Are contracts binding if only the signature pages are signed by the principals?

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It depends on whether a specific form for the contract is required by law.

Just to state an example (though not squarely applicable), a last will and testatment must appear in a the form required by law, otherwise, it is void.

,Also, under Philippine law, a prenuptial agreement or marriage settlement must appear in a public instrument otherwise it is void.

,Thus, using the last example, if the prenup, which is a contract, is merely signed by the parties, entirely omitting notarization, it is void.

,Regarding your question, if the contract is something that the law does not require to be a specific format or form, then it is valid.

,I can only count a handful of these types of agreements, where the form of the contract must be complied with for validity.

These are the exceptions to the rule.

,Therefore, and as a general rule, contracts are binding even if only the signature pages are signed.