourself.

,But do not pretend your vices are virtues.

And certainly do not lie and convince others to adopt your vices as if they were virtues.

It is that to which I object most strongly.

It is that which earns my ire and disgust.


Trademark search worldwide

Trademarks are country specific.

As Ms.

Penteado has noted, the WIPO Romarin system (http://www.


int/madrid/en/romarin/) can be used as part of a global trademark search.

However Romarin generally contains marks registered via the Madrid Protocol system (a process for registering globally which countries have agreed upon by treaty), meaning a vast majority of trademarks globally may not be listed.

,Trademarks are country specific, meaning that different people can own the same mark in different countries, and use specific, meaning that a person can register the mark for a cheese product while another can register the same mark in the same country for use on an electronics product.

A global search usually begins by identifying the countries in which you plan to use the mark, and the relevant international class(es) of products and services.

Then, a trademark search company is often pulled in to do the search, or alternatively, if the number of countries is small, lawyers from each country can do it.

,It is difficult to do it yourself because a trademark search needs to be done with a view towards the domestic laws of each country, the fact that trademark registries in each country are usually only in such countrys official language, and issues such as translations of the mark.

Even most lawyers will not do it themselves as it would be simply too inefficient, but rather would rely on overseas contacts or a trademark search company.

,Lastly, regarding negotiations, trademarks like other intellectual property can freely be negotiated.

The main problem arises when different persons throughout the world own the trademark in different countries.

This is because you will need to negotiate individually with each trademark owner.

There are certain dangers to this, for example, you may want to use the trademark in 5 countries, and have successfully negotiated the trademark in 2 for $50,000 each; what happens if negotiations in 3, 4, and 5 are unsuccessful? Unless youve treaded carefully you may end up still having to pay $100,000 even though your plan to use the mark in 5 countries has fallen through.

This is why when the plan is to operate globally, sometimes it makes more sense to come up with a unique mark.

USPTO Search


,There is no examination or search related to provisional patent applications.